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MARX Richard

Personal Data:

Born: 16.09.1963 (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
MARX Richard (photo)


cca 6/06 Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Richard Marx
produced by: David Cole/Humberto Gatica/Jim Lang/Richard Marx
featuring: Joe Walsh (g), Barry Prairie Prince (ds), John Pierce (bg), Michael Landau (g), Fee Waybill (voc), Paulinho Da Costa (perc)
6/1987 Manhattan/EMI68 8
2.Repeat Offender
featuring: Steve Lukather, David Koz, Bill Champlin, Kevin Cronin, Bill Payne
5/1989 Manhattan/EMI8 1
3.Rush Street
featuring: Jeff Porcaro, Tommy Lee, Billy Joel, Michael Landau, Marcus Miller, Luther Vandross, Dalbello, Steve Lukather, Terry Bozzio, Randy Jackson, Nathan East
11/1991 Capitol7 35
4.Paid Vacation31.01.1994Capitol11 37
5.Flesh And Bone21.04.1997Capitol 70
6.Greatest Hits10.11.1997Capitol34 140
7.Days In Avalon2000 Signal 21
8.My Own Best Enemy10.08.2004Manhattan/EMI 126
9.Hits & Ballads05.10.2010EMI
10.Stories to Tell07.02.20122CD
11.A Night out with Friends12.06.2012Tour D Force
12.Christmas Spirit12/2012 Zanzibar 181
13.Beautiful Goodbye08.07.2014Kobalt 39

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Don't Mean Nothing / The Flame Of Love
CD + Should've Known Better / Endless Summer Nights
6/1987 Manhattan/EMI 3
2.Should Have Known Better / Rhythm Of Life
CD + Have Mercy (live)
9/1987 Manhattan/EMI50 3
3.Endless Summer Nights / Have Mercy (live)
12" + Shoul've Known Better (extended)
CD + Rhythm Of Life
1/1988 Manhattan/EMI50 2
4.Hold On To The Nights / Lonely Heart5/1988 Manhattan/EMI 1
5.Don't Mean Nothing6/1988 78
6.Satisfied / Should've Known Better4/1989 Manhattan/EMI52 1
7.Right Here Waiting / Hold On To The Night
12" + That Was Lulu (live)
CD + Wild Life
6/1989 Manhattan/EMI1 1
8.Angelia / Right Here Waiting (edit)
CD + Don't Mean Nothing (live)
9/1989 Manhattan/EMI45 4
9.Too Late To Say Goodbye / Satisfied (live)
CD + Endless Summer Nights
1/1990 Manhattan/EMI38 12
10.Children Of The Night / Right Here Waiting (live)
12" + Real World (live)
CD + Too Late To Say Goodbye (live)
4/1990 Manhattan/EMI54 13
11.Endless Summer Nights / Hold On To The Night
12" + Nothing You Can Do About It (live)
CD + Real World (live)
8/1990 Manhattan/EMI60
12.Keep Coming Back / I Get No Sleep29.10.1991Capitol 11
13.Keep Coming Back / Superstar10/1991 Capitol6
14.Hazard / Keep Coming Back
CD1 + Thunder And Lightning / Endless Summer Nights
CD2 + Right Here Waiting / Too Late To Say Goodbye / Edge Of A Broken Heart
1/1992 Capitol3 9
15.Take This Heart / Hazard
CD1 + Ride With The Idol / Love Emotional
CD2 + Take It To The Limit / That Was Lulu / Rhythm Of Life (all live)
26.05.1992Capitol8 20
16.Chains Around My Heart / Your World
CD1 + Should've Known Better / Living In The Real World
CD2 + I Can't Help Falling In Love With You (acoustic) / Angelina / Wildlife
09.11.1992Capitol29 44
17.Now And Forever17.01.1994Capitol10 7
18.Silent Scream18.04.1994Capitol29
19.The Way That She Loves Me / Take It To The Limit25.07.1994Capitol38 20
20.Until I Find You Again31.03.1997Capitol 42
21.At The Beginning
& Donna Lewis
10/1997 Atlantic 45
22.When You're Gone / Right Here Waiting13.07.2004Manhattan/EMI


1. Stories to Tell - 07.02.2012
2. A Night out with Friends - 12.06.2012, Tour D Force


appeared on the LP:

Kenny Rogers: There You Go Again (3.10.00)
Kenny G: At Last ... The Duets Album (23.11.04, Arista)
Ringo Starr: Y Not (12.1.10, Hip-O)
Ringo Starr: Postcards From Paradise (31.3.15)

produced by LP:
Marie Sisters: Marie Sisters (11.6.02, Republic)

produced by SP:
Barbra Streisand & Johnny Gill: If You Ever Leave Me (9/99, Columbia)

Press References:

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