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Sheffield, GB
*  6/1980


ABC (photo)

Martin Fry - voc,kb
Keith Lowndes - g
Brad Lang - bg
Glen Gregory

Former Members:

Mark Lickley (bg, 1980-84)
David Robinson (ds, 1980-81); David Palmer (ds, cca 10/81-5/83)
Mark White (g,kb, 1980-91); Fiona Russell-Powell (kb, 1984-86)
Steve Singleton (1980-2/84, sax,synths); David Yarrith (kb, 1984-86)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Lexicon Of Love
produced by: Trevor Horn
6/1982 Mercury1 24
2.Beauty Stab
featuring: Alan Spenner (bg), Andy Newmark (ds)
18.11.1983Neutron/Mercury12 69
3.How To Be A ... Zillionaire!
produced by: Martin Fry/Mark White
10/1985 Mercury28 30
4.Alphabet City
produced by: Martin Fry/Mark White/Bernard Edwards
8/1987 Mercury7 48
5.Up8/1989 Mercury58
6.Absolutely ABC4/1990 Mercury7
produced by: ABC/Dave Bascombe
1/1991 Parlophone50
8.The Remix Collection3/1993 Connoisseur
9.Tears Are Not Enough5/1993 Spectrum
11.Lexicon Of Live27.06.2000Koch
12.Look Of Love - The Very Best Of ABC7/2001 Mercury69
14.Ultimate Collection08.01.2008
16.Classic07.04.2009Spectrum Audio
17.All of My Heart: ABC Collection05.10.2010Spectrum Audio
18.The Lexicon Of Love II27.05.2016EMI5
19.The Essential10/2020 Spectrum Music62

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Rhythm On The Radio21.12.1979Oval
2.Tears Are Not Enough / Alphabet Soup23.10.1981Neutron18
3.Poison Arrow / Theme From Mantrap29.01.1982Neutron2 25
4.The Look Of Love / The Look Of Love (Part 2)5/1982 Neutron3 9
5.All Of My Heart / Overture8/1982 Neutron5
6.That Was Then But This Is Now / Vertigo28.10.1983Neutron12 89
7.S.O.S. / United Kingdom13.01.1984Neutron9
8.How To Be A Millionaire / How To Be A Zillionaire
12" + How To Be A Millionaire (acapella)
02.11.1984Neutron40 20
9.Be Near Me / A To Z
7" (2) Poison Arrow / The Look Of Love
12" + What's Your Destination
3/1985 Neutron21 9
10.Vanity Kills / Judy's Jewels
7" (2) S.O.S. / United Kingdom
12" + You Love You / Be Near Me
6/1985 Neutron70 91
11.Ocean Blue / Tower Of London
7" (2) All Of My Heart / The Look Of Love
12" + Be Near Me / ABC Megamix
1/1986 Neutron51
12.When Smokey Sings / Chicago Pt. 1
12" + Chicago Pt. 2
CD + All Of My Heart (live)
5/1987 Neutron7 5
13.The Night You Murdered Love / Minneapolis8/1987 Neutron19
14.King Without A Crown / The Look Of Love (live)
12" + Poison Arrow / All Of My Heart (live)
11/1987 Neutron44
15.One Better World5/1989 Neutron32
16.The Real Thing / The Greatest Love Of All
12" + When Smokey Sings / Be Near Me
CD + North / The Look Of Love
9/1989 Neutron68
17.The Look Of Love (1990 remix) / Ocean Blue
12",CD + Vanity Kills
3/1990 Neutron68
18.Love Conquers All / What's Good About Goodbye6/1991 Parlophone47
19.Say It
12" + Satori
8/1991 Parlophone42
20.Stranger Things / The World Spins On
CD + All We Need
21.Skyscraping / Light Years
CD + Skydubbing / Stranger Things (Live)
? Blatant/Deconstruction
22.Rolling Sevens / The Look Of Love (Live)
CD + Heaven Knows / All Of My Heart (live)
? Blatant/Deconstruction
23.Christmas… With Love
(A Christmas We Deserve / The Love Inside The Love / Viva Love / The Look Of Love)

Martin Fry:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.First Reunion
& Ralphi Rosario
2.Rested Development EP
& Brett Long & Ralphi Rosario
3.Con La Musica / The Ride
& Brett Long & Ralphi Rosario


1. Mantrap - 1983, MusicVision
2. Absolutely ABC - 1990, Mercury

WWW Links:


1980-20.6.80 Vice Versa
own label Neutron

Steve Singleton:

produced by LP:

Screaming Trees: A Fracture In Time (1988, Native)

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