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Personal Data:

Born: 21.12.1940 (Baltimore, Maryland, USA, as Francis Vincent Zappa Jr.)
Died: 04.12.1993 (prostate cancer)
ZAPPA Frank (photo)


1956-? The Blackouts
1966-8/69 The Mothers Of Invention
1971-75 The Mothers Of Invention

Former Members:

Ike Willis (voc, 1979-80, 1985-cca 1988); Bob Harris (voc, 1983, 1985); Napoleon Murphy Brock (voc, 1984-86); Dale Bozzio (voc, 1985)

Danny Whalley (slide g, 1979-82); Steve Vai (g, 1980-84); Ray White (g, 1980-81, 1985-86); Johnny "Guitar" Watson (g, 1984-86); Mike Keneally (g,synths,voc, cca 1988)

Patrick O'Hearn (voc,bg, cca 11/76); Roy Estrada (bg, cca 1/78, 1983-?); Arthur Barrow (bg, 1979-85); Scott Thunes (bg, 1982-cca 1988)

Eddie Jobson (kb,viol, cca 11/76); Bianca (voc,kb, cca 11/76); Peter Wolf (kb, 1979-82); Tommy Mars (kb,voc, 1979-86); Bobby Martin (kb,sax, 1982-cca 1988); Bobby Mars (voc,kb, 1986)

Terry Bozzio (voc,ds, cca 11/76, 1985); Vinnie Colaiuta (ds, 1979-83); Jimmy Carl Black (ds, 1981-82); Chad Wackermann (ds, 1982-cca 1988)

Ruth Underwood (perc, cca 1977); Ed Mann (perc,voc, 1979-cca 1988)

Marty Krystal (sax, 1983-?); Paul Carman (sax, cca 1988); Albert Wino (sax, cca 1988); Kurt McGettrick (sax, cca 1988)

Dick Pegy (mand, 1983-?); Craig Steward (hca, 1983-?)

Walt Fowler (tr, cca 1988); Bruce Fowler (tr, cca 1988)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Lumpy Gravy12/1967 Verve
2.Hot Rats10.10.1969Bizarre/Reprise9
3.Chunga's Revenge23.10.1970Bizarre/Reprise43
4.200 Motels
10/1971 United Artists 59
5.Sometimes In New York City
& John Lennon
6.Waka Jawaka05.07.1972Bizarre/Reprise
7.Grand Wazoo11/1972 Bizarre/Reprise
8.Apostrophe (')
produced by: Frank Zappa
3/1974 Discreet 10
9.Bongo Fury
& Captain Beefheart
produced by: Frank Zappa
17.10.1975Discreet 66
10.Zoot Allures05.11.1976Warner Bros 61
11.Zappa Live In New York
produced by: Frank Zappa
04.11.1977Discreet55 57
12.Studio Tan15.09.1978Discreet
13.Sleep Dirt19.01.1979Discreet
14.Sheik Yerbouti
23.02.1979Zappa/CBS32 21
15.Orchestral Favourities
16.Joe's Garage, Act I9/1979 Zappa62 27
17.Joe's Garage, Acts II & III
19.11.1979Zappa69 53
18.The Grandmothers (A Collection Of Ex-Mothers Of Invention Vol 1)1/1981 Rhino
19.Tinseltown Rebellion
08.05.1981Zappa55 66
20.Shut Up 'N' Play Yer Guitar11.05.1981Barking Pumpkin
21.Shut Up 'N' Play Yer Guitar Some More5/1981 Barking Pumpkin
22.Return Of The Son Of Shut Up 'N' Play Your Guitar5/1981 Barking Pumpkin
23.You Are What You Is
9/1981 Barking Pumpkin51 93
24.Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch5/1982 Barking Pumpkin61 23
25.London Symphony Orchestra, Vol. 11/1983 Barking Pumpkin
26.The Man From Utopia3/1983 Barking Pumpkin87
27.Baby Snakes Soundtrack Picture Disc3/1983 Barking Pumpkin
28.Rare Meat - The Early Productions Of Frank Zappa3/1983 Del Fi
29.Boulez Conducts Zappa, The Perfect Stranger
& Pierre Boulez
8/1984 Angel
30.Them Or Us
19.10.1984Barking Pumpkin53
31.Thing Fish
11/1984 Barking Pumpkin
32.Francesco Zappa11/1984 Barking Pumpkin
33.The Old Masters, Box I
(6LP box set)
4/1985 Barking Pumpkin
34.Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention11/1985 Barking Pumpkin 153
35.Does Humor Belong In Music?1/1986 Capitol
36.The Old Masters, Box II
(8LP box set)
11/1986 Barking Pumpkin
37.Jazz From Hell15.11.1986Barking Pumpkin
38.Joe's Garage, Acts I, II & III6/1987 Barking Pumpkin
39.London Symphony Orchestra, Vol. II9/1987 Barking Pumpkin
40.The Old Masters, Box III
(8LP box set)
12/1987 Barking Pumpkin
41.Guitar And Watermelon In Easter Hay
4/1988 Barking Pumpkin82
43.You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. I16.05.1988Barking Pumpkin
44.Broadway The Hardway11/1988 Barking Pumpkin
45.You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. II
10/1988 Rykodisc
46.You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. III
11/1989 Rykodisc
47.The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life
4/1991 Zappa
48.Make A Jazz Noise Life
6/1991 Zappa
49.You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 4
50.Beat The Boots1991
51.As An Am9/1991 Zappa
52.The Ark9/1991 Zappa
53.Freaks & Motherfu*$'%!9/1991 Zappa
54.Unmitagated Audacity9/1991 Zappa
55.Anyway The Wind Blows
9/1991 Zappa
56.Saarbrucken 19789/1991 Zappa
57.Piquantique9/1991 Zappa
58.L.S.D. Vol 19/1991 Zappa
59.Boulez Conducts Zappa: The Perfect Stranger5/1992 Zappa
60.Francesco Zappa5/1992 Zappa
61.You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 5
10/1992 Zappa
62.You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 6
63.Playground Psychotics11/1992 Zappa
64.The Yellow Shark02.11.1993Zappa
65.Civilization Phase III
10/1994 Barking Pumpkin
66.Ahead Of Their Time5/1995 Rykodisc
67.Strictly Commercial: The Best Of Frank Zappa21.08.1995Rykodisc45
68.The Lost Episodes26.02.1996Rykodisc
70.Have I Offended Someone?07.04.1997Rykodisc
71.Strictly Genteel19.05.1997Rykodisc
72.Mystery Disc15.09.1998Globus
73.The Son Of Cheap Thrills27.04.1999Rykodisc
74.Threesome, Vol. 1 & 2
75.Zappa Picks - By Jon Fishman of Phish15.10.2002Rykodisc
76.Zappa Picks - By Larry LaLonde of Primus15.10.2002Rykodisc
77.FZ: OZ - Frank Zappa Live in Australia11/2002 2CD
78.For Collectors Only24.12.2002Disky
80.Classic Interviews31.05.2005United States Dist
82.Trance Fusion07.11.2006Zappa
83.Mofo Project / Object05.12.2006Zappa
84.Imaginary Diseases30.01.2007Zappa
86.A Token of His Extreme06.06.2008Eagle Rock
87.Lumpy Money25.11.20083CD
88.Dub Room Special16.12.2008Zappa
89.Feeding the Monkies at Ma Maison23.09.2011Universal
90.Lost Broadcasts: Interviews16.10.2012Ais
91.Understanding America30.10.2012Zappa
93.Make a Jazz Noise Here30.10.2012Universal
94.Paul Buff Presents Highlights from the Pal and Original Sound Studio Archives
& Paul Buff
95.Why Don'cha Do Me Right20.11.2012Ume
96.Playground Psychotics04.12.2012Zappa
97.Finer Moments18.12.2012Zappa
98.Freak Jazz, Movie Madness & Another Mothers07.10.2014Chrome Dreams
99.Puttin On The Ritz: The Classic NYC Broadcast 198105.11.2014Let Them Eat Vinyl
100.Providence College, Rhode Island, April 26, 1975
& Captain Beefheart
101.Dance Me This01.06.2015
102.Teenage Rockin Combo: Dumb All Over Live At Ritz In New York City - November 17 1981
103.The Muffin Man Goes to College10.07.2015Sonic Boom
104.Halloween in The Big Apple31.07.2015Let Them Eat Vinyl
105.Mudshark: Live
& The Mothers
106.Bebop Tango Contest Live!18.09.2015Keyhole
107.Masked Turnip Cyclophony02.10.2015United States
108.The Muffin Man Goes To College Volume 2
& Captain Beefheart
05.10.2015Let Them Eat Vinyl
109.Transmission Impossible04.12.2015Eat To The Beat
110.The Lost Broadcast: The Beat Club '68
& The Mothers Of Invention
111.Roxy: The Movie
& The Mothers Of Invention
18.12.2015Eagle Rock
112.The New Maternity
& The Mothers Of Invention
15.01.2016Sonic Boom
113.Trouble Every Day29.01.2016Laser Media
114.In His Own Words11.03.2016I.V. Media
115.Ahoy There18.03.2016Refractor
116.Road Tapes, Venue #127.05.2016Zappa
117.Road Tapes: Venue #2 Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland 23, 24 August 197327.05.2016Vaulter Native
118.Road Tapes, Venue #327.05.2016Zappa
119.Dutch Courage03.06.2016Hobo
120.Son of Orange County
& Tom Waits
01.07.2016Laser Media
121.Frank Zappa For President15.07.2016Zappa
122.The Crux Of The Biscuit15.07.2016Zappa
123.Zappatite: Frank Zappa's Tastiest Tracks16.09.2016Zappa
124.Vancouver Workout
& The Mothers Of Invention
23.09.2016Zip City
125.Solid Gold: Live on Air21.10.2016The Store For Music
126.Meat Light: The Uncle Meat Project / Object Audio Documentary04.11.2016Zappa
127.Little Dots04.11.2016Zappa
128.Chicago '7804.11.2016Zappa
129.The Rare Tapes Broadcast20.01.2017Hobo
130.Live on Air20.01.2017Laser Media
131.The Roxy Performances
& The Mothers
(7CD box set)
132.Halloween 7310/2018 Universal

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Peaches En Regalia / Little Umbrellas1/1970 Bizarre
2.Tell Me You Love Me / Would You Go All The Way?11/1970 Bizarre
3.Magic Fingers / Daddy, Daddy, Daddy10/1971 United Artists
4.What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning? / Daddy, Daddy, Daddy03.12.1971United Artists
5.Cosmic Debris / Uncle Remus
(v GB)
8/1974 Discreet
6.Don't Eat The Yellow Snow / Cosmic Debris9/1974 Warner Bros 86
7.Don't Eat The Yellow Snow / Camarillo Brillo
(v GB)
8.Find Her Finer / Zoot Allures10/1976 Warner Bros
9.Disco Boy / Ms. Pinky12/1976 Warner Bros 105
10.Dancin' Fool / Baby Snakes4/1979 Zappa 45
11.Bobby Brown1979
12.Joe's Garage / Central Scrutinizer
(v USA)
1/1980 Zappa
13.Joe's Garage / Catholic Girls
(v GB)
1/1980 CBS
14.I Don't Want To Get Drafted / Ancient Armaments5/1980 Zappa 103
15.Goblin Girl / Pink Napkins11/1981 Barking Pumpkin
16.You Are What You Is / Harder Than Your Husband
12" + Pink Napkins / Soup'n'Old Clothes
2/1982 Barking Pumpkin
17.Valley Girl / Teenage Prostitute
featuring Moon Unit Zappa
7/1982 Barking Pumpkin 32
18.Shut Up 'n' Play Your Guitar / Variation On The C Santana Secret9/1982 Barking Pumpkin
19.Baby Take Your Teeth Out / Stevie's Spanking9/1984 EMI
20.Peaches En Regalia / I'm Not Satisfied / Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up10/1987 Rykodisc
21.The Man From Utopia / Ship Arriving Too Late To Save The Drowning Witch4/1988 Capitol
22.Sexual Harrasment In The Workplace / Watermelon In Easter Hay4/1988 Rykodisc
23.Zomby Woof / You Didn't Try To Call Me5/1988 Rykodisc
24.Montana (Whipping Floss) / Cheepnis5/1988 Rykodisc
25.Bobby Brown Goes Down5/1991
26.Stairway To Heaven / Bolero2/1993 Zappa
27.Valley Girl / Teenage Prostitute
& Moon Zappa,
7/1993 Zappa
28.Cheap Thrills4/1998 Rykodisc


1. Does Humour Belong In Music? - 1985
2. Uncle Meat
3. Amazing Mdirected by Bickford
4. Frank Zappa CA Apostrophe / Over-Nite Sensation - 1.5.2007
5. A Token Of His Extreme - 31.05.2013, Eagle Vision


1. Head (1968, starring, directed by B. Rafelson)
2. Medium Cool (1969)
3. 200 Motels (1971, directed by Tony Palmer & Frank Zappa)
4. Baby Snakes (1979)
5. Miami Vice (starring)
6. Pražákům, těm je hej (1990, starring, directed by Karel Smyczek/M. Kocáb)


Petr Dorůžka: Šuplík plný Zappy
Frank Zappa: The Real Frank Zappa Book (1989)
Jioí Eerný: Hvězdy tehdejších hitparád (1989)
Miles: Frank Zappa - A Visual Documentary


1968 Melody Maker Album Of The Year ("We're Only In It For The Money")
1987 Grammy Awards - Best Rock Instrumental Performance (Orchestra, Group Or Soloist) (LP "Jazz From Hell")
1/1995 Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame
1995 Grammy Awards - Best Recording Package - Boxed ("Civilization Phaze III")
1997 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
1999 Grammy Hall Of Fame ("Freak Out!", 1967)
2006 Jammy Awards - Lifetime Achievement Award

WWW Links:


† 4.12.1993 (Los Angeles, rakovina prostaty)

"Peaches En Regalia" (1987) - první CD singl na světě

produced by LP:

Lowell George And The Factory: Lightning-Rod Man (1966)
Jean-Luc Ponty: King Kong (1971, Pacific Jazz)
Grand Funk: Good Singin' Good Playin' (8/76, EMI)
Dweezil Zappa: Havin' A Bad Day (1986, Barking Pumpkin)

appeared on the LP:
Grand Funk: Good Singin' Good Playin' (8/76, EMI)
Gene Simmons: Asshole (20.4.04, Simmons)

Compilation Appearances:
"Joe's Garage" on compilation "Twentieth Anniversary" (3.2.04, Rykodisc)

Press References:

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