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Personal Data:

Born: 23.10.1956 (Pikeville, Kentucky, USA)
YOAKAM Dwight (photo)


2002 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (LP "Will The Circle Be Unbroken Vol 3")
2005 Patty Loveless (LP "Dreamin' My Dreams")
2007 Ashley Monroe (LP "Ashley Monroe")
2009 Timothy B. Schmit (LP "Expando")

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc.4/1986 Reprise 61
2.Hillbilly Deluxe5/1987 Reprise51 55
3.Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room8/1988 Reprise87 68
4.Just Lookin' For A Hit10/1989 Reprise 68
5.If There Was A Way5/1991 Reprise 96
6.La Croix D'Amour1992
7.This Time29.04.1993Reprise 25
8.Dwight Live
5/1995 Reprise 56
9.Gone10/1995 Reprise 30
10.Under The Covers21.07.1997Reprise 92
11.Come on Christmas26.08.1997Rhino
12.A Long Way Home6/1998 Reprise Nashville 60
13.These Arms20.10.1998Concord
14.Last Chance For A Thousand Years: Greatest Hits From The 90's18.05.1999Reprise 80
16.Dwightyoakamacoustic.net6/2000 Reprise 195
17.Tomorrow's Sounds Today
produced by: Dwight Yoakam/Pete Anderson
31.10.2000Reprise (Nashville) 68
18.South of Heaven, West of Hell02.10.2001Warner Brothers
19.Reprise Please Baby: The Warner Bros. Years
(4CD box set)
05.11.2002Rhino/Warner Brothers
20.Population: Me24.06.2003Electrodisc 75
21.In Others' Words23.09.2003Warner Brothers
22.Dwight's Used Records29.06.2004Koch
23.The Very Best of Dwight Yoakam27.07.2004Rhino 87
24.Blame The Vain14.06.2005New West 54
25.Essentials04.10.2005WEA International
26.Live from Austin, TX
01.11.2005New West
27.Country Classics11.04.2006Rhino Flashback
28.Platinum Collection17.10.2006WEA International
29.Dwight Sings Buck23.10.2007New West 42
30.Last Chance for a Thousand Years: Greatest Hits from the 90's19.05.2009Rhino Flashback
31.Top 1024.08.2010Warner Bros.
32.3 Pears18.09.2012Warner Bros 18
33.21st Century Hits: Best of 2000-201201.10.2013New West
34.Liar31.03.2015Warner Bros.
35.Second Hand Heart14.04.2015Warner Bros. 18
36.Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars...23.09.2016Sugar Hill 62

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Little Sister5/1987
2.Ain't That Lonely Yet
1993 Reprise
3.Fast As You11/1993 70
4.Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Thinkin' About28.06.199943 64
5.What Do You Know About Love9/2000 Reprise
6.The Back Of Your Hand6/2003 Electrodisc
7.Who'll Stop The Rain15.07.2014
8.Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day / High On The Mountain Of Love
produced by: Jack White
10.06.2016Third Man
9.Purple Rain16.09.2016Concord
10.Hold My Hand
& Brandy Clark
28.10.2016Warner Bros.

Press References:

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