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Weybridge, GB
*  2004

Line-Up (2014):

YOU ME AT SIX (photo)

Josh Franceschi - voc
Max Helyer - g
Chris Miller - g
Matt Barnes - bg
Dan Flint - ds

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Take Off Your Colours
produced by: Matty O'Grady/John Mitchell
2.Hold Me Down
produced by: Matty O'Grady/John Mitchell
3.Sinners Never Sleep
produced by: Garth Richardson
4.The Final Night Of Sin At Wembley Arena
5.Cavalier Youth28.01.2014Prospect Park1 124
6.Night People13.01.2017Infectious Music3
7.VI10/2018 Underdog6

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.We Know What It Means to Be Alone EP2006
2.Untitled 4 Track EP2007
3.Save It For The Bedroom / You've Made Your Bed, So Sleep In It22.10.2007Slamdunk
4.If I Were In Your Shoes EP
(If I Were In Your Shoes / Taste)
5.Gossip / All Your Fault28.07.2008Slamdunk
6.Jealous Minds Think Alike / Blue Eyes Don't Lie29.09.2008Slamdunk100
7.Sweet Feet3/2009 Slam Dunk
8.Save It For The Bedroom / Sweet Feet05.03.2009Slamdunk
9.Finders Keepers / Sugar, We're Goin' Down21.05.2009Slamdunk33
10.Blue Eyes Don't Lie9/2009 Slam Dunk
11.Kiss & Tell / Poker Face03.09.2009Virgin42
12.The Consequence1/2010 Virgin
13.Fact Tastic2/2010 Virgin
14.Underdog2/2010 49
15.Liquid Confidence (Nothing To Lose)4/2010 Virgin86
16.Stay With Me7/2010 Virgin52
17.Rescue Me
& Chiddy
19.Takes One To Know One10/2011 Virgin
20.Bite My Tongue10/2011 Virgin
21.Crash10/2011 Virgin
22.The Swarm3/2012 Virgin23
23.Reckless10/2012 Virgin
24.Lived A Lie8/2013 BMG Rights11
25.Hope For The Best11/2013 BMG Rights75
26.Fresh Start Fever12/2013 BMG Rights46
27.Champagne Wishes1/2014 BMG Rights
28.Too Young To Feel This Old1/2014
29.Room To Breathe1/2014 BMG Rights
30.Wild Ones1/2014 BMG Rights
31.Cold Night1/2014 BMG Rights
32.Forgive And Forget1/2014 BMG Rights
33.Night People19.08.2016Liberation Music
34.Plus One30.09.2016BMG
37.Take On The World1/2017
38.Heavy Soul1/2017
39.Brand New1/2017
40.Spell It Out1/2017
41.I O U8/2018