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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Back To Front Mix03.07.2006

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Make Me Hot / Keep The Faith
& "Little" Rico & Little Brother
07.07.2003Yam Who
2.Rewind Volume 4
(Evil Vibrations / The Look Of Love / The Star Of A Story)
& The Rebirth & Platinum Pied Pipers
3.The Electro Project
(Al Naafiysh/Genius Of Love (Uptown version)/Genius Of Love (Downtown version))
& Si Begg
13.06.2005Victoria Music
4.Wrap You Up / Get Up Off
feat Christian Fontana
feat Noel McKoy
6.Number One
feat Pharrell & Kanye West
04.09.2006Yam Who
7.Here We Go11.09.2006Little League
8.Arision Re Edits Volume 1 (Brasilia (re-edit) / Night Travel (re-edit))
& Yosaku
9.Chelsea / Head24.09.2007
10.You Don't Care About Our Love / Flunky Gone Punky (We Are Ready)
feat Norman Anderson
22.10.2007Here & Now
11.Wanna Make Love 2 Ya / Buzz Reaction10.03.2008Electric Minds
12.Arthur Russell Interpretations 2009 (Wax The Van (Yam Who rework) / Treehouse (Lil Tony rework) / Wax The Van (Ilija Rudman remix))
& Lil Tony & Ilija Rudman
27.04.2009Electric Minds
13.A Tribute To Arthur Russell: In The Light Of A Miracle / Get Around To It / Get Around To It (Mark E remix) / Arm Around You (Andy Spence from New Young Pony Club mix)
& Mary Moore & Pocketknife & Joe Worricker & My Tiger My Timing & Faze
20.10.2009Electric Minds
14.You Can Do It (reworks) / In Your Eyes / Gettin High Re-Bounce21.06.2010Demo Disc
15.Darkstarr Album Sampler EP
(Heat You Up Melt You Down / Wax The Van (Yam Who? rework) / City Country City (Franck Roger remix) / African Drug)
& Little Big Bee & Bob Holroyd & Shirley Lites
24.06.2010Music Response
16.Baby / So In Love / Keep On U15.07.2010Demo Disc
17.Go Bang / Make 1 2 / Lucky Cloud (Pocketknife remix)
& Pocketknife & Radio Slave
15.04.2011Electric Minds
18.Just Can't Get Enough / Someday16.05.2011Demo Disc
19.Futurism EP
(Changes (Ron Basejam remix) / I'm In Love / J2ThaB / Inferno)
& PBR Streetgang & Brothers Young & Alena
20.Demo Disc 15 EP
(Next To You / Starstruck)
01.03.2012Demo Disc
21.Night Of The Soulboy EP
(That Thing / I Can U Can / Looking 4 U)
25.07.2012Demo Disc
22.Demo Disc 19 EP
(Another Night / N Funkin' / Romance The Edit)
14.02.2013Demo Disc
23.Masterworks Vol 1 EP
(Sunshine / Find Out / Sweet Stuff / Stop That)
& Get Down Edits & Coutel & Dr Packer
17.06.2015Masterworks Music
24.This Is How It Started Vol 3 EP
(Fun Times / Love, Love, Love / I'm In Love (Severino edit) / String Free (revisited))
& GG & Gene Hunt & Chicago Blues Orchestra
17.06.2015Midnight Riot
25.This Is How It Started Vol 4 EP
(On & On / This Time / Delta / I Love You)
& Clandestino & Eli Escobar & Mach & Robert Owens
22.07.2015Midnight Riot