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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Deliver Me From My Enemies
credited to: Yabby You Vibration
11/1977 Grove
& The Prophets
1/1979 Grove
3.Jah Jah Way1980 Island
5.Beware Dub03.04.1992Pressure Sounds
6.Yabby You Meets Mad Professor & Black Steel In Ariwa Studios1993
7.King Tubby's Prophecy Of Dub1995 Blood & Fire
8.Jesus Dread (1972-1977)27.10.1997Blood & Fire
9.Dub It To The Top 1976-197915.04.2002Blood & Fire
10.Dub It To The Top 1976-1979
07.10.2002Simply Vinyl
11.At The Dub Station (King Tubbys)
& Michael Prophet & Scientist
12.Deliver Me From My Enemies25.09.2006Yabby You
13.Hits Of The Past Vol 2
& King Tubby
19.05.2008Vivian Jackson/Yabby U
14.The Ghost Of King Tubby & Yabby U Vol 3
& King Tubby
19.05.2008Vivian Jackson/Yabby U
15.Yabby You Meets Sly & Robbie At The Mixing Lab29.12.2008Vivian Jackson/Yabby U
16.Jah Will Be Done
& The Prophets
23.02.2009Vivian Jackson/Yabby U
17.Vocal & Dub
& Michael Prophet
01.05.2009Vivian Jackson/Yabby U
18.Deeper Roots
& Brethren
27.11.2012Pressure Sounds
19.Deeper Roots, Pt. 2: More Dubs & Rarities
& The Prophets
27.05.2014Pressure Sounds
20.Unification: From Channel One To King Tubby's
& Willi Williams

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Rally Dub10.09.2001Select Cuts
2.1972 Sessions09.02.2004Twisted Roots
3.Chant Down Babylon26.06.2006Prophet
4.Undivided World
& The Prophets
17.07.2006Vivian Jackson
5.Deliver Me From My Enemies / Judgement Time / Blood A Run Down In Kings Street / Love In Zambia / Zion Gate21.08.2006Yabby You
6.Warn The Nation / Jah Love
& The Prophets
11.09.2006Vivian Jackson
7.Undivided World / Undivided Dub
& Horace Andy & The Prophets
11.09.2006Vivian Jackson
8.Gwaan & Lef Me / Tubbys Vengeance
& Trinity
9.Black Star Liner Is Coming / Starline Dub21.05.2007Vivian Jackson
10.King Pharaoh Plague / Plague Of Horn21.05.2007Vivian Jackson
11.We Want Our Liberty11.06.2007Vivian Jackson
12.Warn Dem (Warn The Nation Riddim)
& Trinity
04.02.2008Vivian Jackson/Yabby U
13.Judgement Time11.02.2008Vivian Jackson/Yabby U
14.Love Thy Neighbor (Riddim)11.02.2008Vivian Jackson/Yabby U
15.Zambia (Shank I Sheck Riddim)11.02.2008Vivian Jackson/Yabby U
16.Anti Christ31.03.2008Vivian Jackson/Yabby U
17.Love Of Jah31.03.2008Vivian Jackson/Yabby U
18.Wall Of Jerusalem31.03.2008Vivian Jackson/Yabby U
19.My Neighbour (Love Thy Neighbour Riddim) / Neighborly Dub
& Trinity
19.05.2008Vivian Jackson/Yabby U
20.Ballistic Dreadlocks
& Wayne Wade
16.06.2008Vivian Jackson/Yabby U
21.Man Of A Living / Dread Locks Man
& The Prophet & Wayne Wade
16.06.2008Vivian Jackson/Yabby U
22.Dread Up
& Vivian Jackson & Trinity
12.01.2009Vivian Jackson
23.Get Lost Babylon01.05.2009Vivian Jackson/Yabby U
24.Thirty Pieces Of Silver27.05.2010Black Roots
25.Deliver Me From My Enemies
& King Tubby & The Prophets
07.12.2012Pressure Sounds/Hot City
26.Chant Down Babylon Kingdom
& The Prophets
15.08.2014Pressure Sounds
27.Tell Us Our Past History18.11.2016

Press References:

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