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New York, USA
*  1976

Line-Up (2015):


Dee Snider - voc
Jay Jay French - g
Eddie Ojeda - g
Mark Mendoza - bg
Mike Portnoy - ds

Former Members:

Tony Petri (ds, 1978-82); A.J. Pero (ds, 1982-4/87, cca 3/99-3/15); Joey 'Seven' Franco (ds, 4/87-1/88)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Under The Blade
produced by: Pete Way
9/1982 Secret/Roadrunner70 125
2.You Can't Stop Rock'n'Roll22.04.1983Atlantic14 130
3.Stay Hungry
produced by: Tom Werman
6/1984 Atlantic34 15
4.Come Out And Play
produced by: Dieter Dierks
11/1985 Atlantic95 53
5.Love Is For Suckers
produced by: Beau Hill
7/1987 Atlantic57 74
6.Big Hits And Nasty Cuts - The Best Of Twisted Sister3/1992 Atlantic
7.Twisted Sister Live - From Hammersmith10.10.1994Music For Nations
8.We're Not Gonna Take It13.04.1999
9.Early Works02.11.1999Spitfire
10.Club Daze - The Studio Sessions Vol. 11/2000 Eagle R.E.P.
11.Live At Hammersmith21.08.2001Spitfire
12.Never Say Never, Club Daze Vol. II18.09.2001Spitfire
13.Essentials17.09.2002Warner Strategic
14.Still Hungry19.10.2004Spitfire
15.A Twisted Christmas17.10.2006Razor & Tie
16.A Twisted Christmas Live25.09.2007Eagle Rock
17.Live at the Astoria18.11.2008DR2
18.Live at Wacken: The Reunion01.03.2011Ais
19.Live at Hammersmith '8429.05.2012Armoury
20.Club Daze, Vol. 2: Live in the Bars05.06.2012Armoury
21.Fighting for the Rockers24.02.2014Chrome Dreams
22.Train Kept a Rollin': Live In '7906.11.2015Air Cuts
23.We Are Twisted Fucking Sister!11.03.2016Monoduo Films
24.Rock 'N' Roll Saviors: The Early Years15.07.2016Cleopatra
25.Metal Meltdown22.07.2016Loud & Proud
26.Best of the Atlantic Years26.08.2016Rhino
27.What You Don't Know26.08.2016Laser Media
28.Its Only Rock & Roll (But We Like It) Live Radio Broadcast 1984/198316.09.2016Cannonball

Dee Snider:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down22.08.2000Koch
2.Extended Versions27.05.2008Sbme Special Mkts
4.Dee Does Broadway08.05.2012Razor & Tie
5.Rock and Roll Ain't Dead – Dee Snider Essentials 1983-20152015
6.We Are The Ones10/2016
7.For The Love Of Metal27.07.2018Napalm
8.For The Love Of Metal - Live!7/2020 Napalm

Eddie Ojeda:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Axes 2 Axes17.01.2006Black Lotus

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Ruff Cuts EP7/1982 Secret
2.I Am, I Am Me / Sin After Sin
12" + Tear It Loose / Destroyer
3.The Kids Are Back / Shoot 'Em Down / It's Only Rock'n'Roll
12" + What You Don't Know Sure Can't Hurt You / Bad Boys Of Rock / Run For Your Love
4.You Can't Stop Rock'n'Roll / Let The Good Times Roll / Feel So Fine
12" + Feel The Power / Heat Of Love / One Man Woman
8/1983 Atlantic43
5.We're Not Gonna Take It / You Can't Stop Rock'n'Roll
12" + You Can't Stop Rock'n'Roll
5/1984 Atlantic58 21
6.I Wanna Rock / The Kids Are Back8/1984 Atlantic 68
7.I Wanna Rock / Burn In Hell (live)
12" + S.M.F. (live)
8.The Price / S.M.F.2/1985 Atlantic
9.Leader Of The Pack / I Wanna Rock11/1985 Atlantic 53
10.Leader Of The Pack / S.M.F.11/1985 Atlantic47
11.You Want What We Got / Stay Hungry
12" + We're Not Gonna Take It / King Of Fools
3/1986 Atlantic
12.You Want What We Got / Shoot 'Em Dead4/1986 Atlantic
13.Hot Love / Tonight10/1987 Atlantic
14.The Kids Are Back / I Am (I'm Me)1/1990 Old Gold
15.Kalinka (Do It Right This Time)23.05.2005

Dee Snider:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Rock and Roll Ain't Dead15.03.2015
2.We Are the Ones / We’re Not Gonna Take It26.08.2016Ear Music


1. Come Out And Play
2. Stay Hungry
3. We Are Twisted Fucking Sisters! - 23.2.2016


1. Helltown (1997, starring Dee Snider)
2. Strangeland (1997, starring Dee Snider)
3. Strangeland: Disciple (2009, starring Dee Snider)
4. Growing Up Twisted (7/2010, reality seriál, starring Dee Snider)


disbanded 1/1988
reunited 1999

Compilation Appearances:

"I Wanna Rock" on compilation "Mullet Rock" (4.3.03, Epic/Legacy)

Joey Franco:

appeared on the LP:

Vinnie Moore: Time Odyssey (1988, Squawk)
Doro: Angels Never Die (2/93, Phonogram)

Dee Snider:

produced by LP:

Envy: Ain't It A Sin (1987, WEA)

appeared on the LP:
Leslie West: Still Climbing (29.10.13)
Phil Campbell: Old Lions Still Roar (25.10.19, Nuclear Blast)

Compilation Appearances:
"Detroit Rock City" on Kiss tribute LP "Spin The Bottle" (27.4.04, Koch)

Jay Jay French:

appeared on the LP:

Fiona: Fiona (1985, Atlantic)

produced by LP:
Reckless: No Frills (1987, WEA)

Mark Mendoza:

produced by LP:

Reckless: No Frills (1987, WEA)

Eddie Ojeda:

appeared on the LP:

Scarecrow: A Touch Of Madness (1995, Bullet Proof)

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