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Albums Discography:

SWAY (photo)
#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Mmm ... Prepare To Be Swayed18.03.1996MCA
2.This Or That
& King Tech
15.06.1999 107
3.Wake Up Show: Freestyles, Vol. 8
& King Tech
4.Back 2 Basics
& King Tech
5.This Is My Promo03.10.2005
6.My Block: Miami the Mixtape
31.01.2006BCD Music Group
7.This Is My Demo06.02.2006All City45
8.The Signature LP06.10.2008Dcypha51
9.This Was Tomorrow07.06.2011
10.The Millia Pink & Green09.12.2014Saint Marie
11.Stream It07.04.2015New Reign
12.Snapshot02.06.2015New Reign
13.Mac-10 Flow02.06.2015Dcypha
14.The Deliverance05.02.2016New Reign

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Silk12/1993 Dental
2.I Don't Think So / I Wish I Could
& King Tech & Back 2 Basics
29.11.2004Up Above
3.Harvey Nicks / Excuse My Brother
& Mitchell Brothers
Harvey Nicks / The (Un)making Of
& The Mitchell Brothers
30.05.2005The Beats
4.Up Your Speed / Flo Fashion18.07.2005All City
Up Your Speed (remix) / Flo' Fashion (clean edit)19.09.2005All City
5.Trouble / Everything
& King Tech & Back 2 Basics
26.09.2005Up Above
7.Little Derek / Pretty Ugly Husband / Download16.01.2006All City38
8.Hold 'Em High
& Stanton Warriors
9.Products / Baby Father22.05.2006All City
10.Get 'Em High / Blaze
& Stanton Warriors
& Madness
12.One For The Journey EP
(True Stories / Move Back / Baby Father / Up You Speed)
14.05.2007All City
13.The Way We Go
& Jukey
The Way We Go
& Jukey
14.Bass Slammers EP
(Freedom (Bass Slammers remix) / The Way We Go (Bass Slammers remix) / 24/7 (Bass Slammers remix) / What's It Gonna Be)
& Angel City & Lara McAllen & H Two O & Platnum & QFX & Jukey
19.05.2008Hard 2 Beat
15.Saturday Night Hustle / F Ur X
feat Lemar
15.09.2008Dcypha Productions67
16.What You Know
& Two Fingers
12.01.2009Big Dada
17.Silver & Gold
feat Akon
18.Hear Nu Evil Vol 3 (Eye Know (refix) / Sing It Back To Be / Do It For Me / This Shit (Jim Sharp remix) / Wooha Calypso / Silver & Gold)
& Cabin Bwoy & Martelo & Big Time Playaz & Douster & Tom Wrecks
21.04.2009Hear Nu Evil
19.That Girl
& Two Fingers
03.05.2009Big Dada
& Plan B & Rixz MC
01.10.2009True Tiger
21.Mercedes Benz10/2009 Dcypha53
22.Still Speedin'12/2011 3 Beat/All Around The World19
23.Level Up4/2012 3 Beat/All Around The World8
feat Mr Hudson
11/2012 3 Beat/All Around The World
25.Stop And Stare3/2013 Nrgy
26.No Sleep
& KSI & Tigger Da Author
10/2013 3 Beat/All Around The World44
27.The Millia Pink & Green EP
(Fall / Sounds Like Everyone / Sullust / Ever & Ever / Opentillate / Channel (bonus track))
07.04.2015Saint Marie

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