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Glasgow, Scotland, GB
*  2/1978

Line-Up (2018):


Jim Kerr - voc
Charlie Burchill - g,sax
Gordon Goudie - g
Ged Grimes - bg
Sarah Brown
Cherisse Osei

Former Members:

Duncan Barnwell (g, 2/78-78); Johnny Marr (g, 1989); Kevin Hunter (g, cca 5/00)

Derek Forbes (bg, 5/78-1985, ?-1988, 1997-98, cca 5/00); John Giblin (bg, 1985-?, 1988-90); Malcolm Foster (bg, 1990-?); Eddie Duffy (bg, cca 2005)

Mick MacNeil (kb, 5/78-1990); Andy Gillespie (kb, cca 8/13)

Brian McGee (ds, 2/78-7/81); Kenny Hyslop (ds, 7/81-4/82); Mike Ogletree (ds, 5/82-1982); Mel Gaynor (ds, 6/83-1992, 1998, cca 2005-cca 10/14); Julian Sobero (ds)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Life In A Day4/1979 Zoom30
2.Real To Real Cacophony
produced by: John Leckie
11/1979 Arista
3.Empires And Dance
produced by: John Leckie
9/1980 Arista41
4.Sons And Fascination
produced by: Steve Hillage
8/1981 Virgin11
5.Sister Feelings Call
produced by: Steve Hillage
8/1981 Virgin11
6.Themes For Great Cities
1981 Stiff
7.Celebration2/1982 Arista45
8.New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)9/1982 Virgin3 69
9.Sparkle In The Rain
produced by: Steve Lillywhite
06.02.1984Virgin1 64
10.The Breakfast Club Soundtrack1985 Virgin
11.Once Upon A Time10/1985 Virgin1 10
12.New Gold Union10/1985 98
13.Live: In The City Of Light
5/1987 Virgin1 96
14.Street Fighting Years
produced by: Trevor Horn/Stephen Lipsom
02.05.1989Virgin1 70
15.Themes-Volume 2: August '82 - April '85
16.The Real Life08.04.1991Virgin2 74
17.Glittering Prize 81-9219.10.1992Virgin1
18.Good News From The Next World
produced by: Keith Forsey
1/1995 Virgin2 87
19.The Promised29.09.1997Virgin
21.Dream Giver28.06.2000
22.Neon Lights24.09.2001Eagle
23.The Best Of Simple Minds11/2001 Virgin34
24.Cry4/2002 Eagle/BMG
25.Real Life24.06.2003Virgin
26.Silver Box07.09.2004EMI
27.Black And White 05050513.09.2005Sanctuary37
28.Platinum Collection05.09.2006EMI
29.The Best Of Simple Minds - Seen The Lights Live In Verona
30.Themes Volume 5: March 91 - September 92
31.Themes Volume 1-5: March 79 - September 92
(25CD box set)
32.Graffiti Soul
33.Greatest Hits06.06.2011
34.Live 16.06.2011: Hampton Court Palace24.01.2012
35.Live 16.07.2011: Northern Meeting Park24.01.2012
36.x52/2012 Virgin28
37.5x5 Live11/2012 Virgin
38.Celebrate: Greatest Hits
40.Classic Album Selection
41.Celebrate: Live From The SSE Hydro Glasgow
42.Big Music03.11.2014Caroline12
43.Sparkle In The Rain - Remastered 20153/2015 Virgin
44.The Vinyl Collection 1979-198430.10.2015Virgin
45.Chelsea Girl21.10.2016Caroline
47.Walk Between Worlds02.02.2018BMG4
48.Live In The City Of Angels04.10.2019BMG9
49.Forty - The Best Of - 1979-201901.11.2019Virgin27
50.Direction Of The Heart21.10.2022BMG4

Jim Kerr:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Life In A Day / Special View30.03.1979Zoom62
2.Chelsea Girl / Garden Of Hate6/1979 Zoom
3.Changeling / Premonition (live)18.01.1980Arista
4.I Travel / New Warm Skin
7"(2) + Kaleidoscope / Film Dub Theme
12" + Film Dub Theme
10/1980 Arista
5.Celebrate / Changeling (live)
12" + I Travel (live)
2/1981 Arista
6.The American / League Of Nations15.05.1981Virgin59
7.Love Song / The Earth That You Walk Upon (instrumental)31.07.1981Virgin47
8.Sweat In Bullet / 20th Century Promised Land
7"(2) + League Of Nations (live) / Premonition (live)
12" + League Of Nations (live) / In Trance As Mission (live)
9.I Travel / Thirty Frames A Second (live)1/1982 Arista
10.Promised You A Miracle / Theme For Great Cities
12" + Seeking Out The Angel (instrumental mix)
produced by: Pete Walsh
11.Glittering Prize / Glittering Theme20.08.1982Virgin16
12.Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) / King Is White And In The Crowd
12" + Soundtrack For Every Heaven
13.Promised You A Miracle / The American
(v USA)
11/1982 A&M
14.I Travel (mix) / Film Theme01.04.1983Virgin
15.Waterfront / Hunter And The Hunted (live)14.11.1983Virgin9
16.Speed Your Love To Me / Bass Line16.01.1984Virgin17
17.Up On The Catwalk / A Brass Band In Africa12.03.1984Virgin19
18.Don't You (Forget About Me) / A Brass Band In Africa2/1985 Virgin4 1
19.Alive & Kickin' / Alive And Kicking (instrumental)
12" + Up On The Catwalk (live)
10/1985 Virgin6 3
20.Sanctify Yourself / Sanctify Yourself (instrumental)
7"(2) + Love Song (live) / Street Hassle (live)
1/1986 Virgin6 14
21.All The Things She Said / Don't You (Forget About Me)
12" + Promised You A Miracle (US mix)
3/1986 Virgin8 28
22.Ghost Dancing / Jungleland (instrumental)
12",CD + Ghostdancing (instrumental)
11/1986 Virgin10
23.Promised You A Miracle (live) / Book Of Brilliant Things (live)
12" + Glittering Prize (live) / Celebrate (live)
6/1987 Virgin12
24.Belfast Child / Mandela Day
12",CD + Ballad Of The Streets / Biko
2/1989 Virgin1
25.This Is Your Land / Saturday Girl
12",CD + Year Of The Dragon
4/1989 Virgin9
26.Kick It In / Waterfront ('89 mix)
12",CD + Big Sleep (live)
7/1989 Virgin12
27.The Amsterdam EP
(Let It All Come Down / Sign O' The Times / Jerusalem)
11/1989 Virgin18
28.Themes - Volume One EP8/1990 Virgin
29.Themes - Volume Two EP9/1990 Virgin
30.Themes - Volume Three EP10/1990 Virgin
31.Themes - Volume Four EP11/1990 Virgin
32.Let There Be Love / Good Night
12" + Alive And Kicking (live)
CD + East At Easter (live)
3/1991 Virgin3
33.See The Lights / Theme For Great Cities ('91 edit)
12",CD + Soul Crying Out (live)
5/1991 Virgin17 40
34.Stand By Love / King Is White And In The Crowd (live)
12",CD + Let There Be Love (live)
8/1991 Virgin10
35.Real Life / See The Lights
12" + Belfast Chld (extended)
CD + Ghostrider
10/1991 Virgin34
36.Love Song / Alive And Kicking05.10.1992Virgin6
37.She's A River / E55
CD + Celtic Strings
16.01.1995Virgin6 52
38.Hypnotised / #4
CD1 + Hypnotised (Time Simenon extended remixes) / Hypnotised (Malfunction mix)
CD2 + Up On The Catwalk / And The Band Played On / She's A River (all live)
40.War Babies11.05.1998Chrysalis43
42.Homosapien (Malcolm Duffy mixes)03.12.2001Remote
43.Belfast Trance
& John "00" Fleming
44.Cry3/2002 Eagle47
45.Monster EP
(Monstermental (Kidstuff "Take The Helm" mix) / Monster ("Liquid Metal" mix))
Monster (Sebastien Leger's "Monster" remix & dub, Cricco Castelli remix)
& Liquid People
46.Cry (Phunk Investigation remix)07.10.2002Absolutely
Cry (Tazz remixes)07.10.2002Absolutely
47.Space Face16.12.2002Absolutely
48.Live In Glasgow
vs Dischi
06.01.2003Sound Division
49.Spaceface (Tomcraft remix)10.02.2003Absolutely
50.Alive & Kicking
& Ate
51.Culture Club 2 (Part 1 Of 4)
(Groove Me / I'm Still Hot For You / I Love You / Putain Putain / No Shuffle)
& Bobby O & Yello & TC Matic & Front 242 & Seduction & Basement Jaxx & Primal Scream
52.Don't You (Forget About Me) (Danny Mcmillan remix)19.07.2004Absolutely
55.Different World16.05.2006Absolutely
Different World (So Phat! club mix, So Phat! Sonicblast merged mix)16.04.2007Absolutely
56.Stars Will Lead The Way6/2009
57.The Balearic Sound Of Simple Minds EP
(This Fear Of Goda / Theme For Great Cities / I Travel (extended 12" mix) / This Earth That You Walk Upon (12" instrumental version))
58.Bloody Diamonds8/2013
59.Mandela Day12/2013
61.Honest Town23.09.2014Caroline
62.Water Front / Hunter & The Hunted28.04.2015UMC
63.The American07.10.2016Caroline
64.Vision Thing14.06.2022

Jim Kerr:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.19. Cynical Heart
& Jam & Spoon
2.Alive & Kicking
& White Spaces
3.Dirty Old Town / Road To Paradise
& Shawn MacGowan & J Johnstone
4.The Deep Blue Sea
& Mir

Kevin Hunter:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
& Sad Affair


1. Verona - 1990, Virgin
2. Glittering Prize - 11/1992


1. The Breakfast Club (1985)


Mike Wrenn: Simple Minds: A Vision Documentary

WWW Links:


1977-78 Johnny And The Self Abusers

13.7.85 - Live Aid (Philadelphia)
11.6.88 - Nelson Mandela's 70th Birthday Party (Wembley)
5/2008 reunited (Kerr+Burchill+Forbes+MacNeil+McGee)

Malcolm Foster:

appeared on the LP:

Jan Cyrka: Spirit (1993, Food For Thought)
Simple Minds: Good News From The Next World (1/95, Virgin)

appeared on the SP:
Cerrone: Love In C Minor (11.3.77, Atlantic)

Jim Kerr:

5.5.1984 married Chrissie Hynde
3.1.1992 married Patsy Kensit

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