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*  1980

Line-Up (2003):

Chris Logan - voc
Michael Schenker - g
Stuart Hamm - bg
Jeremy Colson - ds

Former Members:

Gary Barden (voc, 1980-11/81); Graham Bonnet (voc, 2-9/82); Gary Barden (voc, 10/82-5/85); Ray Kennedy (voc, do 10/84-?); Fran Cosmo (voc, 1985); Leif Sundin (voc, cca 1996-cca 1/97); Kelly Keeling (voc, cca 1998)

Derek St.Holmes (g,voc, 9/83-1985); John Onder (g, cca 1998)

Mo Foster (bg, 1980); Chris Glenn (bg, 1980-3/84); Jeff Pilson (bg, 1992); Barry Sparks (bg, cca 1996)

Don Airey (kb, 1980); Paul Raymond (kb, 8/80-11/81); Andy Nye (kb, 1983-84); Seth Bernstein (kb,g, cca 1998)

Simon Phillips (ds, 1980); Cozy Powell (ds, 9/80-4/82); Ted McKenna (ds, 4/82-2/85); Gary Ferguson (ds, 1986); James Kottak (ds, 1992); Shane Gaalaas (ds, cca 1996-cca 1998)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Michael Schenker Group
produced by: Roger Glover
29.08.1980Chrysalis8 100
produced by: Ron Nevison
9/1981 Chrysalis11 81
3.One Night At Budokan
2/1982 Chrysalis5
4.Assault Attack15.10.1982Chrysalis19
5.Built To Destroy02.09.1983Chrysalis23
6.Rock Will Never Die6/1984 Chrysalis24
7.Perfect Timing10/1987 65
8.The Collection7/1991 Castle
produced by: Kevin Beamish
03.02.1992Impact 180
10.Essential1992 Chrysalis
11.Unplugged Live
produced by: Michael Schenker/Robin McAulay
1993 EMI
12.BBC Radio One Live In Concert11/1993 RTD
13.Armed And Ready - The Best Of6/1994 Music Club
8/1995 Griffin
15.Written In The Sand
produced by: Ron Nevison
1996 Zero
16.The Unforgiven22.02.1999Steamhammer
17.The Unforgiven World Tour05.10.1999Shrapnel
18.Be Aware Of Scorpions
produced by: Ralph Patlan
11/2001 Steamhammer
produced by: Mike Varney
20.Heavy Hitters12.07.2005Cleopatra
21.Very Best Of Michael Schenker Group04.10.2005EMI
22.Tales of Rock'N'Roll06.06.2006Armageddon Music
23.Masters of Rock08.05.2007EMI
24.Unplugged Live17.07.2007Caroline
25.In The Midst Of Beauty5/2008 In-akustik
26.Best of the Michael Schenker Group 1980-198423.09.2008EMD
27.Mad Axeman Live09.12.2008Mischief
28.Walk the Stage: The Official Bootleg Box Set28.07.2009EMI
29.Live & Loud09.03.2010IMV/Blueline
30.By Invitation Only09.08.2011Store For Music
31.Walk the Stage: The Highlights01.04.2013EMI
32.Hard Rock Legends: Markthalle 198123.12.2016Let Them Eat Vinyl
33.Immortal1/2021 Nuclear Blast

Michael Schenker:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
4/1987 Chrysalis
2.Thank You
produced by: Michael Schenker
1993 Positive Energy
3.The Story Of Michael Schenker1994 Electrola/EMI
4.Die Michael Schenker Story Live20.10.1997Intercord
5.Adventures Of The Imagination
produced by: Michael Schenker/Mike Varney
6.Dreams And Expressions From Deep Inside1/2001 SPV
7.Thank You, Vol. 221.05.2002Steamhammer/SPV
8.Thank You, Vol. 317.09.2002Shrapnel
9.Classic Rock01.04.2003Simply The Best
10.Back 2 Back Hits
& Robin Trower
24.01.2006EMI Special Products
& Pete Way
30.01.2007Majestic Rock
12.Live Together 2004
& Siggi Schwarz
28.08.2007MVD Visual
13.Doctor, Doctor: The Kulick Sessions04.03.2008Cleopatra
14.Greatest Riffs07.04.2009Shrapnel
15.Gypsy Lady
& Gary Barden Acoustic Project
16.Instrumental Intensity26.01.2010Shrapnel
17.Live in Tokyo14.09.2010King
18.Rockpalast: Hardrock Legends, Vol. 226.10.2010
19.Temple Of Rock
featuring: Michael Voss (voc), Robin McAuley (voc), Douglas White (voc), Mike Amott (g), Leslie West (g), Rudolf Schenker (g), Wayne Findlay (kb), Don Airey (kb), Paul Raymond (kb), Pete Way (bg), Chris Glenn (bg), Neil Murray (bg), Elliott ''Dean'' Rubinson (bg), Herman Rarebell (ds), Simon Philips (ds), Chris Slade (ds), Carmine Appice (ds)
9/2011 In Akustik
20.Live Together 200422.11.2011
21.Walk the Stage: The Official Bootleg Box Set
(box set)
22.Temple of Rock: Live in Europe05.03.2013Ais
23.Bridge The Gap
credited to: Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock
12/2013 In-Akustik
24.Guitar Master24.03.2014Cleopatra
25.Spirit On A Mission
credited to: Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock
26.On A Mission: Live in Madrid
credited to: Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock
27.Fest - Live Tokyo International Forum Hall A24.03.2017In-Akustik

John Onder:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Faith, Hope, Love, Passion, and Pain31.03.2017

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Armed And Ready / Bijou Pleasurette29.08.1980Chrysalis53
2.Cry For The Nations / Into The Arena (live)
12" + Armed And Ready (live)
3.Ready To Rock / Attack Of The Mad Axeman8/1981 Chrysalis
4.Dancer / Time Goes On Forever27.08.1982Chrysalis52
5.Positive Forward1993


1. Rock Will Never Die - 8/1984, live
2. World Wide Live 2004 - 11/2004, Metal Mind Productions, live, 105 min

WWW Links:


1980-86 Michael Schenker Group
1986-91 McAuley Schenker Group
disbanded 1991
reunited 1992
od 1992 MSG
cca 1999 Michael Schenker Group

Michael Schenker:

appeared on the LP:

Scorpions: Love Drive (1979, Harvest/EMI)
Bernie Marsden: Look At Me Now (1981, Trash)
Bad Moon Rising: Bad Moon Rising (1991, Canyon International)


2010 Classic Rock Awards - Marshall '11' Award

Mitch Perry:

appeared on the LP:

Frankie Miller: Dancing In The Rain (1986, Phonogram)

John Onder:

appeared on the LP:

Joey Tafolla: Infra-Blue (1991, Sgamepnel)
Tony Spinner: Saturn Blues (1994, Roadrunner)
Michael Schenker: Adventures Of The Imagination (20.3.00, Steamhammer)

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