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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Singles Various Refers
New York, USA
*  1975


Mike Tirelli - voc
Mark Reale - g
Mike Flyntz - g
Pete Perez - bg
Bob Rondinelli - ds

Former Members:

Guy Speranza (voc, 1975-81); Rhett Forrester (voc, 1982-11/84, 1986-?); Tony Moore (voc, 1987-91); Mike Dimeo (voc, 1993-12/06)

Phil Fiet (bg, 1975); Jimmy Iommi (bg, 1975-81); Kip Lemming (bg, 1981-11/84); Don van Stavern (bg, 1986-?)

L.A. Kouvaris (g, 1975-79); Rick Ventura (g, 1979-84); G.T. Trevino (g, 1984)

Peter Bitelli (ds, 1975-81); Sandy Slavin (ds, 1981-11/84); Carl Canedy (ds, 1986-87); Mark Edwards (ds, 1987); Bobby Jarzombek (ds, 1987-91,1992-95, cca 1997-1/00); John Macaluso (ds, cca 8/95); Kenny Earl (ds, 1/00-?)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Rock City6/1977 Ariola
2.Narita1979 Capitol
3.Fire Down Under07.08.1981Elektra
4.Restless Breed6/1982 Elektra
5.Riot Live1982 Elektra
6.Born In America1/1984 Quality 175
7.Thunder Steel5/1988 CBS 150
8.The Privilege Of Power1990 CBS
9.Riot In Japan1992 Sony
10.Nightbreaker1/1994 Rising Sun
11.Greatest Hits 1979-19901995
12.Members Of The Longhouse9/1995 Rising Sun
13.Inishmore02.02.1998Metal Blade
14.Shine On (Live)21.09.1998Metal Blade
15.Brethren of the Long House04.05.1999
16.Live In Japan04.05.1999
17.Sons Of Society
produced by: Mark Reale/Paul Orofin
30.08.1999Metal Blade
18.8. Through The Storm26.08.2002Metal Blade
19.Army of One15.08.2006Toshiba EMI
20.Immortal Soul22.11.2011Steamhammer/SPV
21.Unleash the Fire28.08.2015
22.Narita RI30.12.2016Metal Blade

Rhett Forrester:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Gone With The Wind
produced by: Paul Kayen
2.Even The Score8/1988 Rampage

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Angel Eyes1997


disbanded 11/1984
reunited 1986

own label Fire Sign

Rhett Forrester:

appeared on the LP:

Jack Starr: Out Of The Darkness (1984, Roadrunner)
Tgamesher: Burning At The Speed Of Light (1985, Music For Nations)

Sandy Slavin:

appeared on the LP:

Frehley's Comet: Trouble Walking (1989, Megaforce)

Bobby Jarzombek:

appeared on the LP:

John West: Earth Maker (23.9.02, Frontiers)

Press References:

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