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Dartford, GB
*  1963

Line-Up (2017):

Phil May - voc
Dick Taylor - g
Frank Holland - g
George Woosey - bg
Jack Greenwood - ds

Former Members:

Brian Pendleton (g, 1963-cca 1964); Victor Unitt (g, 1970-?); Pete Tolsen (g,voc, 1970-76, 1980-81); Joe Shaw (g, 1984-?)

John Stax (bg, 1963-cca 1964); Wally Allen (bg, 1967-72, 9/78-1981, 1995-cca 3/99); Stuart Brooks (bg,voc, 1972-75); Jack Green (bg,voc, 1975-76); Dave Wintour (bg, 1984-?); Rolf Ter Veld (bg, cca 1988); Glen Matlock (bg,voc, 1989); Steve Browning (bg, 1989); Richard Hite (bg, 1991-?)

John Povey (p, 1967-76, 9/78-1981, 1995-cca 3/99); Gordon Edwards (kb, cca 1974-1976); Bob Webb (kb,voc, 1989-?)

Viv Prince (ds, 1964-11/65); Skip Alan (ds, 12/65-1967, cca 1970-1976, 9/78-1981, 1995-cca 3/99); Mitch Mitchell (ds, 1967); Bobby Graham (ds, 1967); Twink (ds, 1967); John Clark (ds, 1984-?); Bertram Engel (ds, cca 1988); Mark St.John (ds,bg,voc, 1989-?); Jim McCarty (ds, 1991-?)

Kevin Flanagan (sax, 1984-?)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.We'll Be Together3/1965 Fontana6
2.Get The Picture?12/1965 Fontana
3.We Want Your Love1967
4.Electric Banana1967
5.Emotions5/1967 Fontana
6.More Electric Banana1968
7.Greatest Hits1968 Phonogram
8.S. F. Sorrow12/1968 Harvest
9.Even More Electric Banana1969
10.Parachute6/1970 43
12.Freeway Madness12/1972 Warner Bros
13.Hot Licks1973
14.Silk Torpedo11/1974 Swan Song
15.Mutton Dagger1975
16.Real Pretty
6/1975 Harvest
17.Greatest Hits 1964-196711/1975 Philips
18.Savage Eye02.01.1976Swan Song/Atlantic
19.Vintage Years
1976 Sire
20.The Singles A's And B's18.11.1977EMI
22.The Return Of The Electric Banana1978
23.Electric Banana - The Seventies1979 Butt
24.Cross Talk8/1980 RCA
25.Reverse Logic1981
26.The Pretty Things 1967-19713/1982 See For Miles
28.Let Me Hear The Choir Sing6/1984 Edsel
29.Get A Buss1984
30.Live At Heartbreak Hotel8/1984 Big Beat
31.Closed Restaurant Blues2/1986 Bam Caruso
32.Cries From The Midnight Circus5/1986 Harvest
33.Out Of The Island6/1988 In-Akustik
34.Chicago Blues Tape 199110/1991 Demon
35.On Air4/1992 Band Of Joy
36.Wine, Women & Whiskey2/1994 Demon
37.Midnight To 63/1994 Spectrum
38.A Whiter Shade Of Dirty Water5/1994 Kingdom
39.Unrepentant - Bloody But Unbowed
10/1995 Fragile
41.Rage Before Beauty08.03.1999Lupus
42.Latest Writs Greatest Hits - The Best Of Pretty Things2/2000 Snapper Music
43.Psychedelic Years, 1966-197021.05.2002Recall
44.The BBC Sessions25.11.2003Repertoire
45.Come See Me: The Very Best of the Pretty Things20.04.2004Sony
47.Still Unrepentant25.01.2005Snapper Music Group
48.Balboa Island07.08.2007Zoho Music
49.SF Sorrow: Live at Abbey Road04.05.2010Snapper
50.Rockin' the Garage19.10.2010Floatin' World
51.The Chicago Blues Tapes 199110.05.2011Floating World
52.Introducing the Pretty Things21.05.2013Recall
53.Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky: The Complete Pretty Things Collection23.02.2015Snapper
54.The Sweet Pretty Things (Are in Bed Now, Of Course)10.07.2015Repertoire
55.Live at Rockpalast19.08.2016Repertoire
56.Live at the BBC30.09.2016Repertoire

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Rosalyn / Big Boss Man6/1964 Fontana41
2.Don't Bring Me Down / We'll Be Together10/1964 Fontana8
3.Pretty Things EP12/1964 Fontana
4.Honey I Need / I Can Never Say2/1965 Fontana10
5.Cry To Me / Judgement Day7/1965 Fontana28
6.Rainin' In My Heart EP05.11.1965Fontana
7.Midnight To Six Man / Can't Stand The Pain17.12.1965Fontana46
8.On Film EP1/1966 Fontana
9.Come And See Me / Ľ.s.d.01.04.1966Fontana43
10.A House In The Country / Me Needing You01.07.1966Fontana50
11.Progress / Buzz In The Jerk12/1966 Fontana
12.Children / My Time4/1967 Fontana
13.Defecting Graves / Mr. Evasion11/1967 Columbia
14.Talkin' About The Good Times / Walking Through My Dreams2/1968 Columbia
15.Private Sorrow / Ballroom Burning11/1968 Columbia
16.Rosalyn / Don't Bring Me Down6/1969 Fontana
17.The Good Mr. Square / Blue Serge Blues4/1970 Harvest
18.October 26 / Cold Stone10/1970 Harvest
19.Stone Hearted Mama / Summertime / Circus Mind07.05.1971Harvest
20.Over The Moon / Havana Bound01.12.1972Warner Bros
21.Silk Torpedo9/1974 Swan Song
22.Is It Only Love20.12.1974Swan Song
23.I'm Keeping ... / Atlanta09.05.1975Swan Song
24.Joey / Come Home Momma08.08.1975Swansong
25.Sad Eye / Remember That Boy30.01.1976Swan Song
26.Remember That Day / It Isn't Rock'n'Roll
(v USA)
4/1976 Swan Song
27.Tonight / It Isn't Rock And Roll21.05.1976Swansong
28.I'm Calling / Sea Of Blue8/1980 Warner Bros
29.Falling Again10.10.1980WEA
30.Don't Bring Me Down / Honey I Need7/1982 Old Gold
31.Eve Of Destruction / Goin' Downhill9/1989 Trax
32.Havana Bound / Religion's Dead1994 Medicine
33.All Light Up EP28.09.1999Snapper


disbanded 6/1976
reunited 8/1978
disbanded 1981
reunited 1984
reunited 11/1998

Kevin Flanagan:

appeared on the LP:

Roger Waters: The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking (8.5.84, Harvest)

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