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PLANT Robert

Personal Data:

Born: 20.08.1948 (West Bromwich, GB, as Robert Anthony Plant)
PLANT Robert (photo)


? The Memphis Bluesbreakers
? Crawling King Snakes
? Delta Blues Band
? Snake Moan
1966 Listen
? The Tennessee Teens
? The Band Of Joy
? Hobbitweedle
?-10/68 New Yardbirds
10/68-11/80 Led Zeppelin
1984-85 The Honeydrippers
1989 Led Zeppelin
1994-9/99 Page & Plant
cca 6/00 The Priory Of Brion
cca 9/10 The Band Of Joy
cca 5/12-cca 6/14 The Sensational Space Shifters

Former Members:

Robbie Blunt (g, cca 2/83-cca 8/83); Andy Sylvester (g, cca 2/83); Bob Mayo (g,kb, cca 8/83); Doug Boyle (g, 1987-cca 12/87); Kevin MacMichael (g, cca 1993); Francis Dunnery (g, cca 1993)

Paul Martinez (bg, cca 2/83-cca 8/83); Charlie Jones (bg, 1987-cca 1993)

James Woodruffe (kb, cca 2/83-cca 8/83); Phil Johnstone (kb, 1987-cca 1993)

Pick Withers (ds, cca 2/83); Richard Hayward (ds, cca 8/83); Chris Blackwell (ds, 1987-cca 1988); Michael Lee (ds, cca 1993)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Pictures At Eleven
featuring: Robbie Blunt (g), Paul Martinez (bg), Gerald Woodruffe (kb), Cozy Powell (ds), Phil Collins (ds)
02.07.1982Swan Song2 3
2.The Principle Of Moments
featuring: Robbie Blunt (g), Paul Martinez (bg), Gerald Woodruffe (kb), Richard Hayward (ds), Phil Collins (ds), Bob Mayo (kb,g)
7/1983 Atlantic7 7
3.Shaken'n'Stirred17.05.1985Es Paranza19 20
4.Now And Zen
produced by: Tim Palmer/Robert Plant
15.02.1988Es Paranza10 6
5.Manic Nirvana3/1990 Es Paranza15 13
6.Fate Of Nations10.05.1993Es Paranza6 34
7.Dreamland16.07.2002Universal20 40
8.Sixty Six To Timbuktu
04.11.2003Atlantic27 134
9.Mighty Rearranger
& Strange Sensation
02.05.2005Sanctuary4 22
10.Nine Lives
(box set)
11.Raising Sand
& Alison Krauss
produced by: T-Bone Burnett
23.10.2007Rounder2 2
12.Band Of Joy
produced by: Robert Plant/Buddy Miller
13.09.2010Rounder3 5
13.Unplugged: Live 199319.06.2012IDS
14.Lullaby and…The Ceaseless Roar
produced by: Robert Plant
08.09.2014east west2 10
15.Before, During & After07.10.2014Music Video Distributors
16.The 80's Revisited07.10.2016MVD
17.Carry Fire
produced by: Robert Plant
13.10.2017Nonesuch3 14
18.Digging Deep: Subterranea
02.10.2020Es Paranza33
19.Raise The Roof
& Alison Krauss
produced by: T-Bone Burnett
19.11.2021Warner Music5 7

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Our Song / Laughing, Crying, Laughing3/1967 CBS
2.Long Time Coming / I've Got A Secret7/1967 CBS
3.Burning Down One Side / Moonlight In Samosa9/1982 Swan Song73 44
4.Pledge Pin11/1982 Swan Song 74
5.Big Log / Messin' With The Mekon
12" + Stranger Here ... Than Over There
6.Big Log / Far Posy7/1983 Es Paranza 20
7.In The Mood
12" + Pledge Pin (live) / Horizontal Departure
25.11.1983Es Paranza81 39
8.Pink And Black / Trouble Your Money5/1985 Es Paranza95
9.Little By Little / Trouble Your Money5/1985 Es Paranza 36
10.Too Loud / Kallalou Kallalou
(v USA)
7/1985 Es Paranza
11.Little By Little / Doo Doo A Do Do
12' + Easily Led
8/1985 Es Paranza83
12.Heaven Knows / Walking Towards Paradise
CD + Big Log
1/1988 Es Paranza33
13.Tall Cool One / White, Clean And Neat
CD + Little By Little
4/1988 Es Paranza87 25
14.Ship Of Fools / Helen Of Troy
12" + Heaven Knows (live)
CD + Dimples (live)
8/1988 Es Paranza 91
15.Ship Of Fools / Billy's Revenge8/1988 Es Paranza76 84
16.Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes On You) / Oompah (Watery Bint)
12" + I Cried / One Love
CD + Don't Look Back / One Love
3/1990 Es Paranza45 46
17.Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night / She Said
12",CD + One Love
02.07.1990Es Paranza
18.29 Palms / Whole Lotta Love
12",CD + 21 Years / Dark Moon
produced by: Chris Hughes
26.04.1993Es Paranza17
19.I Believe / Great Spirit (acoustic mix)
12" + Whole Lotta Love (You Need Love)
CD + Hey Jayne
28.06.1993Es Paranza64
20.Calling To You / Naked If I Want To
12",CD + 8.05
06.09.1993Es Paranza
21.If I Were A Carpenter / Ship Of Fools (live)
CD + I Believe (live) / Tall Cool One (live)
06.12.1993Es Paranza63
22.Skip's Song8/2002
23.Last Time I Saw Her3/2003 Mercury84
24.Shine It All Around
& Strange Sensation
25.The Enchanter (Unkle remixes)
& The Strange Sensation
26.Shine It All Around / All The Money In The World
& The Strange Sensation
27.Rich Woman
& Alison Krauss
28.Stick With Me Baby
& Alison Krauss
29.Turn It Up02.09.2014
30.Bluebirds Over The Mountain
produced by: Ersel Hickey
31.Can't Let Go
& Alison Krauss
12.08.2021Warner Music
32.High And Lonesome
& Alison Krauss
08.10.2021Warner Music


1. Mumbo Jumbo


Neil Daniels: Robert Plant: Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page & The Solo Years (28.2.2008)


1975 Melody Maker Readers' Poll

- Best Male Singer
- Best International Male Singer
1976 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Best Male International Singer
1977 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Best Composer
1979 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Male Singer
2007 Grammy Awards - Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals ("Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)", & Alison Krauss)
31.12.2008 Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)
2008 Grammy Awards
- Record Of The Year (track "Please Read The Letter", & Alison Krauss)
- Album Of The Year ("Raising Sand", & Alison Krauss)
- Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals (track "Rich Woman", & Alison Krauss)
- Best Country Collaboration With Vocals (track "Killing The Blues", & Alison Krauss)
- Best Contemporary Folk/Americana Album ("Raising Sand", & Alison Krauss)
2011 Americana Music Awards - Album of the Year ("Band Of Joy")

WWW Links:


Compilation Appearances:

"Louie, Louie" on OST Wayne's World 2 (1994)
"Down By The Seaside" on compilation "Led Zeppelin: Tribute" (3/95, Atlantic, & Tori Amos)
"Song To The Siren" on OST "Moonlight Mile" (10.9.02, Hollywood)
"Whole Lotta Love" on live LP "XM Artist Confidential, Vol. 1" (29.8.06, Starbucks)
"Black Dog" on compilation "Sounds Eclectic: The Covers Project" (13.3.07, Starbucks)
"It Keeps Rainin'" on charity compilation "Goin' Home: A Tribute to Fats Domino" (25.9.07, Vanguard, & Lil' Band O' Gold)

appeared on the LP:
P.J.Proby: Three Week Hero (1969, Liberty)
Jimmy Page: Outrider (6/88, Geffen)
Afro Celt Sound System: Volume 3: Further In Time (19.6.01, Real World)
Primal Scream: Evil Heart (29.7.02, Columbia)
Jools Holland: More Friends - Small World Big Band 2 (11/02, WSM)
Big Town Playboys: Roll The Dice (2004)
Patty Griffin: American Kid (7.5.13, New West)

produced by LP:
The Inner Flame - A Rainer Ptáček Tribute (8/97, Warner Music)

20.4.1992 appeared at Freddie Mercury Tribute (Wembley)
7/2010 backedná kapela Band Of Joy: Patty Griffin (voc), Buddy Miller (g), Byron House (bg), Marco Giovino (perc), Darrell Scott (mand,g)

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