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Anaheim, California, USA
*  1986

Line-Up (2009):

NO DOUBT (photo)

Gwen Stefani - voc
Tom Dumont - g
Tony Kanal - bg
Adrian Young - ds

Former Members:

John Spence (voc, 1986-12/87); Alan Meade (voc, 1988)
Eric Stefani (g, 1986-94); Jerry McMahon (g, 1986-88)
Chris Webb (ds, 1986-?)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.No Doubt3/1992 Interscope
2.The Beacon Street Collection1995
3.Tragic Kingdom
(in the UK 24.6.96)
produced by: Matthew Wilder
10.10.1995Trauma/Interscope3 1
5.The Return Of Saturn
produced by: Glen Ballard/Alain Johannes
11.04.2000Interscope31 2
6.Rock Steady
produced by: Nellee Hooper/William Orbit/Ric Ocasek/Dr. Dre/The Neptunes/Timbaland
11.12.2001Trauma/Interscope43 23
7.The Singles 1992-200325.11.2003Interscope5 2
8.Boom Box
(4CD box set)
9.Maximum No Doubt13.04.2004Orchard
10.Everything in Time (B-Sides, Rarities And Remixes)12.10.2004Interscope 182
12.Push And Shove24.09.2012Interscope16 3
13.The Lowdown11.12.2012Sexy Intellectual

Gwen Stefani:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Love, Angel, Music, Baby22.11.2004Interscope4 5
2.Maximum Gwen Stefani25.10.2005United States Dist
3.The Sweet Escape05.12.2006Interscope14 3
4.The Profile
(2CD box set)
5.This Is What The Truth Feels Like18.03.2016Interscope14 1
6.You Make It Feel Like Christmas06.10.2017Interscope55 16

Adrian Young:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Something About April
& Venice Dawn
20.01.2012Wax Poetics

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Just A Girl
(v GB 25.3.96)
12/1995 Trauma/MCA38 23
3.Don't Speak
(v GB 10.2.97)
4.Excuse Me Mr3/1997
5.Sunday Morning1997
6.Just A Girl23.06.1997Trauma3
8.Sunday Morning / Oi To The World08.12.1997Interscope50
9.No Doubt / Skillz
(starring Jonnie Blaze)
26.01.1998Riddim Track
11.Ex-Girlfriend3/2000 23
12.Simple Kind Of Life29.05.2000Interscope69 38
13.No Doubt16.10.2000
15.Hey Baby
& Bounty Killer
04.02.2002Interscope2 5
16.Hella Good (Roger Sanchez remixes)06.05.2002Interscope12 13
17.Tour EP02.07.2002
18.Underneath It All
feat. Lady Saw
8/2002 Interscope18 3
19.Running3/2003 62
Running (Sharam Jey unreleased mix)25.08.2003
20.It's My Life / Bathwater10/2003 Interscope17 10
It's My Life (Great People club mix, Stuart Price remix, Stephen Bradley remix)02.02.2004Motor
21.Settle Down16.07.2012Interscope85 34
22.Don't Speak11/2012 Interscope56
23.Looking Hot10.12.2012

Gwen Stefani:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
& Moby
18.12.2000V2 14
2.Let Me Blow Ya Mind
& Eve
4/2001 Ruff Ryders4 2
3.What You Waiting For?28.09.2004Interscope4 47
4.Rich Girl
featuring Eve
13.12.2004Interscope 7
Rich Girl / What You Waiting For? / Harajuku Girls
featurig Eve
5.Hollaback Girl04.04.2005Interscope8 1
6.Cool / Hollaback Girl (Dancehollaback Remix By Tony Kanal)29.08.2005Interscope11 13
7.Can I Have It Like That
& Pharrell Williams
11.10.2005Star Trak/Interscope3 49
8.Luxurious31.10.2005Interscope 21
CD Luxurious (album version) / Luxurious (Cool Richard K remix) / Luxurious (video)05.12.2005Interscope44
9.Crash1/2006 Interscope 49
10.How We Do (DJ Kazzanova remix) / Rich Girl
& 50 Cent & Voltio & Game
11.Wind It Up
produced by: Neptunes
13.11.2006Interscope3 6
12.The Sweet Escape
featuring Akon
12/2006 Interscope2 2
The Sweet Escape (Konvict remixes)12.02.2007Interscope7
The Sweet Escape / Hollaback Girl (Harajuku Lovers live version)26.02.2007Polydor
13.4 In The Morning5/2007 Interscope22 54
14.Now That You Got It10.09.2007Interscope59
15.Early Winter1/2008
featuring Pharrell
17.Let Me Blow Ya Mind
& Eve
1/2013 Intercope
18.Baby Don't Lie10/2014 Interscope 46
19.Spark The Fire11/2014
20.Kings Never Die
& Eminem
7/2015 Interscope82 80
21.Used To Love You10/2015 52
22.Make Me Like You2/2016 54
23.Go Ahead And Break My Heart
& Blake Shelton
5/2016 70
24.You Make It Feel Like Christmas
feat. Blake Shelton
9/2017 Interscope90
25.White Christmas12/2018 Interscope62
26.You Make It Feel Like Christmas
feat. Blake Shelton
12/2018 Interscope71
27.Nobody But You
& Blake Shelton
12/2019 18
28.You Make It Feel Like Christmas
feat. Blake Shelton
12/2019 Interscope82
29.Happy Anywhere
& Blake Shelton
7/2020 56


1. Live In Tragic Kingdom - 11.11.1997, Interscope, live
2. Rock Steady Live - 25.11.2003, Interscope, live

Gwen Stefani:

1. Harajuku Lovers Live - 5.12.2006, Universal, live, 104 min


1. Belly (1997, starring Gwen Stefani, directed by Hopoe Williams)
2. The Aviator (2004, starring Gwen Stefani, directed by Martin Scorsese)


1997 MTV Video Music Awards - Best Group Video ("Don't Speak")
1999 RIAA Diamond Award (LP "Tragic Kingdom", 10 mil. copies)
2000 Music Video Awards - Fan.Tastic Video ("Simple Kind Of Life")
2002 MTV Video Music Awards

- Best group video ("Hey Baby")
- Best pop video ("Hey Baby")
2002 Grammy Awards
- Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal (track "Hey Baby")
- Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical (track "Hella Good (Roger Sanchez Remix Main)")
2003 Kids' Choice Awards - Favorite band
2003 Grammy Awards - Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal (track "Underneath It All")
2004 MTV Video Music Awards - Best Group Video ("It's My Life")
2004 Grammy Awards - Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical (track "It's My Life (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix)")

WWW Links:


appeared on the LP:

Toots And The Maytals: True Love (6.4.04, V2)

Compilation Appearances:
"DJ's" on Sublime tribute CD "Look at All the Love We Found: A Tribute to Sublime" (21.6.05, Cornerstone)

Gwen Stefani:

Compilation Appearances:

"Hateful" on The Clash tribute CD "Burning London" (3.5.99, Columbia, & Billy Idol)
"What You Waiting For?" on compilation "NOW 18" (15.3.05, Epic)

appeared on the LP:
Prince: Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic (2.11.99)
Bush: The Science Of Things (26.10.99, Trauma)
Elan: Together As One 9 (23.5.06, Kingsbury Studios)
Gavin Rossdale: Wanderlust (3.6.08, Interscope)
Calvin Harris: Motion (4.11.14)


2001 MTV Video Music Awards
- Best Male Video ("South Side", & Moby)
- Best Female Video ("Let Me Blow Ya Mind", & Eve)
2001 My VH1 Music Awards - My Favourite Female Artist
2001 Grammy Awards - Best Rap/Sung Collaboration (track "Let Me Blow Ya Mind")
2001 California Music Awards - outstanding female vocalist
2005 Brit Awards - Best International Female
2005 MuchMusic Video Awards - Top International Artist
2005 MTV Video Music Awards
- Best choreography in a video ("Hollaback Girl", Kishaya Dudley)
- Best art direction in a video ("What You Waiting For?", Zach Matthewes)
2005 American Music Awards - Pop/Rock Female Artist
2005 Billboard Music Awards
- New Artist of the Year
- Digital Song of the Year ("Hollaback Girl")

Tony Kanal:

appeared on the LP:

Gwen Stefani: Love, Angel, Music, Baby (22.11.04, Interscope)
Scott Weiland: Happy (18.11.08)
Colt Ford: Ride Through the Country (2.12.08, Coltford)

2006 own label Kingsbury Studios

Adrian Young:

appeared on the LP:

Unwritten Law: Here's To The Mourning (2/05, Lava)
Scott Weiland: Happy (18.11.08)

Tom Dumont:

appeared on the LP:

Scott Weiland: Happy (18.11.08)

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