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McDONALD Country Joe

Personal Data:

Born: 01.01.1942 (El Monte, California, USA)
McDONALD Country Joe (photo)


1965-70 Country Joe And The Fish
1973-75 Country Joe
cca 1975-76 Energy Crisis
since 12/75 The Fish

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Goodbye Blues
& Blair Hardman
2.Thinking Of Woody Guthrie12/1969 Vanguard
3.Greatest Hits1969
4.Tonight, I'm Singing Just For You3/1970 Vanguard
5.Quiet Day In Clichy1971
6.From Ashbury To Woodstock1971 2LP
7.Hold On It's Coming17.09.1971Vanguard
8.War - War - War26.11.1971Vanguard
9.Incredible! Live! Country Joe!2/1972 Vanguard
10.Paris Sessions8/1973 Vanguard
11.Country Joe12/1974 Vanguard
12.Paradise With An Ocean View09.01.1976Fantasy
13.The Essential Country Joe McDonald
14.Love Is A Fire8/1976 Fantasy
15.The Golden Hour Of Country Joe McDonald3/1977 Golden Hour
16.Goodbye Blues5/1977 Fantasy
17.Rock And Roll Music From The Planet Earth07.04.1978Fantasy
18.Tribute To Woody1978
19.Leisure Suite12/1979 Fantasy
20.The First Three EP's1980 3LP
21.Early Years1981
22.On My Own8/1981 Rag Baby
23.Into The Fray
6/1982 Rag Baby
24.Animals Tracks8/1983 Animus
25.Child's Play10/1983 Rag Baby
26.Peace On Earth2/1985 Rag Baby
27.Vietnam Experience
1986 Rag Baby
28.Collected Country Joe And The Fish? Pickwick
29.Classics? Big Beat
30.Superstitious Blues1/1991 Rag Baby
31.Carry On1/1995 Rykodisc
32.Reflection of Changing05.08.2003Akarma
33.Vanguard Visionaries12.06.2006Vanguard
34.War War War: Live17.07.2012Rag Baby
35.Time Flies By18.09.2012Globe
36.Entertainment Is My Business
credited to: Country Joe Band
37.Live In New York, 197109.12.2016Roxvox

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Hold On It's Coming / Playing With Fire08.01.1971Vanguard
2.Hold On It's Coming / Hold On It's Coming (part 2)9/1971 Vanguard
3.Country Joe McDonald & Erootna EP
(Kiss My Ass / Tricky Dicky / Free Some Day)
1971 Rag Baby
4.Hang On / Hand Of Man1972 Vanguard
5.Fantasy / I See A Rocket
(v USA)
4/1973 Vanguard
6.Fantasy / Hold On It's Coming
(v GB)
10/1973 Vanguard
7.Dr. Hip / Satisfactory11/1974 Vanguard
8.Jesse James / Chile4/1975 Vanguard
9.Breakfast For Two / Lost My Connection
(v GB 16.1.76)
11/1975 Fantasy 92
10.Save The Whales / Oh! Jamaica4/1976 Fantasy
11.I Need You / Love Is A Fire10/1976 Fantasy
12.In Love Naturally05.11.1976Fantasy
13.La Di Da / Ring Of Fire21.10.1977Fantasy
14.Coyote / Southern Cross3/1978 Fantasy
15.Sunshine Through My Window / Bring Back The 60's Man7/1978 Fantasy
16.Doo Wop Oh / Coyote
& The Persuasions,
(v GB)
17.Take This Time Out / Private Parts12/1979 Fantasy
18.Blood On The Tracks9/1983 Animus


1971 "Free The Army" revue (+ Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland)
cca 1975 backedná kapela Energy Crisis (Phil Marsh - g, Bruce Barthol - bg, John Blakely - g, Peter Milio - ds, Ted Ashford - kb)

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