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Personal Data:

Born: 28.06.1948 (Glasgow, Scotland, GB, as Iain David McGeachy)
Died: 29.01.2009
MARTYN John (photo)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Foundations? ?
2.London Conversation2/1968 Island
3.The Tumbler12/1968 Island
& Beverley Martyn
featuring: Levon Helm (ds), Paul Harris (p), Harvey Brooks (bg), Billy Mundi (ds), Herb Lovell (ds)
2/1970 Island
5.The Road To Ruin
& Beverley Martyn
featuring: Danny Thompson (bg), Wells Kelly (ds), Paul Harris (p)
11/1970 Island
6.Bless The Weather
featuring: Danny Thompson (bg), Richard Thompson (g), Tony Reeves (bg), Ian Whiteman (p), Roger Powell (ds)
11/1971 Island
7.Solid Air
featuring: Danny Thompson (bg), Richard Thompson (g), John "Rabbit" Bundrick (kb), Dave Pegg (bg), Dave Mattacks (ds), Speedy Acquaye (conga)
2/1973 Island
8.Inside Out
produced by: John Martyn
featuring: Danny Thompson (bg), Bobby Keyes (sax), Remi Kabaka (ds), Steve Winwood, Chris Wood (sax)
9.Sunday's Child
produced by: John Martyn
featuring: Danny Thompson (bg), John Stevens (ds), Paul Kossoff (g), Beverley Martyn (voc)
12/1974 Island23
10.Live At Leeds12.09.1975Island
11.So Far So Good25.02.1977Island
12.One World
produced by: Chris Blackwell
13.Grace And Danger
featuring: Phil Collins (ds,voc), John Giblin (bg), Tommy Eyre (kb), Dave Lawson (kb)
14.Glorious Fool
produced by: Phil Collins
featuring: Phil Collins (ds,voc), Alan Thomson (bg), Max Middleton (kb), Danny Cummings (perc), Dick Cuthell (tr)
15.Well Kept Secret
featuring: Alan Thomson (bg), Danny Cummings (perc), Jeff Allen (ds), James Prime (kb), Mel Collins (sax), Martin Drover (tr)
8/1982 WEA20
16.The Electric John Martyn10/1982 Island
17.Philenthropy18.11.1983Body Swerve
featuring: Alan Thomson (bg), James Prime (kb),Barry Reynolds (g), Jack Waldman (kb), Robin Rankin (kb), James Hooker (kb), Uzziah Thompson (perc), Colin Tully (sax)
19.Piece By Piece
featuring: Alan Thomson (bg), Danny Cummings (perc), Colin Tully (sax), Foster Patterson (kb,voc)
2/1986 Island28
20.Foundations10/1987 Island
21.The Apprentice3/1990 Permanent
22.Cooltide11/1991 Permanent
23.BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert5/1992 Windsong
24.Couldn't Love You More10/1992 Permanent65
25.No Little Boy
featuring: Spencer Cozens (kb), Chris Cameron (kb), Gerry Conway (ds), Wayne Stewart (ds), Alan Thompson (bg), John Giblin (bg), Dave Gilmour (g), Alan Darby (g), Bill Rupert (g), Andy Shepherd (sax), Gerry Underwood (sax), Levon Helm (g), Phil Collins (voc)
7/1993 Permanent
26.Sweet Little Mysteries - The Island Anthology
6/1994 Island
27.Live At The Shaw Theatre
7/1995 Permanent
28.And7/1996 Go! Discs32
29.The Hidden Years20.01.1997Artful/Rough Trade
30.The Church With One Bell3/1998 51
31.Serendipity - Introduction To John Martyn12.10.1998
32.Live At Bristol 1991 - Official Bootleg09.11.1998One World/EFA
34.Another World - Collectors Series Vol.124.05.1999
35.Glasgow Walker5/2000 66
36.Patterns In The Rain
37.Solid Air: Classics Revisited22.10.2002Madfish
39.Sweet Certain Surprise08.04.2003United States Dist
40.Live at the Town and Country Club 198608.04.2003United States Dist
41.Live at the Bottom Line, New York 198329.04.2003United States Dist
42.And Live22.07.2003United States Dist
43.Live at the Cambridge Folk Festival09.03.2004Strange Fruit
44.Late Night John14.12.2004Universal International
45.Mad Dog Days23.08.2005Recall
46.Live at Leeds and More21.02.2006Recall
47.John Martyn Story06.06.2006Universal International
48.On Air22.08.2006Tradition & Moderne
49.In Session at the BBC22.08.2006Universal International
50.Classics Live12.09.2006Universal International
51.Live in Nottingham 7612.09.2006One World
52.Electric19.09.2006Universal International
53.Live in Milan 197919.09.2006One World
55.Sixty Minutes With John Martyn09.10.2007
56.Battle of Medway: July 17, 197308.01.2008Hux
57.Live08.01.2008One World
59.Gold Range Collection25.03.2008
60.Simmer Dim10.06.2008One World
61.Ain't No Saint07.10.2008Ume
62.May You Never: The Very Best Of John Martyn19.03.2009Island65
63.I'd Rather Be The Devil19.11.2009Fulfill
64.John Martyn Live At Leeds
65.Heaven and Earth03.05.2011Liaison Music51
66.The Island Years01.10.2013Island62
67.May You Never: The Essential John Martyn25.11.2016Universal
68.Head and Heart: The Acoustic John Martyn31.03.2017Island

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.John The Baptist / The Ocean
& Beverley Martyn
1/1970 Island
2.Go Out And Get It / Can't Get The One I Want
& Beverley Martyn
4/1970 Warner Bros
3.May You Never / Just Now11/1972 Island
4.May You Never / Don't Want To Know About Evil
(v USA)
3/1973 Island
5.Over The Hill / Head And Heart25.02.1977Island
6.Dancing / Dealer1/1978 Island
7.Johnny Too Bad10/1980 Island
8.Johnny Too Bad / Big Muff3/1981 Island
9.Sweet Little Mystery / Johnny Too Bad5/1981 Island
10.Please Fall In Love With Me / Don't You Go04.09.1981WEA
11.Couldn't Love You More2/1982 Duke
12.Hiss On The Tape / Livin' Alone9/1982 WEA
13.Gun Money (US remix) / Hiss On The Tape (live)11/1982 WEA
14.Over The Rainbow / Rope Soul'd10/1984 Island
15.Angeline / Tight Connection To My Heart
12" + May You Never / Certain Surprise / One Day Without You
CD + Solid Air / Glistening Glydebourne
2/1986 Island
16.Lonely Love / Sweet Little Mystery (live)
12" + Fisherman's Dream (live)
5/1986 Island
17.Deny This Love (remix) / The Apprentice (live)8/1990 Permanent
18.Jack The Lad4/1992 Permanent
19.Sweet Little Mystery9/1992 Permanent
20.Lonely Love12/1992 Permanent
21.Sunshine's Better13.01.1997Go! Discs
22.Deliver Me / Sister Sister (Ibi / Rollo "Tuff" mix)
& Sister Bliss
Deliver Me (X Press 2 dub)
& Sister Bliss
23.May You Never07.05.2014Island
24.Cocain / London Conversation28.04.2015UMC


1. I'd Rather Be The Devil - 19.11.2009, Fulfill

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