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New York, USA
*  1969

Line-Up (2006):

Leslie West - g,voc
Richie Scarlet
Corky Laing - ds

Former Members:

David Perry (g, 1974)
Felix Pappalardi (voc,bg,kb, 1969-2/72, 1973-74, 1981-4/83); Mark Clarke (bg,kb, 1984-?)
Steve Knight (kb, 1969-2/72); Robert Mann (g,kb, 1973-74)
Norman Smart (ds, 1969); Alan Schwartzberg (ds, 1973)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Mountain Climbing3/1970 Bell 17
2.Nantucket Sleighride
(in the UK 7.5.71, Island)
2/1971 Windfall43 16
3.The Road Goes Forever On, Mountain Live
(in the UK 2/72, Island)
5/1971 Windfall21 63
4.Flowers Of Evil11/1971 Windfall 24
5.The Best Of Mountain3/1973 Windfall 72
6.Twin Peaks
2/1974 CBS
8.Go For Your Life09.03.1985Scotti Bros 166
9.Over The Top
6/1995 Legacy
10.Man's World1996
11.Blood Of The Sun1996
12.Super Hits21.07.1998CBS
14.King Biscuit Presents25.01.2000King Biscuit
15.Flowers Of Evil (Best Of)17.07.2000Zounds Music
16.On The Mark2002
17.Mystic Fire30.07.2003Lightyear
18.The Best of Mountain15.04.2003Columbia/Legacy
19.Roll Over Beethoven27.05.2003Simply The Best
20.Greatest Hits Live18.11.2003King Biscuit
21.On Top13.04.2004Collectables
23.Official Bootleg Series, Vol. 1: Live at San Berna15.02.2005United States Dist
24.Official Bootleg Series, Vol. 2: Live at Shepherds15.02.2005United States Dist
25.Official Bootleg Series, Vol. 3: Live at Capitol T15.02.2005United States Dist
26.Official Bootleg Series, Vol. 4: Live at the Ritz15.02.2005United States Dist
27.Passaic NJ Capitol Theatre '7410.05.2005Trademark Of Quality
28.Sala Sweden 200210.05.2005Trademark Of Quality
29.Fillmore East 12 / 27 / 7024.05.2005Trademark Of Quality
30.Pineknob Theatre 198507.06.2005Trademark Of Quality
31.Woodstock New Canaan HS 196907.06.2005Trademark Of Quality
32.Official Bootleg Series, Vol. 10: Canadian Festival27.06.2006Trademark Of Quality
33.Official Bootleg Series, Vol. 12: Olympic Auditorium27.06.2006Trademark Of Quality
34.Official Bootleg Series, Vol. 13: Renfrew Ferry, G27.06.2006Trademark Of Quality
35.Best of Mountain: Live11.07.2006St. Clair
36.Brandwine Club 198108.08.2006Trademark Of Quality
37.Official Bootleg, Vol. 9: Karlshamn, Sweden 199408.08.2006United States Dist
38.Live in Ludwigsberg Germany29.08.2006Trademark Of Quality
39.Live in Tempre Arizona 198229.08.2006Trademark Of Quality
40.Live in Texas 200524.04.2007United States Dist
41.Masters of War24.07.2007Mega Force
42.Sixty Minutes with Mountain30.10.2007
43.Live in NYC21.07.2009Airline
44.Original Album Classics, Vol. 224.09.2010Sony Music
45.Crossroader (Anthology 1970-1974)02.11.2010Esoteric
46.Original Album Classics01.02.2011Sony
47.Setlist: The Very Best of Mountain Live12.07.2011Sony
48.Playlist: The Very Best of Mountain29.01.2013Legacy
49.Man & The Mountain
& Leslie West
16.07.2013Floating World
50.Live Hits
& Leslie West
24.11.2014Floating World
51.Evolve16.09.2016Shunu Echo Tapes

Felix Pappalardi:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
2.Don't Worry Mum?1979
3.Felix Pappalardi & Creation
& Creation

Richie Scarlet:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
2.I Plead the Fifth20.08.2013

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Mississippi Queen / The Laird3/1970 Windfall 21
2.For Yasgur's Farm / To My Friend6/1970 Windfall 107
3.Sittin' On A Rainbow / To My Friend
(v GB)
10/1970 Bell
4.The Animal Trainer And The Toad / Tired Angels3/1971 Windfall 76
5.Travelin' In The Dark / Silver Paper7/1971 Windfall
6.Roll Over Beethoven / Crossroader03.12.1971Island
7.Waiting To Take You Away / Nantucket Sleighreid7/1972 Windfall
8.Long Red / You'll Like It Too
& Funkadelic
23.04.2001Alpha Omega


1971 Melody Maker Pop Poll - Brightest International Hope

WWW Links:


8/1969 appeared at Woodstock Festival

disbanded 2/1972
reunited 1973
disbanded 1974
reunited 1981
disbanded 1986
reunited ?

Compilation Appearances:

"Mississippi Queen" on compilation "Mullet Rock" (4.3.03, Epic/Legacy)

Felix Pappalardi:

appeared on the LP:

Leslie West: Mountain (9/69, Windfall)
Bobby Keyes: Bobby Keyes (1/72, Warner Bros)

produced by LP:
Leslie West: Mountain (9/69, Windfall)
Dead Boys: Young Loud And Snotty (1977)
Hot Tuna: Double Dose (11/77)
Dead Boys: We Have Come For Your Children (11.8.78. WEA)

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