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Aylesbury, GB
*  1980

Line-Up (2010):


Steve Hogarth - voc
Steve Rothery - g
Peter Trewavas - bg,voc
Mark Kelly - kb
Ian Mosley - ds

Former Members:

Fish (voc, 1981-9/87)
Doug Irvine (bg, 1980)
Brian Jelliman (kb, 1980)
Mick Pointer (ds, 1980-83); Andy Ward (ds, 1983-8/83); John Marter (ds, 8/83); Jonathan Mover (ds, 10/83-84)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Script For A Jester's Tear
produced by: Nick Tauber
produced by: Nick Tauber
3.Real To Reel
(mini LP)
produced by: Marillion/Simon Hanhart
4.Misplaced Childhood
produced by: Chris Kimsey
6/1985 EMI1 47
5.Brief Encounter
(mini LP)
12/1985 Capitol 67
6.Clutching At Straws
produced by: Chris Kimsey
19.06.1987EMI2 103
7.B-Sides Themselves1/1988 EMI64
8.The Thieving Magpie
9.Season's End
produced by: Nick Davis
9/1989 EMI7
10.Holidays In Eden6/1991 EMI7
11.A Singles Collection 1982-199201.06.1992EMI27
produced by: Dave Meagan
13.Afraid Of Sunlight19.06.1995EMI16
14.Made Again - Live
15.The Best Of Both Worlds
16.This Strange Engine21.04.1997Raw Power27
17.Tales From The Engine Room
& The Positive Light
19.Marillion.Com10/1999 Intact53
20.Anorakophobia15.05.2001CMC Int'l
21.Anorak In The UK / Live5/2002 EMI
22.The Best Of Marillion6/2003 EMI
4/2004 Intact
24.Marbles Live01.11.2005Intact
25.Somewhere Else
produced by: Michael Hunter
26.Happiness Is The Road Volume 1: Essence20.10.2008Racket
27.Happiness Is The Road Volume 2: The Hard Shoulder20.10.2008Racket
28.Early Stages18.11.2008EMI
29.Less Is More10/2009 Edel
30.Singles 82-8827.10.2009EMI
31.Official Bootleg Box Set, Vol. 208.06.2010EMI
32.Marillion at High Voltage 201012.10.2010
33.Live From Cadogan Hall29.03.2011Eagle
35.Sounds That Can't Be Made04.09.2012Eagle43
36.Early Stages: The Highlights (The Official Bootleg Collection 1982-1988)11.03.2013EMI
37.The Singles, Vol. 2: '89-'9530.04.2013EMI
38.Best Sounds13.05.2014
39.A Sunday Night Above the Rain01.07.2014Earmusic
40.Live High Voltage 201221.04.2015Let Them Eat Vinyl
41.The New Kings29.07.2016Ear Music
42.Somewhere in London05.08.2016Madfish
43.Fuck Everyone And Run (F.E.A.R.)09.09.2016Ear Music4
44.Marbles In The Park1/2017 Edel
45.Holidays In Eden1/2018
46.Size Matters1/2018
47.Unplugged At The Walls23.03.2018
48.Tumbling Down The Years23.03.2018
49.All One Tonight - Live At The Royal Albert Hall7/2018 Edel
50.Popular Music1/2019
51.Happiness Is Cologne1/2019
52.Live In Glasgow2/2019
53.With Friends From The Orchestra11/2019 edel

Steve Hogarth:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Ice Cream Genius
credited to: H
2.Not the Weapon But the Hand
& Richard Barbieri
3.Arc Light
& Richard Barbieri
4.Live in Rome30.09.2014Inside Out Music

Steve Rothery:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Ghosts Of Pripyat24.02.2015Inside Out Music

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Market Square Heroes / Three Boats Down From The Candy
12" + Grendel
2.He Knows, You Know / Charting The Single31.01.1983EMI35
3.Market Square Heroes / Three Boats Down From The Candy
3/1983 EMI53
4.Garden Party / Margaret
12" + Charting The Single (live)
5.. Punch AnEMI18
6.Assassing / Cinderella Search30.04.1984EMI22
7.Kayleigh / Lady Ninja5/1985 EMI1
8.Kayleigh / Heart Of Lothian6/1985 Capitol 74
9.Lavender / Freaks8/1985 EMI3
10.Heart Of Lothian / Chelsea Monday (live)11/1985 EMI22
11.Heart Of Lothian / Lady Ninja
(v USA)
12/1985 Capitol
12.Incommunicado / Going Under5/1987 EMI1
13.Sugar Mice / Tux On7/1987 EMI17
14.Warm Wet Circles / White Russian (live)
12" + Up On Top Of A Rainbow
CD + Incommunicado (live)
10/1987 EMI15
15.Freaks (live) / Kayleigh (live)
12",CD + Childhood's End (live) / White Feather (live)
11/1988 EMI19
16.Hooks In You / After Me9/1989 EMI30
17.The Uninvited Guest / The Bell In The Sea11/1989 EMI53
18.Easter / The Release
12",CD + The Uninvited Guest
3/1990 EMI34
19.Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven) / How Can It Hurt
12",CD + The Party
5/1991 EMI34
20.No One Can / A Collection
CD + Splintered Heart (live)
7/1991 EMI33
21.Dry Land / Holloway Girl / After Me
10" + Waiting To Happen
10",CD + Easter / Sugar Mice
12"(1) + King Of Sunset Town
12"(2) + Substitute
9/1991 EMI34
22.Sympathy / Kayleigh (live)
12",CD1 + Dry Land (live)
CD2 + Walk On Water
23.No One Can / A Collection
CD + Splintered Heart
24.Hollow Man / Brave
CD1 + Marouatte Jam
CD2 + The Last Of You - Falling From The Moon (The Great Escape) / Winter Trees
25.Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury / Living With The Big Lie (live)
12" + The Space (live)
CD1 + River (live) / Bridge (live)
CD2 + Cover My Eyes / Slainte Mhath / Uninvited Guest (all live)
4/1994 EMI53
26.Beautiful / Afraid Of Sunrise / Icon
CD + Live Forever / Great Escape (demo) / Hard As Love (demo)
27.Man Of A Thousand Faces12.05.1997Raw Power/Castle
28.You're Gone4/2004 7
29.Don't Hurt Yourself7/2004 16
30.See It Like A Baby26.03.200745
31.Thankyou Whoever You Are6/2007 Intact15
32.Living In F E A R EP
(Living In F E A R / The Leavers: One Tonight (live) / Neverland (live) / Dry Land (live))

Steve Hogarth:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Arc Light / Intergalactic (Arc Light Version) / Daddy Does Work / Oil / Elaine
& Richard Barbieri


1. Recital Of The Script - 10/1983, EMI, live
2. Marillion - 3/1984, 27 min
3. 1982-1986 The Videos
4. Video EP
5. Live From Loreley
6. Sugar Mice EP
7. The Singles Collection
8. From Stoke Row To Ipanema - 19.11.1990
9. Marillion, Brave, The Movie - 2/1995, PMI, 50 min, directed by Richard Stanley
10. The EMI Singles Collection - 6/2002, EMI

Steve Hogarth:

1. Naked In The Chapel - 7/2009, Poison Apple, live, 190 min (H)

WWW Links:


original name Silmarillion

Jonathan Mover:

appeared on the LP:

Joe Satriani: Surfing With The Alien (11/87, Food For Thought)
Joe Satriani: Time Machine (25.10.93, Relativity)
Max Bacon: The Higher You Climb (1996, Point)
Miloš Dodo Doležal: Nejvyšší vibrace (2005, CBr)

Steve Rothery:

produced by LP:

Enchant: A Blueprint Of The World (1/94, Dream Circle)

Ian Mosley:

appeared on the LP:

Steve Hackett: Highly Strung (4/83, Charisma)
Steve Hackett: Till We Have Faces (9/84, Lamborghini)

Steve Hogarth:

appeared on the LP:

The The: Infected (11/86, Some Bizarre)

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