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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.In No One's Shadow29.10.2010My Best Friend
2.Meet Me On The Floor24.05.2013KD Music

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Traction EP
(Dis_Traction / A_Traction / Sub_Traction)
2.Pipe! / Forward12.02.2009My Best Friend
3.Zapateria EP
(Espandrillo / Sandalia / Descalzo / Pipe! (Uto Karem remix))
18.05.2009My Best Friend
4.Cocktail EP
(Amalfino / Bailetto / Carachillo)
12.11.2009My Best Friend
5.Loco Ritmo (Que Ritmo (Strict Border remix) / Que Ritmo (Emanuele Inglese remix) / Poco Loco (Flavio Diaz remix))16.12.2009Style Rockets
6.Moving Bodies EP
(Moving Bodies / Chordalia)
7.The Early Bird EP
(Dark Orbit / The Early Bird / Smoke City)
05.02.2010Terminal M
8.Pez Gordo EP
(Aguja / Cailon / Bacalao)
16.03.2010My Best Friend
9.Le Feu EP Part 1
(Vert / Jaune)
& Flavio Diaz
10.Le Feu EP Part 2
(Avid / Rouge)
& Flavio Diaz
11.Dulce Frutas EP
(Carambolo / Pitaya)
19.06.2010My Best Friend
12.Style Rockets Outtakes (Maccareno (M In & DJ Emerson dub remix) / Maccareno (M In & DJ Emerson vocal remix) / Que Ritmo (DJ Emerson remix))
& DJ Emerson & Daniel Steinberg
07.07.2010Style Rockets
13.Jaana16.08.2010Kling Klong
14.In No One's Shadow / Marie / Simplistix / Dance On The Moon30.10.2010My Best Friend
15.In No One's Shadow (Yousef Circus remix) / Amalfino (2000 & One, DJ Madskillz remix) / Simplistix (Sebastien Leger remix) / Aguja (F Sonik remix)24.01.2011My Best Friend
16.City Of Kings EP
(Lurin / Callao)
16.04.2011My Best Friend
17.Silfides & Ondinas EP
(Silfide / Ondina)
23.06.2011100% Pure
18.Zouk EP
(Kuala / Singa)
26.09.2011My Best Friend
19.La Patagonia EP
(La Boca / Aymara)
20.Babylon EP
(Semiramis / Menon)
16.04.2012My Best Friend
21.Miami 2012 Sampler 1 EP
(UFO / Remember Me (Hoxton Whores remix) / La Benjamina / The Ride)
& Wehbba & Tiger Stripes & Blue Boy
22.Lusitana EP
(Salamanca / Talavera)
06.08.2012KD Music
23.Around EP
(Around / State To State)
02.10.2012KD Music
24.Kaiserdisco: Retouched Vol 1 EP
(Distrait (Kaiserdisco remix) / Everyday In My Life (Kaiserdisco dub) / Face Off (Kaiserdisco edit))
& Steve Lawler & Marc Romboy & Booka Shade & Dualton
25.Meet Me On The Floor / Epos / Dimension / Get On Down18.07.2013KD Music
26.La Turba EP
(El Tiburon / La Caballa)
27.John Digweed Live In Miami Vinyl 2/5 EP
(Before The Sunrise (Dixon remix) / Summerless (Tuff City Kids remix) / Devon (Just Be remix) / Pictures (Tuff City Kids remix))
& Daniel Bortz & Joy Wellboy & Douglas Greed
28.Best Of 10 Years Of Kling Klong EP
(Jaana / Beyond Borders / Hey Baby / Big Bada Boom (Sante remix))
& Nicole Moudaber & Oliver Klein & Sidney Charles
17.11.2015Kling Klong