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Albums Discography:

K3 (photo)
#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Ya Ya Yippee8/2006 Studio 100
2.Kusjes10/2007 Studio 100
3.Vakantiehits 25/2009 Studio 100
4.Vakantiehits10/2009 Studio 100
5.MaMaSé!11/2009 Studio 100
6.Alice In Wonderland - De musical3/2011 Studio 100
7.Eyo!11/2011 Studio 100
8.Engeltjes11/2012 Studio 100
9.15 jaar - De 60 grootste hits!4/2013 Studio 100
10.Loko le11/2013 Studio 100
11.10.000 luchtballonnen12/2015 Studio 100
12.Ushuaia11/2016 Studio 100
13.Love Cruise11/2017 Studio 100
14.Roller Disco11/2018 Studio 100
15.Dromen11/2019 Studio 100
16.K3 Toppers3/2020 Studio 100

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Heyah Mama4/1999
2.Yeke yeke8/1999
3.I Love You Baby11/1999
4.Alle kleuren6/2000
5.Yippee Yippee9/2000
6.Hippie Shake2/2001
8.Mama's en Papa's9/2001
12.Oya lele6/2003
13.Frans liedje10/2003
14.Hart verloren2/2004
17.Kuma He6/2005 Studio 100/Sony
18.Borst vooruit9/2005
19.Ya Ya Yippee6/2006
20.Dokter Dokter10/2006 Studio 100
21.Play To Win
feat Alice Lascelles
19.03.2007Big Love
22.Kusjesdag7/2007 Studio 100
23.Dirty South & Kurd Maverick Presents Live & Direct (Let The Beats Roll (Kurd Maverick's Always There remix) / Open Your Eyes (Surkin remix) / Play To Win (Danny Freakazoid remix))
& Alice Lascelles & Tim Deluxe & Simon Franks & Spencer Parker
24.De revolutie!6/2008 Studio 100
25.MaMaSé!10/2009 Studio 100
26.De politie12/2009 Studio 100
27.Hallo K39/2010 Studio 100
28.Alice In Wonderland2/2011 Studio 100
29.Eyo!10/2011 Studio 100
30.K3 Loves You4/2015 Studio 100
31.Eyo! (Dauwe & Vancoillie Remix)10/2015 Studio 100
32.10.000 luchtballonnen11/2015 Studio 100
33.Als het binnenregent12/2015 Studio 100
34.Jij bent de bom!12/2015 Studio 100
35.Kus van de juf12/2015 Studio 100
36.Kusjessoldaten12/2015 Studio 100
37.Ushuaia8/2016 Studio 100
38.Pina Colada8/2017 Studio 100
39.Luka Luna8/2018 Studio 100
40.Heyah Mama 2.03/2019 Studio 100
41.Bubbel4/2020 Studio 100