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? Half Japanese
1982-85 Shockabilly
1984-85 The Fugs
1985-86 Butthole Surfers
1986-92 Bongwater
1987-89 B.A.L.L.
since 1993 Captain Howdy
cca 5/98 Brainville

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Who's Afraid
& Daevid Allen
1993 Shimmy Disc
2.The Guilt Trip
8/1993 Shimmy Disc
& Kim Fahy & Jamie Harley
2/1994 Shimmy Disc
4.A Remark Hugh Made
& Hugh Hopper
1995 Shimmy Disc
& Dogbowl
2/1996 Shimmy Disc
6.Hit Men
& Daevid Allen
1996 Shimmy Disc
& Hugh Hopper
1997 Shimmy Disc
8.Harry Potter Jazz25.10.2005Eroica Classical
9.Art of the Heart
& Eddie Gomez
16.05.2006Art Of Life
10.Troubled Times
& Eddie Gomez
23.09.2008Eroica Classical


label Shimmy Disc
1992 label Kokopop
since 5/93 label Strangelove

appeared on the LP:

New York Gong: About Time (4/80, Charly)
Daevid Allen: The Death Of Rock And Other Entrances (11/82, Shanghai)
Half Japanese: The Band Who Would Be King (1989, 50 Skidillion Watts)
Maureen Tucker: Life In Exile After Abdication (1989, 50 Skidillion Watts)
The Mabuses: The Mabuses (1991, Shimmy Disc)
The Mabuses: Egomaniacs (1993, Shimmy Disc)

produced by LP:
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Hut)
Gwar: Hell-O (1988, Slave Pit Enterprises)
Dogbowl: Tit! An Opera (1989, Shimmy Disc)
Galaxie 500: On Fire (10/89, Rough Trade)
Men And Volts: The Mule (1989, Shimmy Disc)
When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water: Bobby (1989, Semaphore)
Tuli Kupferberg: Tuli & Friends (1989, Shimmy Disc)
Daniel Johnston: 1990 (1990, Shimmy Disc)
Galaxie 500: This Is Our Music (8.10.1990, Rough Trade)
Damon & Naomi: More Sad Hits (7.12.92, Shimmy Disc)
A.T.S.: Blood Drive (1994, Shimmy Disc)
Low: I Could Live In Hope (15.8.94, Quigley)
Cable: Whisper Firing Line (9.6.96, Infectious)
Saeta: Resign To Ideal (13.8.02, Fish The Cat)

produced by SP:
Urge Overkill: The Urge Overkill Stull EP (22.6.92, Roughneck)

Press References:

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