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London, GB
*  12/1967

Line-Up (2019):


Ian Anderson - voc,fl,g,kb
Joe Parrish - g
David Goodier - bg
John O'Hara - kb
Scott Hammond - ds

Former Members:

Mick Abrahams (g, 1967-11/68); Tony Iommi (g, 12/68); Martin Barre (g,mand, 12/68-cca 2003)

Glenn Cornick (bg, 1967-12/70); Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond (bg, 12/70-12/75); John Glascock (bg, 12/75-79); Tony Williams (bg, 1979); John Wetton (bg, 1980); Dave Pegg (bg, 1979-96); Jonathan Noyce (bg, cca 5/97-cca 2003)

Clive Bunker (ds, 1967-6/71); Barriemore Barlow (ds, 6/71-6/80); Mark Craney (ds, 1980); Terry Bozzio (ds, od 1980); Gerry Conway (ds, 9/81-1987); Doanne Perry (ds, 1987-91, 1993-cca 2003); Dave Mattacks (ds, 1992)

John Evan (kb,synths, 4/70-80); David Palmer (kb,synths, 1977-80); Eddie Jobson (kb, 1980-82); Peter-John Vettese (kb,perc, 1982-87); Martin Allcock (kb, 1989-93); Andy Giddings (kb, cca 1993-12/07)

Ric Sanders (viol)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.This Was23.08.1968Island10 62
2.Stand Up7/1969 Island1 20
3.Benefit20.04.1970Chrysalis3 11
4.Aqualung19.03.1971Chrysalis4 7
5.Thick As A Brick18.02.1972Chrysalis5 1
6.Living In The Past
6/1972 Chrysalis8 3
7.A Passion Play
produced by: Ian Anderson
13.07.1973Chrysalis16 1
8.War Child
produced by: Ian Anderson
18.10.1974Chrysalis14 2
9.Minstrel In The Gallery
produced by: Ian Anderson
19.09.1975Chrysalis20 7
10.M.U. - The Best Of Jethro Tull
produced by: Ian Anderson
16.01.1976Chrysalis44 9
11.Too Old To Rock'n'Roll: Too Young To Die
produced by: Ian Anderson
30.04.1976Chrysalis25 14
12.Songs From The Wood
produced by: Ian Anderson
04.02.1977Chrysalis13 8
13.Repeat (The Best Of Jethro Tull, Volume 2)04.11.1977Chrysalis 94
14.Heavy Horses28.04.1978Chrysalis20 19
15.Bursting Out
29.09.1978Chrysalis17 21
16.Stormwatch21.09.1979Chrysalis27 15
17."A"8/1980 Chrysalis25 30
18.The Broadsword And The Beast
produced by: Paul Samwell-Smith
09.04.1982Chrysalis27 19
19.Under Wraps07.09.1984Chrysalis18 76
20.Original Masters10/1985 Chrysalis63
21.A Classic Case
& The London Symphony Orchestra
1/1986 RCA 93
22.Crest Of A Knave07.09.1987Chrysalis19 32
23.The First 20 Years
(5LP/3CD box set)
6/1988 Chrysalis78 97
24.Rock Island14.08.1989Chrysalis18 56
25.Live At Hammersmith '841/1991 Raw Fruit
26.Catfish Rising10.09.1991Chrysalis27 88
27.Watchers On The Storm1991 2CD
28.A Little Light Music14.09.1992Chrysalis34 150
29.25th Anniversary Boxed Set
(4CD box set)
4/1993 Chrysalis
30.The Best Of Jethro Tull: Anniversary Collection
31.Nightcap - The Unreleased Masters 1972-1991
(2CD, unreleased tracks)
12/1993 Chrysalis
32.In Concert4/1995 Windsong
33.Roots To Branches04.09.1995Chrysalis20 114
34.Through The Years2/1997 EMI Gold
35.The Jethro Tull Collection3/1997 Disky
36.The Originals
(3CD box set)
37.J-Tull Dot Com23.08.1999Papillon44 161
38.The Very Best Of Jethro Tull5/2001 Chrysalis
39.Living With The Past30.04.2002
40.Classic Masters11.03.2003Capitol
41.Jethro Tull Christmas Album30.09.2003Varese
42.Bursting Out: Jethro Tull Live15.06.2004Toshiba
43.Nothing Is Easy: Live At The Isle Of Wight 197002.11.2004Eagle
44.Collector's Edition07.06.2005Fuel 2000
45.Aqualung Live 200504.10.2005Random Music
46.Extended Versions31.10.2006Sbme Special MKTS
47.Best Of Jethro Tull19.03.2007
48.Best of Acoustic Jethro Tull27.03.2007EMI
49.Live at Montreux 200321.08.2007Eagle
50.Best of Jethro Tull22.07.2008Capitol
51.36 All-Time Greatest Hits04.01.2011Timeless
52.Aqualung: 40th Anniversary01.11.2011Capitol
54.10 Great Songs03.04.2012Capitol
55.Around the World Live03.06.2013Eagle Rock
56.Live In Switzerland 200319.04.2014Let Them Eat Vinyl
57.War Child: The 40th Anniversary Theatre Edition
58.Live At Carnegie Hall 197030.04.2015Parlophone
59.Minstrel In The Gallery (40th Anniversary Edition)01.05.2015Chrysalis59
60.The Document09.06.2015
61.Tales Of Wonder09.06.2015
62.The String Quartets24.03.2017BMG56
63.50 For 505/2018 Parlophone73
64.50th Anniversary Collection6/2018
65.Stormwatch: 40th Anniversary Force 10 Edition

Ian Anderson:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Walk Into The Light
produced by: Ian Anderson
2.A Classic Case1985
3.Divinities: Twelve Dances With God
produced by: Ian Anderson
4/1995 Angel
4.The Secret Language Of Birds06.03.2000Papillon
5.Rupi's Dance19.08.2003Varese
6.Ian Anderson Plays the Orchestral Jethro Tull30.08.2005ZYX
7.Ian Anderson Collection27.06.2006Fuel 2000
8.TAAB2 Thick As A Brick 202.04.2012Capitol35 55
9.Live In Roma
10.Homo Erraticus15.04.2014K-Scope14 111
11.Thick As A Brick - Live In Iceland25.08.2014Eagle

Dave Pegg:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Cocktail Cowboy Goes It Alone1984
2.Dave Pegg And Friends - Birthday Party1997 Woodworm

Martin Barre:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.A Trick Of Memory1994
2.The Meeting09.09.1996Imago/edel
3.Stage Left12.08.2003Varese
4.Order of Play09.12.2014Edifying
5.Back to Steel18.09.2015Garage

Gerry Conway:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.About Thyme
& Jacqui McShee & Spencer Cozens
1995 Hypertension

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Sunshine Day / Aeroplane
credited to: Jethro Toe
3/1968 MGM
2.Song For Jeffrey / One For John Gee8/1968 Island
3.Love Story / Christmas Song12/1968 Island20
4.Love Story / A Song For Jeffrey
(v USA)
3/1969 Reprise
5.Living In The Past / Driving Song5/1969 Island1
6.Sweet Dream / Seventeen10/1969 Chrysalis7
7.Sweet Dream / Reasons For Waiting
(v USA)
10/1969 Reprise
8.The Witch's Promise / Teacher23.01.1970Chrysalis3
9.Inside / Alive And Well And Living In5/1970 Chrysalis
10.Inside / A Time For Everything
(v USA)
7/1970 Reprise
11.Lick Your Fingers Clean15.01.1971
12.Hymn #43 / Mother Goose7/1971 Reprise 91
13.Life Is A Long Song / Up The Pool / Dr. Bogenbroom / For Later / Nursie9/1971 Chrysalis10
14.Locomotive Breath / Wind
(v USA)
10/1971 Reprise
15.Thick As A Brick (edit #1) / Hymn #43
(v USA)
4/1972 Reprise
16.Living In The Past10/1972 Reprise 11
17.A Passion Play (edit #8) / A Passion Play (edit #6)5/1973 Reprise 80
18.A Passion Play (edit #9) / A Passion Play (edit #10)
(v USA)
8/1973 Reprise
19.Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day / Sea Lion
(v USA)
1/1974 Reprise
20.Bungle In The Jungle / Back Door Angel08.11.1974Chrysalis 12
21.Minstrel In The Gallery / Summer Day Sands29.08.1975Chrysalis 79
22.Living In The Past / Requiem23.01.1976Chrysalis
23.Locomotive Breath / Fatman2/1976 Chrysalis 62
24.Too Old To Rock'n'Roll, Too Young To Die / Rainbow Blues19.03.1976Chrysalis
25.Too Old To Rock'n'Roll, Too Young To Die / Bad-Eyed And Loveless
(v USA)
4/1976 Reprise
26.Winter Solstice EP
(Ring Out, Solstice Bells / March, The Mad Scientist / Christmas Song / Pan Dance)
produced by: Ian Anderson
27.The Whistler / Strip Cartoon18.02.1977Chrysalis 59
28.Moths / Life Is A Long Song07.04.1978Chrysalis
29.A Stitch In Time / Sweet Dream (live)03.11.1978Chrysalis
30.North Sea Oil / Elegy28.09.1979Chrysalis
31.Home / Ring Out, Solstice Bells / Warm Sporran / King Henry's Madrigal)30.11.1979Chrysalis
32.Home / Warm Sporran
(v USA)
11/1979 Reprise
33.Working John, Working Joe / Fylingdale Flyer03.10.1980Chrysalis
34.Broadsword / Fallen On Hard Times5/1982 Chrysalis
35.Pussy Willow / Fallen On Hard Times5/1982 Reprise 108
36.Lap Of Luxury / Astronomy
12" + Tundra / Automatic Engineering
37.Coroniach / Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow
12" + Living In The Past
6/1986 Chrysalis
38.Living In The Past / The Witches' Promise8/1987 Old Gold
39.Steel Monkey / Down At The End Of Your Road
12" + Too Many Too / I'm Your Gun
10/1987 Chrysalis84
40.Said She Was A Dancer / Dogs In Midwinter
12" + The Waking Edge
CD + Down At The End Of Your Road / Too Many Too
12/1987 Chrysalis55
41.Part Of The Machine / Stormy Monday Blues (live) / Lick Your Fingers Clean (live) / Minstrel In The Gallery (live) / Farm On The Freeway (live)6/1988
42.Kissing Willie / Ears Of Tin
(v USA)
8/1989 Reprise
43.Another Christmas Song / Solstice Bells
12" + Jack Frost
CD + A Christmas Song / Cheap Day Return / Mother Goose / Locomotive Breath (all live)
11/1989 Chrysalis95
44.This Is Not Love / Night In The Wilderness
12",CD + Jump Start (live)
8/1991 Chrysalis
45.Rocks On The Road / Jack-A-Lynn
12" + Aqualung / Locomotive Breath
CD1 + Mother Goose / Bouree
CD2 + Tall Thin God / Fat Man
3/1992 Chrysalis47
46.Living In The Past / Hard Liner
CD1 + Truck Stop Runner / Piece Of Cake / Man Of Principle
CD2 + Living In The (Slightly More Recent) Past / Silver River Turning / Rosa On The Factory Floor / I Don't Want To Be Me
47.Bends Like A Willow / Bends Like A Willow (version) / It All Trickles Down11/1999 Papillion
48.Ring Out Solstice Bells12/2012 Chrysalis
49.Pass the Bottle (A Christmas Song)16.12.2016BMG
50.Ring Out These Bells (Ring Out, Solstice Bells)16.12.2016BMG
51.Songs and Horses20.01.2017BMG

Ian Anderson:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Fly By Night / End Game11/1983 Chrysalis
2.On And On
& Mandoki


1. Slipstrem - 1981, Chrysalis, 57 min
2. The First 20 Years - 1988, Chrysalis, 80 min
3. 1969-1994 A New Day / The 25th Anniversary Collection - 9/2003, EMI, 90 min
4. Ian Anderson Plays The Orchestral Jethro Tull - 10/2006, ZYX Music, live, 160 min
5. Jack In The Green - 7/2008, Eagle, live, 96 min
6. Live At Madison Square Garden 1978 - 20.10.2009, live, 90 min
7. Live At AVO Session Basel - 12/2009, AVO Session, live, 90 min


1. War Child (1974)


Mark Blake: The Ballad Of Jethro Tull (11/2019)


1988 Grammy Awards - Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance Vocal Or Instrumental (LP "Crest Of A Knave")

WWW Links:


original name John Evan Blues Band
pak Jethro Toe
since 1968 Jethro Tull

Compilation Appearances:

"Song For Jeffrey" on LP "The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus" (14.10.96, Polydor)
"Aqualung" on OST "Fahrenheit 9/11" (5.10.04, Rhino)

Ian Anderson:

8/1979 music pro ballet "Underground Rumours" (& David Palmer, Martin Barre, Jon Anderson, Duke Ellington)

produced by LP:

Steeleye Span: Now We Are Six (1.3.74, Chrysalis)
Maddy Prior: Woman In The Wings (12.5.78)
Tarika Sammy: Balance (1994, Xenophile)

appeared on the LP:
Maddy Prior: Woman In The Wings (12.5.78, Chrysalis)
Men Without Hats: Pop Goes The World (1987, Mercury)
Tarika Sammy: Balance (1994, Xenophile)
Blackmore's Night: Shadows Of The Moon (6/97, Edel)
Uriah Heep: Acoustically Driven (10/01)
Uriah Heep: Magic Night (2003)
William Shatner: Shatner Claus - The Christmas Album (26.10.18, Cleopatra)
Jon Anderson: 1000 Hands (31.3.19)

appeared on the SP:
Maddy Prior: Rollercoaster (28.4.78)


1970 Melody Maker Pop Poll - Top Miscellaneous Instrumentalist
1971 Melody Maker Pop Poll - Top Miscellaneous Instrumentalist
1972 Melody Maker Pop Poll - Top Miscellaneous Instrumentalist
1973 Melody Maker Pop Poll - Top Miscellaneous Instrumentalist
2006 Ivor Novello Awards - International Achievement
2007 Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

Dave Pegg:

appeared on the LP:

Nick Drake: Bryter Layter (6/70, Island)
Mick Greenwood: Living Game (24.9.71, MCA)
John Martyn: Solid Air (2/73, Island)
Krysia Kocjan: Krysia (1974)
Sandy Denny: Like An Old Fashioned Waltz (31.5.74, Island)
Ralph McTell: Streets (7.2.75, Warner Bros)
Richard & Linda Thompson: Pour Down Like Silver (7.11.75, Island)
Dave Swarbrick: Swarbrick (12/76, Transatlantic)
Dave Swarbrick: Lift The Lid And Listen (8/78, Sonet)
Richard & Linda Thompson: Sunnyvista (21.9.79, Chrysalis)
Salmontails: Salmontails (2/81, Oblivion)
Murray Head: How Many Ways (6/81, Music Lovers)
Dave Swarbrick: Smiddyburn (7/81, Logo)
Richard & Linda Thompson: Shoot Out The Lights (11/82, Hannibal)
Richard Thompson: The Bones Of All Men (1998, Hannibal)
Linda Thompson: Fashionably Late (30.7.02, Rounder)

Peter John Vetesse:

appeared on the LP:

Carly Simon: Coming Around Again (1987, Arista)
Zucchero: Miserere (1992, London)

produced by LP:
Olive: Trickle (30.5.00, Maverick)

Gerry Conway:

appeared on the LP:

Steeleye Span: Hark! The Village Wait (6/70, RCA)
Tim Hart & Maddy Prior: Summer Solstice ( 6/71, B&C)
Mick Greenwood: Living Game (24.9.71, MCA)
Joan Armatrading: Whatever's For Us (24.11.72, Cube)
Kiki Dee: Loving And Free (12/73, Rocket)
Cat Stevens: Buddha And The Chocolate Box (29.3.74, Island)
Sandy Denny: Like An Old Fashioned Waltz (31.5.74, Island)
Al Stewart: Modern Times (14.2.75, CBS)
John Cale: Slow Dazzle (11.4.75, Island)
Cat Stevens: Numbers - A Pythagorean Theory Tale (21.11.75, Island)
John Martyn: No Little Boy (7/93, Permanent)

Doane Perry:

appeared on the LP:

Lou Reed: The Blue Mask (5.3.82, RCA)
Alex Gregory: Paganini's Last Stand (1990)
Magellan: Impending Ascension (1993, Roadrunner)
Ian Anderson: Divinities: Twelve Dances With God (4/95, Angel)

Andy Giddings:

appeared on the LP:

Ian Anderson: Divinities: Twelve Dances With God (4/95, Angel)
Ian Anderson: The Secret Language Of Birds (6.3.00, Papillon)

Barriemore Barlow:

appeared on the LP:

Maddy Prior: Woman In The Wings (12.5.78, Chrysalis)
Richard Digance: Commercial Road (16.11.79, Chrysalis)
Kerry Livgren: Seeds Of Change (1980, CBS)
Robert Plant: The Principle Of Moments (1983, Atlantic)
Jimmy Page: Outrider (6/88, Geffen)

David Palmer:

8/1979 music pro ballet "Underground Rumours" (& Ian Anderson, Martin Barre, Jon Anderson, Duke Ellington)

appeared on the SP:

Maddy Prior: Rollercoaster (28.4.78)

appeared on the LP:
Maddy Prior: Woman In The Wings (12.5.78, Chrysalis)
Susan Tedeschi: Hope And Desire (11.10.05, Verve Forecast)

produced by LP:
Maddy Prior: Woman In The Wings (12.5.78)
London Philharmonic Orchestra / Yes: Symphonic Music Of Yes (11/93, RCA)

John Glascock:

appeared on the LP:

Maddy Prior: Woman In The Wings (12.5.78, Chrysalis)

Martin Barre:

8/1979 music pro ballet "Underground Rumours" (& David Palmer, Ian Anderson, Jon Anderson, Duke Ellington)

appeared on the LP:

Maddy Prior: Woman In The Wings (12.5.78, Chrysalis)
John Wetton: Caught In The Crossfire (7.11.80, EG)
Ian Anderson: The Secret Language Of Birds (6.3.00, Papillon)

Clive Bunker:

appeared on the LP:

Steve Hillage: Live Herald (26.1.79, Virgin)
Steve Howe: The Steve Howe Album (10/79, Atlantic)

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