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Personal Data:

Born: 1942 (as Roy Samuel Reid)
Died: 27.11.1999 (heart failure)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.We Chat You Rock?
2.Hell And Sorrow1973 Trojan
3.Presenting I Roy1973 Trojan
4.Gussie Presenting I-Roy1973 Burning Sounds
5.I Roy1974
6.The Many Moods Of I Roy11/1974 Trojan
7.Versions Galore1975
8.Dread Baldhead1976
9.Truths And Rights2/1976 Grounation
10.Crisis Time20.08.1976Caroline
11.Can't Conquer Rasta1977
12.Musical Shark Attack1977
13.Ten Commandments1978
14.Dreadlocks In Jamaica1978
15.The General
16.World On Fire1978
17.The Godfather
& The Aggrovators
1978 Reggae Retro
18.Heart Of A Lion24.02.1978Front Line/Virgin
20.Whap'n Bap'n1980
21.Many Moods1981
22.Outer Limits01.04.1983Intense
23.Don't Check With Me No Lightweight Sound (1972-75)03.02.1997Blood & Fire
24.Touting I Self09.01.2001Rounder
25.Sensi Showdown
& Lee Perry
05.03.2002Fuel 2000
26.Original Deejay @ Tubby's Studio23.04.2007Attack
27.We Chat You Rock (Two DJ Clash)
& Jah Woosh
28.Heavier Than Lead05.05.2008Kingston Sounds
30.Deep Roots Observer Style
& The Heptones & Pace One & The Observers & Dennis Brown

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Clappers Tail1973
2.Pauper And The King1973
3.Black Man Time4/1973
4.Buck And The Preacher9/1973
5.Monkey Fashion02.11.1973Technique
6.Orthodox Rock / Orthodox Drums
& Bongo Herman
5/1974 Cactus
7.Welding / Version19.09.1975Philips
9.Forward I Man Back A Yard3/1976 Fay
10.The Black Bullet
& Jackie Brown
3/1976 Morpheous
11.War And Friction5/1976 Caribbean
12.Who Is The One7/1976 Lucky
13.Point Blank4/1977 Observer
14.Wolf And Leopard / Maggie Breasted
& Dennis Brown
7/1977 Third World
15.Jah Come Here8/1977 Cactus
16.Take A Trip To Zion / Zion Trip
& Dennis Brown
8/1977 Third World
17.Jah Is My Light
& Leroy Smart
16.09.1977Observer Disco 45
18.Roots Man10/1977 Ata
19.Musical Air Raid / Natty Love
& Big Joe
20.Jamaica Girl / River Jordan10.02.1978Observer
21.Fire Stick03.03.1978Front Line/Virgin
22.Ites Green & Cold / Killa Dub / You Are My Angel / Angel Forever (Angel Dub)
& Johnny Clarke & King Tubby & Horace Andy
06.01.2003Attack Gold
23.African / I Am The Conquer / Conquer Dub / Roots Man" (Tubbys extended mix)
& Max Romeo & Dennis Brown & King Tubby
19.05.2003Observer Gold
24.Profercey A Full Fill / Ten To One / African Track / Version / Dub / Concence A Brother Them
& Tubbys & Clint Eastwood & Johnny Clarke
09.06.2003Attack Gold
25.Never Fall In Love / Never Come Back / Cow Town Skank / Dub Horns / Pablo Skank
& Tommy McCook & Pablo Skank & Winston Heywood
07.07.2003Lee's Gold
26.Girl Of My Dreams / Stars / Wormer / Togetherness / All Right All Right
& Cornell Campbell & Prince Jazzbo
25.08.2003Lee's Gold
27.Tougher Than Tough
& Glen Brown & Isaac Hayes
28.The Betrayer / Hot Stuff
& Earl Flute & Keith Hudson
29.Step On The Dragon (Wolf And Leopards Rhythm) / Lotion26.06.2006Observer
30.War & Friction / Dub & Friction (Death Trap Rhythm)
& King Tubby
26.06.2006Striker Lee
31.Satta (Satta Massagana Rhythm)12.02.2007Jackpot
32.Who's The Man05.03.2007Techniques
33.Caveman Skank10.03.2008Hit Bound
34.Give It To Me / Musical Air Raid
& Ken Boothe
14.04.2008Sun Shot
35.Welding28.04.2008Hit Bound
36.Rootsman (Fade Away Riddim)21.07.2008Love
37.Give Love A Try (High Flyer Riddim) / Can't Explain
& Mike Brooks
03.11.2008Coptic Lion
(Captivity / Red, Gold & Green Riddim) / Red, Gold & Green
& Barrington Levi
01.12.2008Vinyl Lovers
39.Sister Maggie Breast (Wolf And Leopards Riddim) / Wolf & Lotion
& Niney & Observer All Stars
40.Heart Don't Leap / Moodisc Madness
& Gladstone Anderson & Mudies All Star & Dennis Walks
41.I'm A Natty / Knotty Knots / Rasta Iration
& Joe Gibbs & The Professionals & Jacob Miller
02.03.2009Joe Gibbs
42.Satta Massagana
& Ken Boothe
43.Musical Pleasure (Riddim)
& Mudie's All Stars
44.It May Sound Silly
& Mudies All Stars
45.The Godfather14.10.2011Weed Beat
46.Semi Classical Natty Dread / Drastic
& Revolutionaries
19.04.2012Channel One/Digikiller
47.Sky Juice & Festival Dumpling20.04.2012Channel One/Digikiller
48.Fire In A Wire / Warlord Of Zenda (dub)20.09.2012Royco Inc
49.Sky Juice & Festival Dumpling06.02.2014Channel One/Digikiller
50.Tribute To Marcus Garvey13.05.2014Channel One/Digikiller
51.Country Man / Dub Marker17.11.2014Ujama

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