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Personal Data:

Born: (Canterbury, GB)


1964-66 The Wilde Flowers
1968-5/73 Soft Machine
cca 12/73-5/74 Stomu Yamash'ta's East Wind
cca 9/74 Robert Wyatt
cca 1974 Isotope
? Going Going
cca 8/77 Carla Bley Band
1978-? Soft Heap
cca 1981 Mother Gong
1984-88 In Cahoots
1984-88 Pip Pyle L'Equip'Out
1985-cca 7/97 Hugh Hopper Band
since 1990 Oh Moscow
since 1991 Short Wave
cca 1997 Mashu
cca 5/98 Brainville
cca 9/05-cca 9/07 Soft Machine Legacy

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
2.Hopper Tunity Box
produced by: Mike Dunne/Hugh Hopper
4/1977 Compendium
3.Cruel But Fair
& Elton Dean & Keith Tippett & Joe Gallivan
5/1977 Compendium
4.Rogue Element
& Elton Dean & Alan Gowen & Dave Sheen
1978 Ogun
5.Monster Band1979 Atmosphere
6.Two Rainbows Daily
& Alan Gowen
1980 Red
7.Mercy Dash
& Elton Dean & Keith Tippett & Joe Gallivan
1985 Culture Press
credited to: Hugh Hopper Band
1989 Voiceprint
9.Meccano Pelorus
credited to: Hugh Hopper Band
1991 Cuneiform
10.And Odd Friends
(mini CD)
1993 Voiceprint
11.Hooligan Romantics
credited to: Hugh Hopper Band
1994 Fot
credited to: Hugh Hopper Band
1995 Cuneiform
13.A Remark Hugh Made
& Mark Kramer
1995 Shimmy Disc
& Mark Hewins
1995 Impetus
& Alan Gowen
1996 Voiceprint
16.Somewhere In France
& Richard Sinclair
1996 Voiceprint
& Mark Kramer
1997 Shimmy Disc
18.Improvisations / Mind in the Trees18.11.2003Voiceprint
19.Brainville Live in the UK
& Daevid Allen & Pip Pyle
19.09.2006United States Dist
20.Numero d'Vol21.08.2007Moonjune
21.Stolen Hour22.02.2011Burning Shed
22.Hugh Hopper & Honey Ride Me A Goat
& Honey Ride Me A Goat
17.09.2013Floating World
23.Volume 1: Memories16.09.2014Gonzo
24.Vol. 2: Frangloband30.09.2014Gonzo Multimedia
25.Heart to Heart, Vol. 5
& Phil Miller
26.Special Friends, Vol. 603.02.2015Gonzo
27.Volume 7: Soft Boundaries19.05.2015Gonzo
28.Bass on Top, Vol. 810.07.2015Gonzo
29.Was a Friend 1011.09.2015
30.Volume 9: Anatomy of a Facelift18.09.2015Gonzo


appeared on the LP:

Kevin Ayers: Joy Of A Toy (12/69, Harvest)
Robert Wyatt: Rock Bottom (26.7.74, Virgin)
Gilgamesh: Another Fine Tune You've Got Me Into (1978, Charly)

Press References:

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