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Sheffield, GB
*  10/1980+  1989


Glen Gregory - voc
Ian Craig-Marsh - synths
Martyn Ware - synths

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Penthouse And Pavement18.09.1981Virgin14
2.Heaven 17
(in the USA)
3/1983 Arista 68
3.The Luxury Gap29.04.1983Virgin4 72
4.How Men Are9/1984 Virgin12
5.Endless7/1986 Virgin70
6.Pleasure One11/1986 Virgin78 177
7.Teddy Bear, Duke And Psycho9/1988 Virgin
8.Higher And Higher - The Best Of Heaven 1715.03.1993Virgin31
9.The Best Of Heaven 1712/1993 V.I.P.
10.Bigger Than America16.09.1996Eye Of The Storm/WEA
11.Retox / Detox27.07.1998Eagle
12.Absolutely The Best ... Live12.09.2000Fuel 2000
13.Temptation07.06.2005Prism Platinum
14.Best of Heaven 1727.03.2007Caroline
15.Live at Last05.08.2008Cooking Vinyl
16.Naked As Advertised: Versions 0816.10.2009Just Music
17.Live: Scala London 11-29-0510.05.2011
18.Live From Metropolis Studios16.09.2013
19.Temptation: The Best Of Heaven 1710.12.2013Spectrum
20.Five Classic Albums29.07.2016Spectrum Music
21.The Essential7/2021 Spectrum Music73

Martyn Ware:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
credited to: The Clarke And Ware Experiment
12/1999 Mute
2.Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle
& Vince Clarke

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.(Don't Need) That Fascist Groove Thang / The Decline Of The West13.03.1981Virgin28
2.I'm Your Money / - Are Everything15.05.1981BEF/Virgin
3.Play To Win / Play28.08.1981Virgin45
4.Penthouse And Pavement / Penthouse And Pavement (instrument.)16.10.1981Virgin57
5.The Height Of The Fighting (He-La-Ho) / Honeymoon In New York12.02.1982Virgin
6.Let Me Go / Let Me Go (instrumental)22.10.1982Virgin30
7.Let Me Go / I'm Your Money2/1983 Arista 74
8.Who Will Stop The Rain?11.02.1983Arista
9.Temptation / We Live So Fast
12" + Who'll Stop The Rain
10.We Live So Fast / Best Kept Secret5/1983 Arista 102
11.Come Live With Me / Let's All Make A Bomb
12" + Song With No Name
12.Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry / (instrumental)30.08.1983Virgin13
13.Sunset Now / Counterforce
12" + Flame Down / Counterforce II
14.This Is Mine / The Skin I'm In
12" + This Is Mine (mixes)
15.... (And That's No Lie) / The Fuse07.01.1985Virgin52
16.The Foolish Thing To Do / My Sensitivity
with Jimmy Ruffin
4/1986 Virgin80
17.Contenders / Diary Of A Contender
12" + Penthouse And Pavement
10/1986 Virgin80
18.Trouble / (Big) Trouble
7"(2) + Move Out / Contenders (US version)
1/1987 Virgin51
19.(We Don't Need) That Fascist Groove Thang / I'm Your Money / The Height Of The Fighting / The Decline Of The West1988 Virgin
20.Temptation / Who'll Stop The Rain / We Live So Fast6/1988 Virgin
21.The Ballad Of Go-Go Brown / I Set You Free
12",CD + Slow All Over
8/1988 Virgin91
22.Train Of Love And Motion / Work
12",CD + Giving Up
10/1988 Virgin
23.Temptation / Come Live With Me11/1988 Old Gold
24.Let Me Go / Play To Win2/1989 Old Gold
25.Temptation (Brothers In Rhythm Remix)09.11.1992Virgin3
26.(Don't Need) That Fascist Groove Thang (Rapino edit) / (Don't Need) That Fascist Groove Thang (Democratic edit)15.02.1993Virgin40
27.Penthouse And Pavement4/1993 Virgin54
28.Designing Heaven26.08.1996Eye Of The Storm
29.We Blame Love10.02.1997Eye Of The Storm/WEA
30.With This Ring Let Me Go
& Molella & Phil Jay
31.With This Ring Let Me Go
meets Fast Eddie
32.Temptation / Designing Heaven (Giorgio Moroder remix) / Penthouse & Pavement09.11.1998Virgin
33.Be My Queen / With This Ring Let Me Go
& Molella & Fast Eddie & Phil Jay
34.Temptation / Who'll Stop The Rain / We Live So Fast

Glen Gregory:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.When Your Heart Runs Out Of Time
12" + Out Of Time / The Voices Of Gary Busey, Michael Emil And Theresa Russell / The Voices Of Michael Emil And Theresa Russell / Forever (what the hell) / Out Of Time
& Claudia Brücken


1. Industrial Revolution - 11/1983, Virgin Video, 23 min


1981 Melody Maker Album Of The Year 1981 ("Penthouse And Pavement")


1980 - formed British Electric Foundation (B.E.F.)

Compilation Appearances:

"Chase Runner" on OST "Electric Dreams" (3.8.84, Virgin)
"When Your Heart Runs Out Of Time" on OST "Insignificance" (8/85, ZTT)

Martyn Ware:

produced by SP:

Associates: Those First Impressions (8.6.84, Associates)
Council Collective: Soul Deep (12/84)

produced by LP:
Terence Trent D'Arby: Introducing The Hardline According To Terence Trent D'Arby (7/87, CBS)

Glen Gregory:

appeared on the LP:

British Electronic Foundation: Music Of Quality And Distinction (9.4.82, Virgin)

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