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HINE Rupert

Personal Data:

Born: 21.09.1947 (London, GB)
Died: 05.06.2020
HINE Rupert (photo)


? Rupert & David
cca 7/76-cca 4/77 Quantum Jump
? Spin 1ne 2wo
? Thinkman
cca 1990 Bob Geldof & The Vegetarians Of Love

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Pick Up A Bone1971
2.Unfinished Picture09.03.1973Purple
3.Immunity3/1981 A&M
4.Waving Not Drowning4/1982 A&M
5.The Wildest Wish To Fly1983
6.Better Off Dead1985
7.Spin One Two
& Tony Levin & Paul Carrack & Phil Palmer
8.Waving Not Drowning / Immunity02.09.2014Bat Country
9.Unshy on the Skyline: Best of Rupert Hine30.03.2015Esoteric

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Surface Tension01.05.1981A&M
2.The Set Up4/1982
3.Living In Sin29.04.1983A&M


produced by SP:

Jona Lewie: I Think I'll Get My Haircut (29.1.82, Stiff)
Howard Jones: What Is Love? (18.11.83, WEA)
Howard Jones: Hide And Seek (10.2.84, WEA)
Howard Jones: Like To Get To Know You Well (3.8.84, Warner Bros)

produced by LP:
The Fixx: Shuttered Room (14.5.82, Fixx)
The Fixx: Reach The Beach (5/83, Fixx)
Howard Jones: Human's Lib (9.3.84, WEA)
Tina Turner: Private Dancer (7/84, Capitol)
The Fixx: Phantoms (8/84, Fixx)
The Fixx: Walkabout (6/86, MCA)
Stevie Nicks: The Other Side Of The Mirror (6/89, Modern)
Tina Turner: Foreign Affair (9/89, Capitol)
Rush: Presto (11/89, WEA)
Rush: Roll The Bones (3.9.91, East West)
Bob Geldoff: The Happy Club (10/92, Vertigo)
Duncan Sheik: Duncan Sheik (16.9.96, east west)
Duncan Sheik: Humming (10/98, Atlantic)
Eleanor McEvoy: Snapshots (1.6.99, CBS)

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