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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Singles Various Refers
Paris, France/GB
*  4/1971


Gilly Smyth - voc
Daevid Allen - voc,g
Steffi Sharpstrings - g
Mike Howlett - bg
Pierre Moerlen - ds
Didier Malherbe - sax,fl

Former Members:

Gilly Smyth (voc, 4/71-2/73, 6/73-4/75); Miquette Giraudy (voc, 4/75-cca 7/75)

Kevin Ayers (voc,g); Daevid Allen (voc,g, 4/71-2/73, 6/73-4/75); Steve Hillage (g, 12/72-12/75); Allan Holdsworth (g, 7/76-4/77); Brian Holloway (g, cca 1981)

Christian Tritsch (bg, 4/71-12/72, g, 12/72-2/73); Francis Moze (bg, 12/72-2/73, 6/76-4/77); Bill McCormick (bg, 1973); Mike Howlett (bg, 3/73-8/76); Hansford Rowe (bg, 5/77-cca 3/78)

Laurie Allen (ds, 4/71-cca 2/73, 10-11/74); Pip Pyle (ds, 4/71-12/72, 1974); Mac Poole (ds); Charles Hayward (ds); Rob Tait (ds); Di Bond (ds); Pierre Moerlen (ds, 3/73-1974, 7/75-8/77); Bill Bruford (ds, 11/74); Chris Cutler (ds, 1974); Brian Davison (ds, 1-7/75); Mino Cinelu (perc, 7/76-4/77)

Tim Blake (synths, 12/72-3/75); Patrice Lemoine (kb, 7/75-8/76)

Jorge Pinchevsky (viol, 1-7/76)

Didier Malherbe (sax,fl,perc,voc, 4/71-4/77)

Rachid Houari (conga, 12/72-2/73); Mireille Bauer (xylophone,perc, 7/75-cca 3/78); Benoit Moerlen (xylophone, 7/76-cca 3/78)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Continental Circus1/1971 Philips
2.Camembert Electrique
(in France)
produced by: Gong
10/1971 Byg12
3.Glastonbury Fayre
(1 side)
? Revelation
4.Radio Gnome Invisible, Part One: The Flying Teapot25.05.1973Virgin
5.Angel's Egg12/1973 Virgin
6.Greasy Truckers Live At Dingwalls Dance Hall
(1 side)
? Greasy Truckers
7.You (Radio Gnome Invisible, Vol. 3)
produced by: Gong
produced by: Nick Mason
10.Gong Live Etc
produced by: MIke Howlett/Phil Newell/John Waters
11.Floating Anarchy1977
12.Gong Est Mort, Vive Gong
1977 Tapioca
13.Expresso II10.02.1978Virgin
produced by: Pierre Moerlen/Nick Bradford
15.Time Is The Key10/1979 Arista
16.Pierre Moerlen's Gong7/1980 Arista
17.Leave It Open1981 Arista
18.Radio Gong1984 2LP
credited to: Pierre Moerlen's Gong
(in the Netherlands)
1986 Arc
20.Second Wind
1988 Line
21.The Mystery And The History Of The Planet Gong4/1989 Demi Monde
22.Live Au Bataclan '731990 Mantra
23.Live At Sheffield '741990 Mantra
24.Live On TV1990 Demon
25.Shapeshifter10/1992 Celluloid
26.25th Birthday Party - October 8-9, 1994, The Forum
9/1995 GAS
27.How To Nuke The Eiffel Tower
credited to: Gong Global Family
(mini CD)
9/1995 Gas
28.The Best Of Gong11/1995 Nectar
29.The Radio Gnome Trilogy
(3CD box set)
12/1995 Spalax
30.Pre-Modernist Wireless On Radio15.01.1996Strange Fruit
31.Gong You're Mixed04.08.1997Gliss LP "You"
32.Full Circle Live 1988
credited to: Pierre Moerlen's Gong
33.Live 199012.10.1998
34.The Other Side Of The Sky (The Collection)21.06.1999
35.Zero To Infinity21.02.2000Snapper Music/SPV
36.Live 2 Infinitea10/2000 Panther
37.Absolutely the Best of Gong11.12.2001Varese
38.Acid Motherhood30.03.2004Mister E
39.History and Mystery14.09.2004United States Dist
40.Magick Invocations19.04.2005Atom
41.Magick Brother
credited to: Daevid Allen's Gong
42.I Am Your Egg16.05.2006United States Dist
43.Opium for the People23.05.2006Atom
44.Live in Tokyo10.10.2006United States Dist
45.Arista Years12.08.2008Acadia
46.Histories and Mysteries of Planet Gong14.07.2009Eastworld
50.Gong Est Mort: Record Store Day 2013
51.I See You10.11.2014Madfish
52.Access All Areas05.06.2015Edsel
53.Rejoice! I'm Dead!16.09.2016Madfish

Steve Hillage:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Fish Rising
produced by: Steve Hillage
produced by: Todd Rundgren
3.Motivation Radio
produced by: Malcolm Cecil
produced by: Nick Mason
4/1978 Virgin30
5.Live Herald
6.Rainbow Dome Music4/1979 Virgin48
8.For To Next And Not Or25.02.1983Virgin48
9.Aura1983 Aura
10.BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert8/1992 Windsong
11.Live at Deeply Vale Festival 7814.09.2004Ozit Morpheus
12.Deeply Vale
13.Germany 7719.10.2010Floating World
14.Live in England 197902.04.2013Gonzo
15.Phoenix Rising
& Rovo & System 7
16.Rainbow 197722.07.2014Gonzo
17.Madison Square Garden 197718.09.2015Cleopatra
18.Searching for the Spark11.11.2016Madfish

Daevid Allen:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Magick Brother, Mystic Sister
(in France)
2/1970 Byg
2.Banana Moon
(in France)
featuring: Maggie Bell (voc), Robert Wyatt (ds,g,voc), Archie Legget (bg), Gary Wright (p), Gerry Fields (viol), Pip Pyle (ds)
1971 Byg
3.Good Morning
& Euterpe
produced by: Daevid Allen
4.Now Is The Happiest Time Of Your Life10/1977 Charly
5.N'Existe Pas!5/1979 Charly
6.Divided Alien Playbox '801980 Charly
7.The Death Of Rock And Other Entrances11/1982 Shanghai
8.Ex-Stop / Don't
& David Tolley
(mini LP)
9.The Owl And The Tree
& Harry Williamson & Gilly Smyth
10/1989 Demi Monde
10.Stroking The Tail Of The Bird
& Harry Williamson & Gilly Smyth
1990 AMP
11.The Australian Years1990 Voiceprint
12.Australia Aquaria / She2/1990 Demi Monde
13.Seven Drones2/1991 Voiceprint
14.Live At The Witchwood 1991
& Magick Brothers
1992 Voiceprint
15.Twelve Selves1993 Voiceprint
16.Je Ne Fum'Pas Des Bananes
& Bananamoon Band
1993 Legend Music
17.Who's Afraid?
& Mark Kramer
1993 Shimmy Disc
18.Voiceprint Radio Sessions
(mini CD)
2/1994 Voiceprint
19.Dreaming A Dream06.05.1996Resurgence
20.Hit Men
& Mark Kramer
1996 Shimmy Disc
21.22 Meanings
& Harry Williamson
22.Money Doesn't Make It08.06.1999
23.Nectans Glan
& Russel Hibbs
24.Ugly Music for Monica
& University Of Errors
25.Gentle Genie07.09.2004Mister E
26.Wild Child
& Mother Gong
16.11.2004United States Dist
27.Live in 1988: The Return25.10.2005United States Dist
28.Glastonbury 79-81
& Mother Gong, live
31.01.2006United States Dist
29.Short Tales and Tall
& Gilli Smyth
25.04.2006United Stated Dist
30.Self Initiation (Bananamoon Obscura, Vol. 3)16.05.2006United States Dist
31.Bards of Byron Bay (Bananamoon Obscura, Vol. 4}
& Russell Hibbs
16.05.2006United States Dist
32.Live in Chicago (Bananamoon Obscura, Vol. 5)
& University Of Errors
16.05.2006United States Dist
33.Knitting Factory NYC
& Nicoletta Stephanz
16.05.2006United States Dist
34.Live at the Mistake
06.06.2006United States Dist
35.Studio Rehearsal Tapes 8906.06.2006United States Dist
36.Brainville Live in the UK
& Hugh Hopper & Pip Pyle
19.09.2006United States Dist
37.Studio Rehearsal Tapes 77
& Euterpe
19.09.2006United States Dist
38.Live at Glastonbury
& Magick Brothers
21.11.2006United States Dist
39.Sound School, Vol. 1
& Das Duz Dae Duz Das
21.11.2006United States Dist
40.Brossa d'Ahir
& Pep Laguarda
09.01.2007Discmedi Blau
41.Art Radio: Radio Brainwave 198420.02.2007Bananamoon Obscura
42.Solo at the Axiom Cheltenham 9820.02.2007Bananamoon Obscura
43.Gong on Acid 1972
& Gina Lakosta
13.03.2007Bananamoon Obscura
44.Brainville at the Knitting Factory18.03.2008Voiceprint
45.Live in the USA 1991
& Mother Gong
46.Australia Aquaria / She26.01.2010Candlelight
47.Live in San Francisco
& Magick Brothers
05.02.2013Gonzo Multimedia
credited to: Daevid Allen Weird Quartet

Tim Blake:

1. Blake's New Jerusalem
2. Crystal Machine
3. Magick
4. Tide of the Century

Didier Malherbe:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
(in France)
1979 Sonopresse
2.Faton Bloom
(in France)
1987 Cryonic
3.Fetish1990 Mantra
4.Zeff9/1992 Tangram
5.Live In Paris
& Pierre Bensusan
6.Motian in Motion
& Jean-Marc Padovani & Paul Brousseau

Pip Pyle:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Pig Part Project
& John Greaves
20.05.2003United States Dist
2.Belle Illusion
credited to: Pip Pyle's Bash
credited to: Pip Pyle's Equipe Out
credited to: Pip Pyle's Equipe Out
25.10.2005United States Dist
5.Brainville Live in the UK
& Hugh Hopper & Daevid Allen
19.09.2006United States Dist

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.A Sprinkling Of Clouds01.09.1997Gliss
2.Flying Teapot / HP14.12.2009Virgin

Steve Hillage:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.It's All Too Much / Shimmer22.10.1976Virgin
2.Hurdy Gurdy Man / Om Nama Shivaya25.02.1977Virgin
3.Not Fade Away (Glid Forever) / Saucer Surfing25.11.1977Virgin
4.Getting Better / Palm Trees (Love Guitar)28.04.1978Virgin
5.Six Pack EP
(The Salmon Song / It's All Too Much / The Golden Vibe / Not Fade Away / Elektric Gypsies / Radio)
1979 Virgin
6.Don't Dither, Do It / Getting In Tune16.11.1979Virgin
7.Kamikaze Eyes / Before The World Was Made04.02.1983Virgin
8.Alone / Frame By Frame
12" + Timelines
4/1983 Virgin

Daevid Allen:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Est-ce-que je suis / Hip Hipnotize You
(ve Francii)
1970 Byg
2.Alien In New York
(Bananareggae / Are You Ready / Oo Lala / Side Windo)
5/1983 Charly

Didier Malherbe:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Dansekorla / Bong
(ve Francii)
1980 Sonopresse


3/73-5/73 Paragong
cca 1979-1988 Pierre Moerlen's Gong

Daevid Allen:

appeared on the LP:

Dasheil Hedayat: Obsolete (1971, Shandar)
Gilly Smyth: Mother (6/78, Charly)
Michael Zentner: Present Time (1983, Ozone)

produced by LP:
Gilly Smyth: Mother (6/78, Charly)

Pierre Moerlen:

appeared on the LP:

Steve Hillage: Fish Rising (11.4.75, Virgin)
Mike Oldfield: Ommadawn (28.10.75, Virgin)
Daevid Allen: Good Morning (14.5.76, Virgin)
Mike Oldfield: Incantations (11/78, Virgin)
Mike Oldfield: Exposed Live (8/79, Virgin)
Mike Oldfield: Platinum (12/79, Virgin)
Mike Oldfield: Five Miles Out (3/82, Virgin)
Mike Oldfield: Crisis (5/83, Virgin)

1/1977 stage performance David Bedford: The Odyssey (perc)

Didier Malherbe:

appeared on the LP:

Daevid Allen: Magic Brother, Magic Sister (2/70, Byg)
Dasheil Hedayat: Obsolete (1971, Shandar)
Kevin Ayers: Whatevershebringswesing (7.1.72, Harvest)
Comus: To Keep From Crying (1.11.1974, Virgin)
Steve Hillage: Fish Rising (11.4.75, Virgin)
Gilly Smyth: Mother (6/78, Charly)

Christian Tritsch:

appeared on the LP:

Dasheil Hedayat: Obsolete (1971, Shandar)
Daevid Allen: Banana Moon (1971, Byg)

Pip Pyle:

appeared on the LP:

Dasheil Hedayat: Obsolete (1971, Shandar)
Daevid Allen: Banana Moon (1971, Byg)
Gilly Smyth: Mother (6/78, Charly)

Steve Hillage:

appeared on the LP:

Kevin Ayers: Bananamour (27.4.73, Harvest)
Egg: The Civil Surface (15.11.74, Caroline)

produced by LP:
Robyn Hitchcock: Groovy Decay (26.3.82, Albion)
The Charlatans: Up To Our Hips (21.3.94, Beggars Banquet)
Blink (1994)
Rachid Taha: Ole Ole (2/96, Barclay)

produced by SP:
Ken Lockie: Today (8.5.81, Virgin)
It Bites: Midnight (4/88, Virgin)
Airstream: I'll Dream Of You (7.9.92, OLI)

remix SP Sky Cries Mary: Every Iceberg Is Afire (19.9.94)

Tim Blake:

appeared on the LP:

Steve Hillage: Fish Rising (11.4.75, Virgin)

Mike Howlett:

appeared on the LP:

Steve Hillage: Fish Rising (11.4.75, Virgin)
Daevid Allen: Good Morning (14.5.76, Virgin)

produced by SP:
Martha And The Muffins: Insect Love (2.11.79, Dindisc)
Comsat Angels: Will You Stay Tonight (5.8.83, Jive)
Comsat Angels: Independence Day (6.1.84, Jive)

produced by LP:
Martha And The Muffins: Trance And Dance (26.9.80, Dindisc)
A Flock Of Seagulls: Listen (22.4.83, Jive)

Miquette Giraudi:

appeared on the LP:

Steve Hillage: Fish Rising (11.4.75, Virgin)
Steve Hillage: Motivation Radio (30.9.77, Virgin)
Steve Hillage: Live Herald (26.1.79, Virgin)

Hansford Rowe:

appeared on the LP:

Mike Oldfield: Platinum (1978, Virgin)
Michael Zentner: Present Time (1983, Ozone)

Rachid Houari:

appeared on the LP:

Daevid Allen: Magic Brother, Magic Sister (2/70, Byg)

Benoit Moerlen:

appeared on the LP:

Mike Oldfield: Exposed Live (8/79, Virgin)

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