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Winnipeg, Canada
*  12/1965


GUESS WHO (photo)

Derek Sharp - voc
Randy Bachman - g
Don McDougall - g
Bill Wallace - bg
Gary Peterson - ds

Former Members:

Brent De Jarlais (voc, 1981-83); Trevor Ballicki (voc, 1983-87)

Randy Bachman (g, 12/65-5/70); Bruce Dekker (voc,g, 5/66-1966); Greg Leskiw (g, 6/70-4/72); Kurt Winter (g, 6/70-cca 6/74, 1978); Don McDougall (g,voc, 4/72-cca 6/74, 1978-79); Domenic Troiano (g, 4/74-9/75); David Inglis (g, 1978-79); Mike McKenna (g, 1981-83); Dale Russell (g, 1983-99, 1999-4/00); Michael Hanford (g,kb,voc, 1983-90); Ken Carter (voc,g, 1987-91); Terry Hatty (voc,g, 10/91-1997); Carl Dixon (voc,g, 1998-99, 1999-4/00)

Jim Kale (bg, 12/65-6/72, 1978-79, 1981-8/99); Bill Wallace (bg, 6/72-9/75); Spyder Sinnaeve (bg, 1999-4/00)

Chad Allen (voc,kb, 12/65-5/66, 1968, 1978-79); Burton Cummings (voc,kb, 12/65-9/75, 1983, 8/99, 3/2000-?); Leonard Shaw (kb, 1990-99, 1999-4/00)

Gary Peterson (ds, 12/65-cca 8/75); Vince Masters (ds, 1978-79); Sonnie Bernardi (ds, 1981-83, 1983-87)

David Parasz (sax, 1978-79)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Guess Who
credited to: 7/65
(reissue LP Chad Allen & The Expressions: "Shakin' All Over")
1968 Scepter
2.Wheatfield Soul
produced by: Jack Richardson
5/1969 RCA 45
3.Canned Wheat Packed By The Guess Who
produced by: Jack Richardson
9/1969 RCA 91
4.American Woman
produced by: Jack Richardson
2/1970 RCA 9
5.Share The Land
produced by: Jack Richardson
11/1970 RCA 14
6.The Best Of The Guess Who4/1971 RCA 12
7.So Long, Bannatyne
produced by: Jack Richardson
8/1971 RCA 52
produced by: Jack Richardson
3/1972 RCA 79
9.Wild One1972 Pickwick 39
10.Live At The Paramount
produced by: Jack Richardson
8/1972 RCA
11.History Of Guess Who1973 Pride
12.Artifical Paradise
produced by: Jack Richardson
1/1973 RCA
13.Big Winners4/1973 RCA
14.Number Ten
produced by: Jack Richardson
6/1973 RCA
15.Born In Canada (1965-68)1974 Trip
16.The Best Of Guess Who Vol 21/1974 RCA
17.Road Food
produced by: Jack Richardson
6/1974 RCA 29
produced by: Jack Richardson
3/1975 RCA
19.Power In The Music
produced by: Jack Richardson
7/1975 RCA 87
20.Play The Guess Who1976
22.The Way They Were1976 RCA
23.Greatest Hits Of The Guess Who4/1977 RCA
24.Guess Who's Back1978 Aquarius
25.All This For A Song1/1979 Hilltak
26.Now And Not Then1981 El Mocambo
27.Together Again1984 Ready
28.American Woman And Other Hits1985 RCA
29.K-Tel Presents / 20 Original Hits
1985 K-Tel
30.The Best Of The Guess Who Live
1986 Compleat
31.Track Record:Collection
1988 RCA
32.These Eyes1992 RCA
33.At Their Best1993 RCA
34.A Retrospective1993 RCA
35.Liberty1994 Aquarius
36.The Ultimate Collection
1997 RCA
37.The Spirit Lives On / Greatest Hits Live1998 J Bird
38.Greatest Hits23.02.1999RCA
39.Down The Road - Live1999 Diamond Ditty
40.Running Back Thru Canada
12/2000 BMG
41.Shakin' All Over13.11.2001Sundazed
42.Platinum & Gold Collection17.06.2003RCA
44.These Eyes14.09.2004Collectables
45.Let's Go: The CBC Years19.04.2005Maximum
46.Best of the Guess Who17.01.2006RCA
47.Let's Go20.02.2007Friday Music
48.Playlist: The Very Best of the Guess Who26.01.2010Playlist
49.The Essential Guess Who
25.10.2010Sony Legacy
50.The Best of the Guess Who30.12.2014Audio Fidelity
51.New Mother Nature: Live in St. Louis, 197408.04.2016Echoes
52.Original Album Classics16.09.2016Legacy
53.The Future Is What It Used To Be14.09.2018

Burton Cummings:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Burton Cummings
produced by: Richard Perry
10/1976 Portrait/CBS 30
2.My Own Way To Rock24.06.1977Portrait 51
3.Dream Of A Child21.07.1978Portrait
4.Sweet Sweet10/1981 Alfa
5.Woman Rock
6.Thunderbird Trax
& Randy Bachman
2006 Ranbach Music
7.Bachman-Cummings Songbook
& Randy Bachman
& Randy Bachman
2007 Sony BMG
9.Above the Ground25.05.2010New Door
10.Massey Hall30.10.2012Universal Music
11.The Bachman Cummings Collection
& Randy Bachman
(7CD box set)
6/2020 Sony Music Entertainment

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Shakin' All Over / Till We Kissed4/1965 Scepter 22
2.Hey Ho, What You Do Me / Goodnight, Goodnight8/1965 Scepter 125
3.Hurting Each Other / Baby's Birthday1965 Scepter
4.Baby Feelin' / Believe In Me1966 Scepter
5.Clock On The Wall / One Day1966 Scepter
6.She's All Mine / All Right10/1966 Amy
7.His Girl / It's My Pride12/1966 Amy45
8.This Time Long Ago / There's No Getting Away From You5/1967 Quality
9.Miss Felicity Grey / Flying On The Ground Is Wrong9/1967 Quality
10.These Eyes / Lightfoot3/1969 RCA 6
11.Laughing / Undun7/1969 RCA 10
12.Friends Of Mine / Friends Of Mine (part 2)10/1969 RCA
13.No Time / Proper Stranger12/1969 RCA 5
14.American Woman / No Sugar Tonight3/1970 RCA19 1
15.Hand Me Down World / Runnin' Down The Street7/1970 RCA 17
16.Share The Land / Bus Rider10/1970 RCA 10
17.Hang On To Your Life / Do You Miss Me Darlin'1/1971 RCA 43
18.Albert Flasher / Broken
(v GB 9.7.71)
4/1971 RCA 29
19.Rain Dance / One Divided8/1971 RCA 19
20.Sour Suite / Life In The Bloodstream11/1971 RCA 50
21.Heartbroken Bopper / Arrivederci Girl2/1972 RCA 47
22.Guns, Guns, Guns / Heaven Only Moved Once Yesterday5/1972 RCA 70
23.Runnin' Back To Saskatoon / New Mother Nature9/1972 RCA 96
24.Follow Your Daughter Home / Bye Bye Baby
(v GB 11.5.73)
1/1973 RCA 61
25.The Watcher / Orly2/1973 RCA
26.Albert Flasher / Broken
3/1973 RCA
27.Glamour Boy / Lie Down5/1973 RCA
28.Star Baby / Musicione2/1974 RCA 39
29.Clap For The Wolfman / Road Food7/1974 RCA 6
30.Dancin' Fool / Seem Like I Can't Live Without You11/1974 RCA 24
31.Hoe Down Time / Loves Me Like A Brother5/1975 RCA
32.Dreams / Rosanne8/1975 RCA 105
33.When The Band Was Singin' "Shakin' All Over" / Women11/1975 RCA 102
34.Silverbird / Runnin' Down The Street1977 RCA
35.Truly Good Song / Every Day's A Lovely Day1978 Elektra
36.C'mon Little Mama / Moon Wave Maker1/1979 Hilltak
37.Sweet Young Thing / It's Getting Pretty Bad4/1979 Hilltak
38.American Woman1987 Old Gold

Burton Cummings:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Stand Tall9/1976 Portrait 5
2.I'm Scared / Sugartime Flashback Joys2/1977 Portrait 61
3.Never Had A Lady Before / Timeless Love6/1977 Portrait
4.My Own Way To Rock / Song For Him09.09.1977Portrait 74
5.Break It To Them Gently / Roll With The Punches7/1978 Portrait 85
6.When A Man Loves A Woman / Roll With The Punches9/1978 Portrait
7.I Will Play A Rhapsody / Takes A Fool To Love A Fool11/1978 Portrait
8.Stand Tall / Takes A Fool To Love A Fool1980 Portrait
9.You Saved My Soul9/1981 Alfa 37
10.American Woman 2006
& Randy Bachman
2007 Sony BMG

Chad Allen:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Little Lonely11/1961 Smash 112


Burton Cummings:

1. First Time Around - 2006, Sony BMG, & Randy Bachman


1999 Prairie Music Awards - Prairie Hall Of Fame
2000 MuchMusic Video Awards - Lifetime Achievement Award


1963-5/64 Chad Allen & The Reflections
5/64-1964 Chad Allen & The Original Reflections
1964-6/65 Chad Allen & The Expressions
6/65-12/65 Guess Who? Chad Allen & The Expressions
od 12/65 Guess Who

disbanded 9/1975
reunited 1978
disbanded 1979
reunited 1981

Gary Peterson:

appeared on the LP:

Randy Bachman: Axe (1970, RCA)

Burton Cummings:

appeared on the LP:

Randy Bachman: Survivor (7/78, Polydor)
Ringo Starr: Live From Montreux (10/93, Rykodisc)

Jim Kale:

appeared on the LP:

Guess Who: The Future Is What It Used To Be (14.9.18)

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