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London, GB
*  1968+  7/1973

Line-Up (1973):

FREE (photo)

Paul Rodgers - voc
Paul Kossoff - g
Tetsu Yamauchi - bg
John "Rabbit" Bundrick - kb
Simon Kirke - ds

Former Members:

Andy Fraser (bg, 1968-8/71, 1-7/72)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Tons Of Sobs11/1968 Island
2.Free10/1969 Island22
3.Fire And Water6/1970 Island2 17
5.Free Live5/1971 Island4 89
6.Free At Last6/1972 Island9 69
produced by: Andy Johns
19.01.1973Island9 47
8.The Free Story
9.The Best Of Free
(in the USA)
5/1975 A&M
10.Free And Easy, Rough And Ready
11.Completely Free10/1982 Island
12.The Best Of Free - All Right Now2/1991 Island9
13.Molten Golden: The Anthology5/1994 2LP
14.Songs Of Yesterday
(5CD box set)
15.20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection06.08.2002A&M
16.Inside Free: 1968-197215.02.2005Classic Rock Legends
17.Chronicles05.04.2005Universal International42
18.Live at the BBC19.09.2006Island
19.Colour Collection10.04.2007UMVD
20.Rock Legends11.02.2008UMC
21.Classic07.04.2009Spectrum Audio
22.The Very Best Of Free & Bad Company
& Bad Company
3/2010 Rhino/UMTV10
23.Wishing Weel: Collection12.10.2010Spectrum Audio
24.All Right Now: The Collection06.11.2012Spectrum Music
25.Live In Croydon & Sutherland 197013.08.2013B13
26.The Vinyl Collection16.09.2016A&M

Paul Rodgers:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Cut Loose
produced by: Paul Rodgers
11.11.1983Atlantic 135
2.Muddy Water Blues: A Tribute To Muddy Waters4/1993 Victory9 91
3.Live - The Loreley tapes1996 Edoya
4.Soul Of Love02.12.1996SPV
5.Now & Live03.02.1997SPV30
6.Voices In The Wind
& Tim Donahue
17.03.1997Magnetic Air/SPV
7.Electric11/1999 SPV
8.Live in Glasgow17.04.2007Eagle
9.Live at Hammersmith Apollo 0915.06.2010Ais
10.Live At Montreux 199413.09.2011Eagle
11.Return of the Champions29.05.2012Universal
12.Born Under a Bad Sign14.01.2014429
13.I Can't Stand the Rain14.01.2014429
14.The Royal Sessions04.02.2014Savoy58 81
15.Free Spirit: Celebrating The Music Of Free6/2018 Quarto Valley30

Paul Kossoff:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu & Rabbit
& Simon Kirke & Tetsu Yamauchi & John Bundrick
11/1971 Island
2.Back Street Crawler09.11.1973Island
4.The Hunter5/1983 Street Tunes
5.Leaves In The Wind8/1983 Street Tunes
6.Croydon June 15th 19759/1983 Street Tunes
7.Mr. Big11/1983 Street Tunes
8.Blue Soul4/1986 Island
9.Molten Gold5/1994 Island
10.Blue Soul: The Best of Paul Kossoff29.09.2003Track
11.Paul's Blues
& Black Cat Bones

John "Rabbit" Bundrick:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu & Rabbit
& Paul Kossoff, & Simon Kirke & Tetsu Yamauchi
11/1971 Island
2.Rabbit5/1973 Island
3.Dark Saloon4/1975 Island
4.Dream Jungle1995
5.Moccasin Warrior II01.01.2004North Star Music

Tetsu Yamauchi:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Kossof, Kirke, Tetsu & Rabbit
& Paul Kossoff & Simon Kirke & John Bundrick
11/1971 Island

Simon Kirke:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Kossof, Kirke, Tetsu & Rabbit
& Paul Kossoff & Tetsu Yamauchi & John Bundrick
11/1971 Island
2.Filling the Void21.06.2011MRI
3.All Because of You10.02.2017BMG

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Keep In Touch2/1969
2.I'm A Mover / Worry
(v USA)
3/1969 A&M
3.Broad Daylight / The Worm3/1969 Island
4.I'll Be Creepin' / Sugar For Mr. Morrison7/1969 Island
5.I'll Be Creepin' / Mouthful Of Grass
(v USA)
8/1969 A&M
6.All Right Now / Mouthful Of Grass
produced by: Free
5/1970 Island1 4
7.The Stealer / Lying In The Sunshine11/1970 Island
8.The Stealer / Broad Daylight11/1970 A&M 49
9.The Highway Song / Love You So
(v USA)
1/1971 A&M
10.I'll Be Creepin' / Mr. Big
(v USA)
3/1971 A&M
11.My Brother Jake / Only My Soul16.04.1971Island1
12.A Little Bit Of Love / Sail On4/1972 Island13
13.Wishing Well / Let Me Show You
produced by: Free
14.Travellin' In Style / Easy On My Soul13.04.1973Island
15.All Right Now / Mouthful Of Grass
produced by: Free
16.The Hunter / Worry
produced by: Guy Stevens
17.All Right Now / Wishing Well / My Brother Jake
produced by: Free
18.All Right Now15.10.1982Island57
19.Wishing Well / Woman5/1985 Island96
20.All Right Now / I'm A Mover
12",CD + Get Where I Belong
1/1991 Island6
21.My Brother Jake (remix) / Wishing Well (remix)
12",CD + The Stealer (extended) / Only My Soul (extended)
4/1991 Island
22.All Right Now5/2011 Island
23.The Stealer14.10.2016Island

John "Rabbit" Bundrick:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Broken Arrows20.04.1973Island

Paul Rodgers:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Cut Loose / Talking Guitar Blues
(v GB 13.1.84)
11/1983 Atlantic 102
2.Morning After The Night Before / Northwinds1/1984 Atlantic
3.Muddy Water Blues / Purple Haze / Stone Free / Little Wing2/1994 Victory45
4.All I Want Is You28.04.1997SPV

Simon Kirke:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.All Because of You18.11.2016BMG
2.Feel Like Making Love20.01.2017BMG


1. The Best Of Free


disbanded 8/71
reunited 1/72

John Bundrick:

appeared on the LP:

John Martyn: Solid Air (2/73, Island)
Donovan: Cosmic Wheels (3/73, Epic)
Krysia Kocjan: Krysia (1974)
Sandy Denny: Like An Old Fashioned Waltz (31.5.74, Island)
Russ Ballard: Winning (13.2.76, Epic)
Liar: Straight From The Hip (5/77, Decca)
Joan Armatrading: Show Some Emotion (9.9.77, A&M)

Paul Rodgers:

appeared on the LP:

Paul Kossoff: Back Street Crawler (9.11.73, Island)
Buddy Guy: Feels Like Rain (2/93, Silvertone)
Jools Holland: Jack O The Green O Friends, Vol. 3 (20.7.04, WEA)
Sam Moore: Overnight Sensational (29.8.06, Rhino)

appeared on the SP:
Buddy Guy: Some Kind Of Wonderful (6/93, Silvertone)

Compilation Appearances:
"I Don't Live Today" on Jimi Hendrix Tribute LP "Stone Free" (1993, & Slash & Billy Cox & Buddy Miles)
"Let Me Roll It" on compilation "The Art Of McCartney" (17.11.14)

on the LP "Muddy Waters Blues" (1993) appeared:
Jason Bonham (ds), Pino Palladino (bg), Ian Hatton (g), Buddy Guy, Trevor Rabin, Jeff Beck David Gilmour, Brian May, Slash, Gary Moore, Steve Miller, Neal Schon, Richie Sambora, Brian Setzer

Simon Kirke:

appeared on the LP:

Paul Kossoff: Back Street Crawler (9.11.73, Island)
John Wetton: Caught In The Crossfire (7.11.80, EG)
Jon Lord: Before I Forget (2.7.82, Harvest)
Mick Ralphs: Take This (1985, Rock Machine)
Frankie Miller: Dancing In The Rain (1986, Phonogram)
Mick Jones: Mick Jones (1989, WEA)
Frank Black: Fastman / Raiderman (20.6.06, Back Porch)

Paul Kossoff:

appeared on the LP:

John Martyn: Sunday's Child (12/74, Island)

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