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Los Angeles, California, USA
*  1968


John Beland - voc,g
Sneaky Pete Kleinow - pedal steel g
Gib Gilbeau - viol
Chris Ethridge - bg
Ron Tutt - ds
Brian Cadd - kb

Former Members:

Gram Parsons (g, 1968-70); Chris Hillman (g,voc,bg, 1968-?); Bernie Leadon (g,voc, 5/69-7/71); Rick Roberts (voc,g, 1970-cca 1/72); Kenny Wertz (g,voc, 1971-cca 1/72); Allan Mundy (g, cca 1/72); Joel Scott-Hill (g, 1974-cca 9/76); Greg Harris (g, 1979-80)

Al Perkins (pedal steel, 1971)

Chris Ethridge (bg, 1968-69, 1974-3/76); Roger Bush (bg, 1971-cca 1/72); Skip Battin (bg, 3/76-cca 9/76, 1979-80); George Grantham (bg, cca 1990); Larry Patton (bg, cca 1991)

Jon Corneal (ds, 1968-1/69); Michael Clarke (ds, 1/69-?); Eric Dolton (ds, cca 1/72); Jim Goodall (ds); Gene Parsons (ds, 1974-cca 11/75); Rick Lanow (ds, cca 1991)

Byron Berline (viol, 1971-cca 1/72); Don Beck (g,mand, cca 1/72)

Ed Ponder (1979-80)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Gilded Palace Of Sin3/1969 A&M
2.Burrito Deluxe5/1970 A&M
3.Grass Roots
& Dillard & Clark
1971 A&M
4.The Flying Burrito Brothers6/1971 A&M
5.The Last Of The Red Hot Burritos2/1972 A&M
6.Live In Amsterdam
4/1973 Ariola
7.Bluegrass Special1974 Ariola
8.Honky Tonk Heaven
1974 A&M
9.Close Up The Honky Tonk - The Flying Burrito Brothers 1968-1972
10.Flying Again9/1975 Columbia
11.Hot Burrito1975
12.Sleepless Nights
& Gram Parsons, prod. Jim Dickson/Gram Parsons
14.Live From Tokyo6/1979 Regency
15.Close Encounters To The West Coast1978
16.Pop Chronic1979 2LP
17.The Live Collection1980
18.Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Loud, Loud Music3/1987 Edsel
19.Back To The Sweethearts Of The Rodeo
12/1987 Disky
20.Farther Along1989 A&M
21.Southern Tracks
(in France)
1990 Voodoo
22.Hollywood Nights5/1990 Sundown 1979-81
23.Encore - Live In Europe5/1991 Sundown
24.From Another Time
5/1991 Sundown
25.Sin City
1992 Relix
26.Eye Of The Hurricane10/1993 Sundown
27.In Concert11/1994 Start
28.Double Barrel
(recorded 1984)
12/1995 Sundown
29.Out Of The Blue
30.Bicentennial Burritos13.04.1999
31.Sons Of The Golden West18.05.1999
32.Hot Burritos: The Anthology (1969-1972)
33.20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection19.06.2001Chronicles
34.Honky Tonkin'12.02.2002One Way
35.Sin City: The Very Best of the Flying Burrito Brothers16.07.2002Universal
36.Collection26.04.2005Universal International
37.Honky Tonky Nights13.02.2007Music Avenue
38.Definitive Collection17.04.2007Hip-O
39.Gram Parsons Archive, Vol. 1
& Gram Parsons
40.Live At The Avalon Ballroom 1969: Archives Volume One
& Gram Parsons
41.Relix Collection10.07.2009Evangeline
42.Authorized Bootleg / Fillmore East, New York, N.Y. - Late Show, November 7 197022.02.2011Hip-O Select
43.Live At The Palomino, North Hollywood, June 8th 1969
& Gram Parsons & Clarence White
44.White Line Fever: The Record Plant, Hollywood, 19/09/197127.11.2015Shady Grove
45.Broadcasts 1971/1976
& Michael Bloomfield & Jerry Garcia & Nick Gravenites & Roger McGuinn & Bob Weir
05.08.2016Shady Grove

Sneaky Pete Kleinow:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Cold Steel
(in the UK 2.5.1975, United Artists)
2.Sneaky Pete1979
3.The Legend & the Legacy1994 Gonzo
4.Meet Sneaky Pete13.11.2001

Rick Roberts:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
2.She Is A Song1973 A&M
3.The Best Of Rick Roberts1979

Gram Parsons:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
produced by: Gram Parsons/Rick Grech
1/1973 Reprise
2.Grievous Angel1/1974 Reprise
3.Sleepless Nights
& Flying Burrito Brothers, prod. Jim Dickson/Gram Parsons
4.Luxury Liner3/1979 Shiloh
5.Gram Parsons: The Early Years 1963-655/1979 Shiloh
6.Live 1973
& Emmylou Harris & The Fallen Angels
4/1982 Sundown
7.Gram Parsons & The Fallen Angels6/1982 Warner Bros
8.Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris Live
& Emmylou Harris
11/1983 Magnum Force
9.Melodies5/1984 Sundown
10.Warm Evenings, Pale Mornings, Bottled Blues8/1992 Raven
11.The Gram Parsons Notebook: The Last Whippoorwill27.06.2000Shell Point/echomusic
12.Another Side of This Life: The Lost Recordings, 1965-6605.12.2000Sundazed
13.Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology
14.Big Mouth Blues: A Conversation with Gram Parsons04.06.2002Sierra
15.Complete Reprise Sessions23.08.2005Rhino
16.Gram Parsons Archive, Vol. 1
& Flying Burrito Brothers
17.Live At The Avalon Ballroom 1969: Archives Volume One
with The Flying Burrito Brothers
18.Back at Home / Jon Corneal and the Orang12.07.2011Yellow
19.Early Years
(mini CD)
20.Alternate Takes From GP & Grievous Angel30.04.2014Rhino
21.Live At Sonic Studios In Hampstead Ny. March 13, 1973
& The Fallen Angels
22.Live At The Palomino, North Hollywood, June 8th 1969
& The Flying Burrito Brothers & Clarence White
23.The Avalon Tapes18.11.2016iOcean Music

Byron Berline:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Byron Berline & Sundance
& Sundance, prod. Ken Mansfield
2.Live At McCabes1978
3.Byron Berline And The LA Fiddle Band1980
4.Flyin' Fingers29.07.2016Independent

Chris Ethridge:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.L.A. Getaway
& John Barbata & Joel Scott-Hill

Joel Scott-Hill:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.L.A. Getaway
& John Barbata & Chris Etheridge

Ron Tutt:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Sheffield Lab Drum & Track
& Jim Keltner

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The Train Song / Hot Burrito #16/1969 A&M
2.If You Gotta Go, Go Now / Cody, Cody4/1970 A&M
3.Older Guys / Down In The Churchyard7/1970 A&M
4.Tried So Hard / Lazy Day12/1970 A&M
5.Colorado / White Line Fever6/1971 A&M
6.Building Fires / Hot Burrito #307.11.1975Columbia
7.Bon Soir Blues / Hot Burrito #31976 Columbia
8.Big Bayou / Waitin' For Love To Begin1976 Columbia
9.White Line Fever / Big Bayou
12/1979 Regency

Gram Parsons:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.She / That's All It Took1/1973 Reprise
2.The New Soft Shoe / She
(v GB)
3/1973 Reprise
3.Cry One More Time / Streets Of Baltimore4/1973 Reprise
4.Love Hurts / In My Hour Of Darkness1/1974 Reprise
5.The Return Of The Grevious Angel / Hearts On Fire12/1981 Warner Bros
6.The Big Finish EP
& Emmylou Harris & The Fallen Angels
2/1983 Sierra
7.Love Hurts / The New Soft Shoe (live)1983 Sierra
8.Brass Buttons
& The Lemonheads

John Beland:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Baby You Come Rollin' 'Cross My Mind10/1969 Ranwood 110


original name The Flying Berrido Boys

disbanded 1971
reunited 1974
disbanded 1976 (?)
reunited 1979
1980-85 The Burrito Brothers
1985-86 The Flying Brothers
od 1987 The Flying Burrito Brothers

Sneaky Pete Kleinow:

appeared on the LP:

Joni Mitchell: Blue (6/71, Reprise)
Stevie Wonder: Songs In The Key Of Life (30.9.76, Tamla Motown)
Ringo Starr: Ringo's Rotogravure (8.10.76, Polydor)
Leonard Cohen: Death Of A Ladies' Man (11/77, CBS)
Pacific Steel Co: Pacific Steel Co (1/79, Pacific Arts)
Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man (1988, CBS)

Byron Berline:

appeared on the LP:

Ron Davies: Silent Song Through The Land (1970, A&M)
Gene Clark: Two Sides To Every Story (18.3.77, RSO)
Hoyt Axton: Snowblind Friend (6.7.77, MCA)
Randy Meisner: Randy Meisner (7/78, Asylum)
Rodney Crowell: Ain't Living Long Like This (9/78, Warner Bros)

Chris Ethridge:

appeared on the LP:

Rita Coolidge: Rita Coolidge (9.4.71, A&M)
Ry Cooder: Into The Purple Valley (2/72, Reprise)
David Blue: Nice Baby And The Angel (6/73, Asylum)
Roger McGuinn: Roger McGuinn (8/73, CBS)
Willie Nelson: Stardust (6/78, CBS)

Gram Parsons:

appeared on the LP:

Rick Grech: The Last Five Years (24.8.73, RSO)


2003 Americana Music Awards - President's Award

Ron Tutt:

appeared on the LP:

Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie Nicks: Buckingham Nicks (1973, Polydor)
Delaney & Bonnie: Best Of Delaney & Bonnie (1973, Rhino)
Elvis Costello: King Of America (2/86, WEA)

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