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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Singles Various
London, GB


Chris Farlowe - voc
Mo Witham - g
Terry Comer - bg
Tim Hinkley - kb
John Martin - ds
Martyn C. Winning - sax

Former Members:

Madeline Bell (voc, 9/75)

Albert Lee (g, 5/64-68, cca 7-9/75); Phil Palmer (g, cca 11/75-12/75)

Ricky Charman (bg, cca 1963-cca 1964); Bruce Waddell (bg, cca 1965-cca 1967); De'Lisle Harper (bg, cca 11/75-12/75); Big George Webley (bg, cca 1986)

Dave Greenslade (kb, cca 1963); Pete Solley (kb, cca 1967); Jean Roussell (kb, cca 7-9/75); Robert Bailey (kb, cca 11/75-12/75)

Johnny Wise (ds, cca 1963-cca 1964); Ian Hague (ds, cca 1965-cca 1967); Carl Palmer (ds, cca 1967); Gerry Conway (ds, cca 7-9/75); Simon Phillips (ds, cca 11/75-12/75)

Chris Mercer (sax, cca 7/75-cca 11/75); Steve Gregory (sax,fl, cca 1986)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Chris Farlowe And The Thunderbirds2/1966 Columbia
2.14 Things To Think About3/1966 Immediate19
3.The Art Of Chris Farlowe12/1966 Immediate37
4.Stormy Monday Blues1967 MP
5.Chris Farlowe1967
6.The Best Of Chris Farlowe12/1967 Immediate
7.The Last Goodbye1969 Immediate
8.Chris Farlowe Band Live10.11.1975Polydor
9.Out Of Time - The Best Of Chris Farlowe28.11.1975Immediate
10.The Immediate Catalogue1977
11.Chris Farlowe And The Thunderbirds11/1977 Charly
12.Greatest Hits1/1978 Immediate
13.Out Of Time - Paint It Black8/1978 Charly
14.Hot Property1983
15.Out Of The Blue1/1986 Thunderbolt
16.Live In Hamburg1986 Thunderbolt
17.Mr. Soulful9/1986 Showcase
18.Born Again10/1986 Thunderbolt
19.Buzz With Fuzz8/1987 Decal
20.Waiting In The Wings1991
21.I'm The Greatest3/1994 See For Miles
credited to: The Chris Farlowe Band
22.09.1997Out Of Time/in-akustik
24.Bursting Over Bremen: Live 198503.06.2014MIG

Chris Farlowe:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.As Time Goes By1995
2.Lonesome Road1/1996 Talking Elephant
3.Out of Time: The Immediate Anthology09.05.2000Immediate
4.Rock 'n' Roll Soldier: Anthology 1970-200407.02.2006Friday Music
5.Hungary for the Blues29.08.2006
6.At Rockpalast21.11.2006In-akustik
7.Hotel Eingang28.10.2008
8.Out of the Blue05.05.2009
9.Art of Chris Farlowe13.04.2010Repertoire
10.Best of Chris Farlowe13.04.2010Repertoire
11.Farlowe That!19.05.2013MIG

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.I Remember / Push Push9/1963 Columbia
2.Girl Trouble / Itty Bitty Pieces2/1964 Columbia
3.Just A Dream / What You Gonna Do7/1964 Columbia
4.Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey / Hound Dog10/1964 Columbia
5.The Fool / Treat Her Good05.11.1965Immediate
6.Farlowe In The Moonlight Hour EP19.11.1965Immediate37
7.Stormy Monday EP1966 Island
8.Think / Don't Just Look At Me14.01.1966Immediate37
9.Out Of Time / Baby Make It Soon17.06.1966Immediate1 122
10.Just A Dream / Hey Hey Hey Hey12.08.1966Columbia
11.Ride On Baby / Headlines14.10.1966Immediate31
12.Chris Farlowe Hits EP1967 Immediate
13.My Way Of Giving / You're So Good To Me1/1967 Immediate48
14.Yesterday's Papers / Life Is But Nothing13.05.1967Immediate
15.Moanin' / What Have I Been Doin'6/1967 Immediate46
16.Paint It Black / You're So Good To Me
(v USA)
7/1967 Immediate
17.Handbags And Gladrags / Everyone Makes A Mistake12/1967 Immediate33
18.The Last Goodbye / Paperman Fly In The Sky4/1968 Immediate
19.Paint It Black / What Have I Been Doing
(v USA)
6/1968 Immediate
20.Paint It Black / I Just Need Your Lovin'
(v GB)
7/1968 Immediate
21.Dawn / April Was The Month1968 Immediate
22.Out Of Time / Ride On Baby1969 Immediate
23.Can't Find A Reason
& Vincent Crane
24.Out Of Time / My Way Of Giving05.09.1975Immediate44
25.We Can Work It Out / Only Women Bleed24.10.1975Polydor
26.Out Of Time / Handbags And Gladrags / Yesterday's Papers / Ride On Baby7/1980 Virgin
27.Out Of Time / Think1/1985 Old Gold

Chris Farlowe:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Air Travel / Why Did You Break My Heart11/1962 Decca
2.Air Travel EP1963 Decca
3.Only Women Bleed / After Midnight02.12.1977Charly
4.Let The Heartaches Begin / Barrymore10/1982 CBS
5.Livin' Ain't Easy Without You / Don't Talk To Me10/1983 Taurus


reunited 9/1975
reunited cca 1986

Chris Farlowe:

appeared on the LP:

Jimmy Page: Death Wish II (1982, Swan Song)
Jimmy Page: Outrider (6/88, Geffen)
Van Morrison: Duets: Re-Working The Catalogue (24.3.15, RCA)

Compilation Appearances:
"Out Of Time" on compilation "The Cavern - The Most Famous Club In The World" (20.8.07)