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Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Fight Club Vol. 1: Germany vs France vs Sweden
(Technology / Fucking Angry / Gimme Some Bass / Funky Shit)
& Ram & Fabio & Detest
2.Violent Special 2
(STFU / That AK Track / We Rule The World / Hyperia)
& Raw & Uncut & DJ R Shock & Gabbro & D Version
3.Disturb The Peace EP
(JTKNOI / Ostep / The Aristocrats / Asskick)
& Paranoizer & Raw & Uncut
07.07.2009Narkotik Overdoze
4.Apocalypse EP
(Vengeance / Hardcore Pride / Bananaphone / Christina Gets Wanked On / Rebel Bitch / Die Just Die)
& Vague Entity & DJ Mutante & Plague & Smurf
05.11.2009Canadian Speedcore Resistance
5.Xteme Audio Violence 001
(The King / For The Pussy / Hate Mankind / Anti-Social Behaviour)
& The Untitled & Vague Entity & The Destroyer
12.07.2010Xteme Audio Violence
6.Project Terror EP Vol 2
(Wrong Answer / Cranial Damage / Going For The Kill / Death /Street Justice)
& Svartalfheim & Bonehead & Paranoizer & Noizefucker & Vague Entity