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E Mark

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Mark E Works 2005-2009 Vol 2: Selected Tracks & Edits06.07.2010Merc
2.Stone Breaker24.05.2011Spectral Sound
3.Black Country Roots26.11.2013Running Back
4.Product Of Industry30.04.2014Spectral Sound
5.Avion25.11.2014Spectral Sound
6.Basement Trax15.04.2016Forced Exposure

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Smiling / For Love12.06.2006Jiscomusic
2.Deja Vu / Beat Down23.10.2006Running Back
3.R & B Drunkie24.09.2007Golf Channel
4.Slave 1 / Pulse Friction / Human28.04.2008Running Back
5.Good Times
& Dragon
6.Ray Gun / Touch30.06.2008Jiscomusic
7.Based On Misunderstandings 2 EP
(Fazer / Smokescreen)
13.10.2008Sonar Kollektiv
8.Freaking Shriekin / Formed20.08.2009Under The Shade/Jiscomusic
9.Get Yourself Together14.09.2009Merc
10.Codsall Juniors / Gunstone17.09.2009Endless Flight
11.White Skyway / Nocturn08.01.2010Under The Shade/Jiscomusic
12.Special FX / Christo16.06.2010Merc
13.Nobody Else / The Wolf / The Siren / The Endless Siren17.08.2010Running Back
14.R&B Drunkie24.11.2010Golf Channel
15.Escape / Midnight Fires / Escape (Roots Unit remix)26.11.2010Vibrations
16.White Skyway / Nocturn29.03.2011Under The Shade/Jiscomusic
17.Freaking Shriekin / Formed05.04.2011Under The Shade/Jiscomusic
18.The Day / Special FX18.06.2011Spectral Sound
19.Ray Gun / Touch06.09.2011Jiscomusic
20.R&B Drunkie07.12.2011Golf Channel
21.Call Me13.03.2012Merc
22.Oranges16.04.2012Spectral Sound
23.Snow Walker / Environment01.05.2012Merc
24.We Could Love22.06.2012Needwant
25.Epic Disco Vol 2 EP
(Delta / Walk With Me / Stockholm Express / I Was On)
& Prins Thomas & Bogdan Irkuk & Ultracity
26.Crossing Paths / R-Type16.04.2013Bokhari
27.Black Country Roots / The Kings Heath / Siren FX / Midland Nights30.10.2013Running Back
28.Activity / Night Heart / Shapes23.10.2014Futureboogie
29.Needwant: 5 Years EP
(Hypnotic Dance (Nicholas remix) / Holding On (The Revenge remix) / We Could Love (Mark E Sadness Of Yesterday remix) / Make Or Break (Urulu remix))
& Maxxi Soundsystem & Kim Ann Foxman & James Fox
30.Avion EP
(Molyneaux / Avion Central / Bog Dance (Alvin Aronson remix) / Being Hiding (Laszlo Dancehall remix))
12.11.2014Spectral Sound
31.Emergency / Laurentian Abyss13.03.2015ESP Institute
32.E Work #1 EP
(Who Do You Believe In? (instrumental) / Who Do You Believe In? (vocal mix))
33.R&B Drunkie23.09.2015Golf Channel