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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Color Strip03.04.2006Warp
4.We Love... Detroit
& Derrick May
05.03.2013We Love
5.FABRICLIVE 79: Jimmy Edgar
6.Let Me Tell U18.09.2015Ultramajic

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The US Tournament EP
(Delta / Haze / We Like You)
& Brian Aneurysm & Showboat
28.10.2002Poker Flat
2.Access Rhythm EP
(No Static / Morris Nightingale Theme / Urban Outake / Re: City Alley)
3.Detroit Underground Volume 3 (Latin Sunrise (Kero's Bemt mix) / Remind / Kero's Bent Mix / Flexiadeeconstruction (Kero mix))
& Direkt Jive & Funckarma & Himawari & Delien
06.09.2004Detroit Underground
4.Bounce, Make, Model EP16.11.2004Warp
5.Detroit Underground 06
(Krup / Jabberwork (v6) / Deform 4-Final 2 / I Hate It When People Make Tracks Like This)
& Kritical Audio & 2000 & Kero
28.11.2005Detroit Underground
6.Devine Edgar EP
(Punk Motherfucker (Richard Devine's Acid Rev remix) / Krake Technomix / Slaphard / Wanna Do It (edit))
& Funkstorung & Richard Devine
28.04.2008Detroit Underground
7.Metro Sampler Line 2
(You Are Mine / City / Play This Song / So Blue / Time / Yellow River Groove)
& Ketepica & Stro The 89th Key From The Procussions & Ill Dubio
8.Funktion Of Your Love EP
(Funktion (instrumental) / Young Thing / Funktion (Seth Troxler remix) / Funktion (Acid version))
16.09.2009Items & Things
9.Private 2 / 3 EP
(Sleight Of Mouth (Subtle) / Sleight Of Mouth (Coushin Remix) / Sleight Of Mouth (Nomadic Remix) / Sleight Of Mouth (Yuji Kondo & Katsunori Sawa/Steven Porter Remix))
10.Hush EP
(Hush / Bthere / Hush (Kyle's Detroit Retro Metro remix))
24.06.2010Glass Table
11.Hot Raw Sex08.07.2010K7
12.+NXTLVLNXTLVL / My Balance (Last Priority)06.10.2010Nonplus
13.This One's For The Children / Switch Switch27.03.2012Hotflush
14.Let Yrself Be / Heartkey12.06.2012Hotflush
15.Room Service / Deep Touch / You Give Me That Something
& Citizen
17.08.2012Love Fever
16.Sex Drive10.10.2012Hotflush
17.We Love Detroit Part 3 / 4 EP
(Let Yrself Be Free / Clockin' / When Summer Doesn't Come)
& Lando Kal & Axiom Crux
20.03.2013We Love
18.Hot Inside / Strike / Shout05.06.2013Ultramajic
19.Mercurio / Ultraviolet / Qlinda26.11.2013Ultramajic
20.White Majic 001 EP
(Frequency / Feel)
& Aden
21.Saline EP
(Burn / Decalcify / Walk Show / Who's Watching)
& Truncate