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*  1999

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Let It Happen Tonight1990
2.Jumping from Springboards27.01.2004Musea
3.Second To None29.06.2004Frontiers
4.Three Kings07.11.2006DeSeret Books
5.Are You Ready to Rock21.10.2008
6.It's Christmas Time01.11.2011Shadow Mountain
7.Bleed And Scream28.08.2012Frontiers
8.Corrupted Society12.10.2012Reggae Archive

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The Look Of Love6/1996
2.Viva El Amor29.07.1996Hansa
3.Sweat26.05.1997Acid Test
4.State Of Warning09.02.1998Compile/SPV
5.Satisfy My Soul07.09.1998Global Harmony
6.I'm A Fan (Flange & Swain remix & dub)31.05.1999Incredible
7.Makes Me Love You ("Morning Star" & "Sunset" mixes)02.08.1999Azuli25
Makes Me Love You (Richard F, Funk Force mixes & bonus beats)02.08.1999Azuli
8.Point Zero / Brighter Future
vs Force Mass Motion
9.This Is My Life / Listen Up
& Stealth
07.08.2000Next Generation
10.Dance 2 Da House21.08.2000Play
Dance 2 Da House (remixes)04.09.2000Play
11.Take Me Down (6 Underground) (Bini & Martini mixes)13.01.2003Azuli
12.EP Vol 1 (Take Me Down (6 Underground) (extended mix) / Punto G (Folletto extended mix) / Running (extended mix) / Movin' (Belloni mix))
& Vanni G & Ladybird & Starship
28.07.2003Do It Yourself
13.24-726.04.2004Next Generation
14.For Your Love
feat Michelle Weeks
07.06.2004Ocean Trax
For Your Love (Presslabboys remix, Paul C Twisted mix)
feat Michelle Weeks
02.08.2004Ocean Trax
15.90s EP Volume 20
(Total Eclipse Of The Heart / Ready On The Night /Vacuum Cleaner /El Muro Se Meuve)
& Metro & Vatios & DJ Revolution
16.Take Me Down (6 Underground) 200702.07.2007Ocean Trax
17.Heart's Desire
feat Lisa Marie
01.10.2007Next Generation
18.Void Of Silence05.11.2007Azuli
19.Missing (DJ Fitzy vs Ross B remix, Corky remix)28.01.2008Pitch Black
20.24 7 / Getting Hi (Scott Brown remix)
& Brisk & Ham
12.01.2009Next Generation

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