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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Songs For A Reason16.05.2005Tamoki Wambesi Dove
2.Special Request30.10.2006Tamoki Wambesi Dove
3.Reggae Ambassador31.12.2007Cousins
4.Jah Messingers21.07.2008Gussie P
5.Wondrous Works10.02.2010Gussie P
6.Babylon Walls21.12.2010Ariwa Sounds
7.Showcase18.02.2011Studio 1
8.The Fittest14.02.2012
9.Natty Farming: Showcase05.06.2014A Lone Productions

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Jah Disciples / Too Long ("Jungle" dub)
& Rod Taylor
20.01.2003Cultural Warriors
2.Living In Paradise / Fire City Rhythm01.09.2003Reality Sound
3.Love I Can Feel / Red Gold & Green
& Muscle Emanuel
17.05.2004Studio Starr Gate Jamica
4.Holding Back The Years31.05.2004Merge
5.Jah Love We Want / Gold Of Sheba
& A Pabie & Earl Daley & D Washington
05.12.2005Merge Productions
6.Natural Roots / Organic Dub / Going To Africa / Out Of Babylon18.09.2006Merge
7.Vineyard / Issachar's Melody
& Gussie P & Leroy Mafia & The Dub Creator
25.06.2007Sip A Cup
8.Groovy Situation / Satta Dread
& Mafia & Fluxy & Mad Professor
25.06.2007Ariwa Sounds
9.Treasure (Full Warning Rhythm) / Treasure In Dub / Lilly Of The Valley / Lilly In Dub
& Castro Pink
10.Jah General / Star General / Natural Melody / Organic Dub
& Nick Manaseh
23.07.2007Merge Productions
11.Africa Is Calling (Russian Are Coming Rhythm) / Africa Is Russian Dub
& The Aggrovators
12.Guide Us Jah (Almighty Rhythm) / Almighty Strings
& Vibronics
05.11.2007Cultural Warriors
13.One God / One (dub) / African Tribesmen / Yoruba (dub)12.11.2007Dread At The Controls
14.Agent For Your Love / Lovie Lovie
& Skengdon All Stars
15.Years Of Slavery / Tired Of Slavery / Visions Of Slavery (version) / Freedom
& U Brown & E Daley
16.We Need Justice
& Pickout Allstar
13.10.2008Jah Bless
17.Malcolm X03.11.2008Wild Flower
18.Virtual Generation (Ministerio Del Dub Riddim) / Virtual Dubbing
& BDF aka Basque Dub Foundation & Dub Terror
15.12.2008Heartical Sound
19.Give Me Your Loving
(Chip In / Unmetered Taxi Riddim)
22.12.2008High Power
20.Pirate's Game (The Whip Riddim) / Pirate's Samba
& Digitaldubs
21.Ocean Meets The Skies (Rise My People Riddim) / Ocean Meets The Dub
& One People Production
11.02.2009One People Production
22.Rise Up
& Disciples Riddim Section
06.04.2009Roots Youths
23.Trials & Tribulation / Man A Lion
& Disciples Riddim Section & Digistep
06.04.2009Roots Youths
24.Purify Our Soul / RIP Rasta Elders (version) / Concrete Castle / Give Us A Helping Dub13.08.2009Merge Productions
25.Love That Is Real / Slow Down
& Mikey General
22.12.2009Joe Frasier
26.Love Fire
(Promised Land / Dub Fire Riddim)
& Gussie P & Brinsly Ford
20.01.2010Sip A Cup
27.Jah Is My Keeper
& Ras Zacharri
31.03.2010Merge Productions
28.Political Strategy (80's Cut)28.04.2010Roots Injection
29.Good Old Days / Roots Man Dance05.03.2011Merge Productions
30.Jah Message / Justice
& Gussie P & Idren Natural & Dub Creation All Stars & Jah Shaka & Migh
18.03.2011Black Redemption
31.Raggamuffin Jammys / A One Sound
& Thriller U
06.12.2011King Jammy's Dub/Dub Store Jap
32.Giving Up13.12.2011Merge Productions
33.Purify Our Soul / Concrete Castle / Give Us A Helping (dub) (Lee Perry - Dread Lion Riddim)11.10.2012Merge
34.I & I17.12.2012Teams
35.Dem A Fake / Afrikan Gate / Prevail / Neva Fail Dub
& King Kong & Gussie P
20.12.2012King Shiloh
36.Creation Rebels / Creation Dub / Like A Gangstar / Creation Riddim
& Jacob & Lo Outta Mellow Mood
37.Signs & Wonders / Horns Of Prophecy (Glory Of Zion Riddim)
& Soothsayers Horns
08.02.2013Jam Tone
38.Malcolm X / Armaggedon Time
& Winston McAnuff
05.03.2013Dub Store
39.Let Jah EP
(Jet Jah / Jet Jah (dub) / Love In Your Heart / Dub In Your Heart)
& Indica Dubs & Forward Fever & Marianne
06.08.2015Indica Dubs
40.Mystic Revelation / They Don't Know
& Ines Pardo & Roberto Sanchez
16.11.2015Roots & Fyah