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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Data Recovery19.06.2009The Third Movement

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Exposure / Checkmate / The Arrival
& T Junction
09.12.2002The Third Movement
2.Fuck The Free World / Do It Like Rik / Disorder21.07.2003The Third Movement
3.Industrial Demolition EP
(Call Me By My Name / Phreaking Elektronics / Dorm Of The Future (D-Passion remix) / Vector Battle)
& Slavefriese & Trickstyle & Alex B & Promo & Catscan
17.11.2003The Third Movement
4.Human Demolition (Part 3) (Constant Filth / Ster Allures / Testaa / Biohazard)
& Alex B & Peaky Pounder & Trickstyle & Promo & Lenny Dee
05.04.2004The Third Movement
5.God Don't Care About Me / Deadline / Following Concept / Painting Outside26.04.2004The Third Movement
6.Demolition (Part 4) (De Spelregels / Endless Combinations / After Me There Will Be None / Viisi)
& Alex B & Promo & Peaky Pounder
04.10.2004The Third Movement
7.Kind Of Rude / A Promise To Keep / Blacklist Amok / Blacklist Amok (IM break mix)15.11.2004Industrial Movement
8.Demolition (Part 5) (Insp-Her-Ation / Everyday Again / Back And Forth / Kulta)
& Daisy & Peaky Pounder & Promo
11.04.2005The Third Movement
9.Demolition: Part 6
(The Next Level / The Voice Of Power / Vasaran / My Gopyrn)
& T Junction & MC Syco & Peaky Pounder & N Vitral & Promo
05.12.2005The Third Movement
10.Put Things Right EP
(Designed To Fail / Pillaged & Fucked / Put Things Right / Repeating Itself)
13.02.2006The Third Movement
11.Twist Your Brain / Missing In Action / 0% Fat / Possessed04.09.2006Industrial Movement
12.Wake Up & Become / Free Admission / What's Going On? / Hangover12.02.2007The Third Movement
13.Demolition Part 9
(Stand & Deliver / Cause & Effect / Runko / Superhuman (Zeta Reticulan Technology remix))
& Peaky Pounder & Micron & Promo
29.10.2007The Third Movement
14.Demolition Part 10
(The Grower / Beyond The Grower / Self Made / Defliction)
& N Vitral & Promo
07.04.2008The Third Movement
15.The Collabs EP
(Take The Risk / Last Track Of The Night / Bring The Noise / What The Hell)
12.05.2008The Third Movement
16.Infection / This Is The Day / Realism (Promo remix) / Plat & Voorspelbaar05.03.2009The Third Movement
17.Divine Breed / Nocturnal Rituals (Tieum remix)
& The Wishmaster & Tommyknocker & Nexes & Triax
27.11.2009Underground House Movement
18.Raving Nightmare: Divine Breed / Nocturnal Rituals (Tieum remix)
& The Wishmaster & Tommyknocker & Nexes & Triax
09.12.2009Underground House Movement
19.Violate / Pride06.12.2011The Third Movement
20.Done Talking / End Of Eternity15.12.2011The Third Movement
21.Dispel The Darkness / Sellout / Good Memories25.09.2012The Third Movement
22.The Expected Unknown EP
(Breathe / The Line Against The Night / Another Destiny)
& Ophidian