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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.We Are Still The Streets25.10.2004354 Entertainment
2.The CD / DVD Mixtape03.07.2006Koch
3.No Security16.07.2009Koch
4.Music Made Addictz
& S Te Fan
02.10.2009Cloud 9

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Freak On It! / Rock Diz Joint
vs Tha Bazz Pimpz
10.10.2005Straight On
2.Fresh New Beat (Dana remix)
& S Te Fan
3.Take Everything / Get Touched
& Lil Kim & Freeway
08.05.2006Clinton Sparks
4.Everything You Got21.08.2006Koch
5.Keep It Coming / Our Way
& S Te Fan & MC Villian
27.11.2006Next Chapter
6.Guilty / We Be Kickin' Bass!
& S Te Fan
28.05.2007Next Chapter
7.Evolutionz / Part Of The Hard
& S Ten Fan & MC Villain
28.04.2008Scantraxx Evolutionz
8.Ride With Uz / Stronger
& S Te Fan
09.06.2008Scantraxx Evolutionz
9.Kingdom / Total Eclipz
& S Te Fan
07.07.2008Scantraxx Evolutionz
10.Rock Diz / In Other Wordz
& S Te Fan & Deepack
11.09.2009Scantraxx Evolutionz
11.The Nature Of Our Mind
& S Te Fan
12.Together / Alone
& S Te Fan
08.04.2010Scantraxx Evolutionz
13.A Decade Of Dedication
& S Te Fan & Villain & MCDV8
14.Scantraxx Sampler 2 EP
(Rockin' Ur Mind / Robot's Dream / Music Is My Life / Under Attack)
& S Te Fan & Noisecontrollers & Bass Modulators & Ran D & Adard
15.Scantraxx Sampler 1 EP
(Discorecord / Face The Enemy (Zany remix) / Loopmachine / Cosmic Destination 2010)
& S Te Fan & Bioweapon & Frontliner & Brennan Heart
16.Scantraxx Sampler 4 EP
(The Call Of A Visionary (Official Reverze Anthem 2011) / Kingdom (The Picher re-amp) / Feel My Fire / Crossroads)
& S Te Fan & Ran D & Frontliner
17.Scantraxx Sampler 9 EP
(Madhouse / Rebirth (Official Rebirth Anthem 2011) / Part Of The Hard (Bioweapon remix) / Feedback)
& S Te Fan & Zatox & Ran D & B Front & MC Villain & Wildstylez
18.Scantraxx Sampler 13 EP
(Forget About It / Keep On Rockin' / The B-Side / Revelation)
& S Te Fan & The Prophet & Bass Modulators & Proppy & Heady
19.Scantraxx Sampler 14 EP
(Anger / The Space We Created / Just A Track / Till You Believe It)
& S Te Fan & Headhunterz & Noisecontrollers & Frontliner & Brennan Hea