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Line-Up Singles Various


Mike Humphries
Jon Nuccle

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Acid Wars (Liberator remix)18.11.1996Stay Up Forever
2.Lethal Enforcers07.06.1999

Jon Nuccle:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Cold Dust
& Mike Humphries
2.H vs Nuccle EP
(Pay The Price / Rezerection / Infested)
& Mike Humphries
05.07.1999Black & White
3.Episode 2 EP
(Chemical Attack / Sentinel)
& Mike Humphries
4.Tension EP
(Pre Emptive Strike / Fear / Distress Signal / Timebomb)
5.Cableheads / Insect Nation / Interceptor
& Mike Humphries
06.03.2000Analog Movement Creation
6.Silent Running27.03.2000Red Seal
7.Riot Tone / Home Cut
& Mike Humphries
02.05.2000Black & White
8.Mathematics / Slingblade
& H
02.10.2000Red Sea

Mike Humphries:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Cold Dust
& Jon Nuccle
2.Rubber Aliens / Playing Away
& Glenn Wilson
3.Discipline / Red Light / Racktout
& Glenn Wilson
4.Miss Strict / Thumb Cuff / At The Post
& Glenn Wilson
5.H vs Nuccle EP
(Pay The Price / Rezerection / Infested)
& Jon Nuccle
05.07.1999Black & White
6.Double D / Aural Exciter / Diana's Groove
& Glenn Wilson
7.Episode 2 EP
(Chemical Attack / Sentinel)
& Jon Nuccle
8.Keep That Rhythm Going / The Controllers / Loose Control
& Glenn Wilson
9.Submit / Obey / Yes / Restraint
& Glenn Wilson
10.Cableheads / Insect Nation / Interceptor
& Jon Nuccle
06.03.2000Analog Movement Creation
11.Riot Tone / Home Cut
& Jon Nuccle
02.05.2000Black & White
12.Release / Force / Pleasure
& Glenn Wilson
13.Lip Service / Lash Bonus / Fantasy Deluxe / Blow
& Glenn Wilson
14.Mathematics / Slingblade
& Jon Nuccle
02.10.2000Red Sea
15.Aural Exciter: 2nd Session / Shackled / Bonus Moan
& Glenn Wilson
16.DV8 / Low Down Bitch / Backlash17.12.2001Punish
17.Horngroove / Who You With?17.06.2002Punish
18.Punish Allstars Vol 3
(Swingin' The Chains / Meat Market / Fuck Nuts)
& Glenn Wilson & R Wilkinson & P Simpson
19.World Downfall Part III
(Storm Of Stress / Corporate Control / Human Prey)
04.08.2003Red Seal
20.Prodrive / Launch Control / Vice03.05.2004Master Trax
21.Dialogue / Prodrive (Johan Bacto mix) / Backdraft (Vincent De Wit & Bas Mooy mix)12.07.2004Master Trax
22.Electric Blue 1
(Me So / Night)
& Glenn Wilson
18.10.2004Punish Blue
23.Prodrive Remixes EP
(Prodrive (Ben Long remix) / Prodrive (Bas Mooy & Vincent De Wit mix) / Prodrive (Glenn Wilson mix) / Prodrive (Mike Wade mix))
17.01.2005Master Trax
24.Type UK EP Vol 4
(Spec 'C' / Induction / The Punch / The Punch (Street Fighter mix))
06.06.2005Master Trax
25.Modification Madness
(Comsatxt / System Designz / Train Traxx)
26.Back To Floor / Party All The People / Cut The Ice26.09.2005Punish
27.End Game EP
(Clunk / Infiltrate / Praktisk / Reason For Disbelief)
& Slobodan & Scott Gray & Marcelinho Cic
23.01.2006Native Diffusion
28.Interstate Grand Prix EP
(Juno Funk / Trackside)
28.08.2006Master Trax
29.The Ages EP
(Automation / Chronos / Darkness)
& Audioklinik
25.06.2007Open Source
30.Aural Exciter
(The Sect / Temper D)
& Glenn Wilson
31.TR 3B EP
(Test Flight / Earth-Akr / Tactical Recon)
05.05.2010Master Trax
32.Hunted By Aliens / Plunder / Droned
& Axel Karakasis
22.02.2011Kombination Research
33.Deep Black EP
(The Posessed / Test Range (MH remaster) / Pulse Detonation Test / Spec C (Two))
feat A. Paul
06.12.2012Master Trax
34.What You Got / Funk Face / Peace Pipe
& Patrick DSP & Millhouse & Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss


Jon Nuccle:

produced by SP:

Red Tide: Trinity EP (16.9.02, Core)