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Leeds, GB

Line-Up (2020):

CRIBS (photo)

Gary Jarman - voc,bg
Ryan Jarman - bg
Ross Jarman - ds

Former Members:

Johnny Marr (g, 2008-1/11)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Cribs25.01.2005Sonic Blew23
2.The New Fellas23.08.2005Wichita20
3.Men's Needs Women's Needs, Whatever
produced by: Alex Kapranos
4.Ignore The Ignorant
produced by: Nick Launay
5.In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull
produced by: David Fridmann
6.Payola: The Demos20.02.2013
7.Payola 2002-201211.03.2013Wichita69
8.For All My Sisters
produced by: Ric Ocasek
23.03.2015Sonic Blew9
9.Summer of Chances30.10.2015RED Music Solutions
10.24-7 Rock Star Shit
produced by: Steve Albini
11.08.2017Sonic Blew8
11.Night Network20.11.2020Sonic Blew19

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.You Were Always The One2/2004 66
2.What About Me5/2004 75
3.Hey Scenesters4/2005 27
4.Mirror Kissers6/2005 27
5.Martell / I'm Still Blaming You / Saturday Night Facts Of Life
CD + Hey Scenesters (Radcliffe Session) / Mirror Kissers (Radcliffe Session)
6.You're Gonna Lose Us / The Wrong Way To Be (live at Reading) / Advice From A Roving Artist05.12.2005Wichita30
7.Men's Needs / I've Tried Everything (acoustic) / Tonight14.05.2007Wichita17
8.Moving Pictures / Another Number (live at The Astoria)
CD + Get Yr Hands Out Of My Grave / Run A Mile (early demo)
9.Don't You Wanna Be Relevant? EP
(Our Bovine Public / Don't You Wanna Be Relevant? / Kind Words From The Broken Hearted / My Adolescent Dreams)
10.Love Is A Losing Game10.12.2007
11.I'm A Realist / Bast*rds Of Young25.02.2008Wichita
12.Cheat On Me / So Hot Now / We Were Aborted (live)31.08.2009Wichita80
13.We Share The Same Skies / City Of Bugs (live)09.11.2009Wichita
14.Record Store Day EP
(Separate / So Hot Now)
& The Thermals
26.04.2010Kill Rock Stars
16.Come On, Be A No-One / Don't Believe In Me23.04.2012Wichita
17.Glitters Like Gold / On A Hotel Wall19.07.2012Wichita
18.Leather Jacket Love Song05.02.2013Wichita
19.Squirrel Number 3 EP
(Baby Don't Sweat / You & I / Dig The Halo / Well Now It's Too Loud)
& Jen Schande
20.Burning For No One / I See Your Pictures Every Day10.02.2015Sony BMG
21.Different Angle / Orange Star Rattle28.05.2015Sony
22.All My Sisters / Wish I Knew You In The '90s30.10.2015
23.Year Of Hate16.06.2017
24.Rainbow Ridge7/2017
25.Running Into You13.08.2020
26.Never Thought I'd Feel Again16.10.2020
27.Christmas (All Year Long)04.12.2020
28.Swinging At Shadows12.08.2021
29.The Day I Got Lost Again22.10.2021
30.Sucked Sweet19.11.2021
31.This Could Be Better / Yellow Venus10.12.2021


1. Live At The Brudenell Social Club - 15.12.2008, Wichita, live 3DVD


2012 Q Awards - Q Spirit Of Independence

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Ryan Jarman:

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Edwyn Collins: Losing Sleep (13.9.10)

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