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COHEN Leonard
Montreal, Canada
*  21.9.1934

Personal Data:

Born: 21.09.1934 (Montreal, Canada)
Died: 07.11.2016
COHEN Leonard (photo)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Songs Of Leonard Cohen27.12.1967CBS13 83
2.Songs From A Room4/1969 CBS2 63
3.Songs Of Love And Hate4/1971 CBS4
4.Live Songs4/1973 CBS
5.New Skin For The Old Ceremony
produced by: Leonard Cohen/Lissauer
8/1974 CBS24
6.Greatest Hits11/1975 CBS
7.Death Of A Ladies' Man
produced by: Phil Spector
8.Recent Songs9/1979 CBS
9.Various Positions2/1985 CBS52
10.I'm Your Man2/1988 CBS48
11.The Best Of Leonard Cohen5/1988 CBS99
12.So Long, Marianne1989 CBS
13.I'm Your Fan1991 Columbia
14.The Future23.11.1992Columbia36
15.Cohen Live25.07.1994Columbia35
16.More Best Of Leonard Cohen13.10.1997Columbia
17.Field Commander Cohen: Tour of 1979
produced by: Leanne Ungar
18.Ten New Songs
produced by: Sharon Robinson
09.10.2001Columbia26 143
19.The Essential Leonard Cohen22.10.2002Columbia26 13
20.Dear Heather
produced by: Leann Ungar
28.09.2004Columbia34 131
22.The Classic Interview27.01.2009Chrome Dreams
23.Live In London
30.03.2009Columbia19 76
24.Greatest Hits7/2009 Sony Music29
25.Live At The Isle Of Wight 197015.10.2009Legacy
26.Songs From The Road10.09.2010Columbia68 112
27.The Complete Albums Collection
(17CD box set)
28.Back in the Motherland22.11.2011Left Field Media
29.Old Ideas30.01.2012Columbia2 3
30.Angels At My Shoulder: Live 199317.05.2012Left Field Media
& Jeff Buckley
32.Live In London: Recorded Live In Concert At The O2 Arena July 17th 200801.04.2014Music On Vinyl
33.Playlist: The Best of Leonard Cohen09.09.2014Columbia
34.Popular Problems
produced by: Patrick Leonard
21.09.2014Columbia5 15
35.Live In Dublin
36.Opus Collection1/2015 177
37.Can't Forget: A Souvenir Of A Grand Tour12.05.2015Columbia18 100
38.Live At The Complex Los Angeles 199304.06.2015DOL
39.Coming Back To You: Live At The Complex - Los Angeles 199304.09.2015BRR
40.Triumvirate11.12.2015The Collector's Forum
41.Toronto, 198818.03.2016Forced Exposure
42.Once More for Marianne14.10.2016Golden Rain
43.You Want It Darker
produced by: Adam Cohen
21.10.2016Columbia4 7
44.All Time Best11/2016
45.The Live Broadcast Sessions 1985-199302.12.2016Go Faster
46.Upon a Smokey Evening13.012017Golden Rain
47.Memories20.01.2017Laser Media
48.From the Shadows03.02.2017Zip City
49.Thanks For The Dance22.11.2019Columbia7 61

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Suzanne / So Long, Marianne5/1968 CBS
2.Bird On The Wire / Seems So Long Ago, Nancy5/1969 CBS
3.Joan Of Arc / Diamonds In The Mine09.07.1971CBS
4.McCabe & Mrs. Miller EP
(Sisters Of Mercy / Winter Lady / The Stranger Song)
7/1972 CBS
5.Suzanne / Bird On The Wire3/1973 CBS
6.Nancy (live) / Passing Through (live)4/1973 CBS
7.Bird On The Wire (live) / Tonight Will Be Fine (live)12.07.1974CBS
8.Lover, Lover, Lover / Who By Fire15.11.1974CBS
9.Suzanne / Take This Longing5/1976 CBS
10.Memories / Don't Go Home With Your Hard-On02.12.1977CBS
11.True Love Leaves No Traces / I Left A Woman Waiting10.03.1978CBS
12.Scoop 33 EP
(Suzanne / Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye / Joan Of Arc / Bird On The Wire / Paper Thin Hotel / Lady Midnight)
8/1983 Pickwick
13.Dance Me To The End Of Love / The Law2/1985 CBS
14.First We Take Manhattan / Sisters Of Mercy
12",CD + Bird On The Wire / Suzanne
1/1988 CBS
15.Ain't No Cure For Love / Jazz Police
12",CD + Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye / So Long, Marianne
5/1988 CBS
16.The Future EP12/1992 CBS
17.Closing Time / Everybody Knows07.12.1992
18.Closing Time / First We Take Manhattan / Famous Blue Raincoat / Winter Lady5/1993 CBS
19.Dance Me To The End Of Love24.10.1994
20.In My Secret Life10/2001
21.Hallelujah12/2008 Sony Music36
22.Show Me The Place11/2011
23.The Darkness23.01.2012
24.The End of Love17.06.2016Goldfish
25.Hallelujah11/2016 Sony Music80 59
26.You Want It Darker11/2016 Columbia
27.So Long, Marianne11/2016 Columbia
28.Happens To The Heart25.10.2019Columbia
29.Moving On2/2020 Columbia


1. Songs From The Life Of Leonard Cohen - 1989, CMV, 70 min
2. Live In London - 06.04.2009, Columbia, live 2DVD, 157 min
3. Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970 - 15.10.2009, Legacy, live
4. Songs From The Road - 10.09.2010, Sony, live
5. Live In Dublin - 01.12.2014, live
6. The Mind of a Poet - 02.12.2016, I.V. Media


1. Ladies And Gentlemen ... (1966, documentary)
2. Bird On The Wire (7/1974, starring, directed by Tony Palmer & Henry Zemal)
3. McCabe And Mrs. Miller (directed by Altman, soundtrack)
4. Lama Hotel (1983)
5. Marianne & Leonard: Words Of Love (5.7.2019, documentary, 5. Nick Broomfield)

Divadlo (Stage Performa:

1. The Leonard Cohen Show (1980)


1. Let Us Compare Mythologies (1956)
2. The Spice-Box of Earth (1961)
3. Flowers for Hitler (1964)
4. Parasites of Heaven (1966)
5. The Energy of Slaves (1970)
6. Notes for the Clean Life (1973)
7. Death of a Lady's Man (1978)
8. Book of Mercy (1984)
9. Book Of Longing (5/2006)

1. The Favourite Games (1963)
2. Beautiful Losers (1966)
3. Smrt kavalíra (1996)

L.S. Dorman, C.L. Rawlings: Leonard Cohen: The Prophet of the Heart
Ira Nadel: Leonard Cohen: Život v umění (1995)


2008 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
2010 Songwriters Hall Of Fame
2011 Prince Of Asturias Award (Španělsko)
2013 Juno Awards

- Artist Of The Year
- Songwriter Of The Year
2014 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "Songs Of Leonard Cohen", 1967)
2017 Grammy Awards - Best Rock Performance ("You Want It Darker")
2019 Grammy Hall Of Fame (SP "Hallelujah", 1984)

WWW Links:


Compilation Appearances:

"Eclipse" on tribute LP "Weird Nightmare Meditations On Mingus" (11/92, Sony, & Diamanda Galas)
"Waiting For The Miracle" on OST "Natural Born Killers" (2/94, Warner Bros)
"Waiting For The Miracle" on OST "Wonder Boys" (15.2.00, Columbia)
"Tower Of Song" on Leonard Cohen tribute OST "Im Your Man" (25.7.06, Verve Forecast, & U2)

appeared on the LP:
Earl Scruggs Revue: Anniversary Special (12/75, CBS)
Elton John: Duets (22.11.93, Rocket)
Herbie Hancock: River: The Joni Letters (25.9.07, Verve Labels)

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