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Manchester, GB
*  1977

Line-Up (2020):

Jeremy Kerr - voc,bg
Martin Moscrop - g,tr
Donald Johnson - ds

Former Members:

Andrew Connell (voc,kb, 1983-86)
Simon Topping (voc,tr, 1977-83); Anthony Quigley (sax, 1984-cca 1987)
Peter Terrel (g, 1977-83)
Martha Tilson (voc, 1981-10/82); Carol McKenzie (voc, 1983-84); Corrine Drewery (voc, 1985-86 g.a.); Denise Johnson (voc, 1990 g.a.)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Graveyard And The Ballroom12/1979 Factory
2.To Each ...3/1981 Factory21
3.Sextet1/1982 Factory53
4.I'd Like To See You Again11/1982 Factory
5.The Old And The New12/1985 Factory
6.Force11/1986 Factory
7.Change The Station1/1987 Mute
8.Live In America2/1987 Dojo
9.Good Together9/1989 A&M
10.M.C.R.7/1990 A&M
11.Twenty Seven Forever1991 Rob's
12.Up In Downsville11/1992 Robs
13.Looking For A Certain Ratio27.06.1994Creation
(mini LP)
15.Early01.04.2002Soul Jazz
16.Live America 198523.05.2005Melodic
17.Live 198012.07.2005LTM/Boutique
18.Live At Leigh Rock Festival August 1979
& Eltifits & Joy Division & Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
19.Mind Made Up05.06.2010LTM
20.Live In Groningen Holland 26/10/198013.12.2010Vinyl Lovers
21.acr:set10/2018 Mute
22.ACR Loco25.09.2020Mute69

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.All Night Party / The Thin Boys18.05.1979Factory
2.Shack Up / And The Again
(v Belgii)
7/1980 Factory Benelux
3.Flight / Blown Away / And Then Again11/1980 Factory
4.Shack Up / Son And Heir / Do The Du (casse) / The Fox1/1981 Factory
5.The Waterline / Funaezekea12/1981 Factory
6.Abracadubra / Sommadub
credited to: Sir Horatio
1/1982 Rock Steady
7.Guess Who / Guess Who Part 27/1982 Factory Benelux
8.Knife Slits Water / Tumba Rumba9/1982 Factory
9.I Need Someone Tonight / Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing29.08.1983Factory
10.Life's A Scream / There' s Only This11/1984 Factory
11.Brazilia2/1985 Factory Benelux
12.Wild Party / Sounds Like Something Dirty
MC + Life's A Scream / Force / Wild Party (live)
6/1985 Factory
13.Shack Up / The Thin Boys
(LP bonus)
12/1985 Factory
14.Mickey Way (The Candy Bar) / Inside / Si Fermo O Grido12/1986 Factory
15.Greetings Four EP
(The Runner / Inside / Bootsy)
(v Itálii)
7/1987 Materiali Sonori
16.The Big E (I Won't Stop Loving You) / Love Is The Way6/1989 A&M96
17.Backs To The Wall / Be What You Want To Be8/1989 A&M
18.Your Blue Eyes / Thin Grey Line
12",CD + Coldest Days
10/1989 A&M
19.Good Together / Be What You Wanna Be
4 For The Floor EP
(12",CD + Spirit Dance / Tribeca)
2/1990 A&M81
20.Won't Stop Loving You / The Big E
12" + Love Is The Way / Repercussions
6/1990 A&M55
21.The Planet / Loosen Up Your Mind7/1991 Rob's
22.27 Forever11/1991 Rob's
23.Mello10/1992 Rob's
24.Turn Me On
& Denice Johnson
25.Tekno12/1993 Rob's
26.Shack Up / Life's A Scream16.05.1994Creation
27.Live At Soundstation Vol 1
(Samba 123 / Yeah Boy / Desire / Funk Off)
28.Live At The Soundstation Volume 2
(Samba 123 (Fila Brazilia Remix) / Yeah Boy)
4/1997 Rob's
29.Shack Up / Being Boiled
& Human League
04.12.2001Soul Jazz
30.Starlight / Wild Party / I'm A Very Busy Man
& Fila Brazillia
31.Relish Compilation EP
(Way To Escape / Tar & Feather / The Man Who Paid Before / Don't Cash)
& David Gilmour Girls & Franz & Shape & Noia & Don Cash
32.Always In Love30.06.2020Mute
33.Holy Smoke29.03.2023Mute

Simon Topping:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Prospect Park / Chicas Del Mundo / Mission and 242/1985 Factory Benelux


1. A Factory Complication - 11/1981
6:15 Back to the Start
2. Below the Canal Video -? ?:?? Forced Laugh ?:?? Shack Up ?:?? [unknown - live from Music Machine and Heaven] ?:?? Back to the Start ?:?? Crippled Child ?:?? [unknown - TV appearances Manchester and Milan] ?:?? Tribeca ?:?? [other stuff] - Never completed. From the 'Factory Newsletter and Shareholders Analysis No. 5 September 1981': 2 Hours. Early promo's 'Forced Lauch'/'Shack Up', live from Music Machine and Heaven. 'Back to the Start', 'Crippled Child', TV stuff from Manchester and Milan, M. Shambergs 13 minute 'Tribeca' from the New York loft, plus art... lots of art. Postsynched erotica by Johnson. Available by December/January, same price and arrangements as 37 in similar apropros bridge bag with G&L flip-top convertible.
3. A Factory Video - 8/1982, live
?:?? Forced Laugh
4. A Factory Outing - 10/1983
3:43 Back to the Start
3:08 Showcase
- All tracks live at The Hacienda Club, Manchestedirected by
- Later releases on IKON with sticker stating:
5. Palatine. The Free Vid - 12/1991
?:?? Shack Up
- Subtitle: "With love from Factory to HMV for You".
- Came free with initial copies of the Palatine boxed set bought from HMV.
6. Palatine / MTV Special History of Factory - 1/1992
- A 27 minute documentary featuring various Factory artists, including Joy Division live excerpts, interviews with Tony Wilson, Jeremy Kerr and Martin Moscrop, Bernard Sumner, Steven Morris and Peter Hook, (a guy from Railway Children), (2 Guys from The Wendy's), and Vini Reilly. Has been shown on MTV Europe several times.
- First broadcast 26 January 1992 on MTV's '120 Minutes'.
- Released in Canada as 'Palatine' (!), given away at HMV stores with the 'Palatine' set.
?:?? Shack Up *
?:?? Tribecca
7. Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed
An award-winning music video featuring several acts, including Patrik Fitzgerald, Stiff Little Fingers, Sham 69, Purple Hearts, Selecter, A Certain Ratio and Johnny G, plus interview footage.


1. Too Young to Know, Too Wild to Care
- A film, never made, which was to feature most of the Factory roster, but mainly A Certain Ratio and The Distractions attempting various forms of terrorism around Manchester, kidnapping Ian Curtis and blowing up Joy Division (!).
- The Factory catalogue number allocated was FAC 20.
- The name was later used for a Factory compilation issued through London Records.

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