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New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
*  12/1989


CROWBAR (photo)

Kirk Windstein - voc,g
Jay Abbene - g
Steve Gibb - g
Pat Bruders - bg
Tommy Buckley - ds

Former Members:

Kevin Noonan (g, 12/89-9/92); Matt Thomas (g, cca 12/93-cca 1/95); Sammy Duet (g, cca 1996-cca 2001)
Todd Strange (bg, 12/89-2000); Jeff Okoneski (bg, 2000-cca 2001)
Craig Nunenmacher (ds, 1990-cca 1/95, cca 2000); Jimmy Bower (ds, 12/89-90, cca 4/95); Sid Montz (ds, cca 2000); Chris Hamilton (ds, cca 11/00)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Obedience Thru Suffering1992 Grind Core International
produced by: Phil Anselmo
11/1993 IRS
3.Live Plus One
(mini LP)
28.03.1994Music For Nations
4.Time Heals Nothing22.05.1995Pavement Music
5.Broken Glass
produced by: Simon Effemey/Phil Anselmo
21.10.1996Bullet Proof
6.Past And Present - The Best Of08.06.1998Pavement
7.Old Fellows Rest06.07.1998Mayhem/Rough Trade
9.Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form21.08.2001Spitfire
10.Life's Blood for the Downtrodden08.02.2005Candlelight
11.Sever the Wicked Hand14.02.2011Century Media
12.Symmetry In Black27.05.2014Century Media 68
13.The Serpent Only Lies28.10.2016Entertainment One Music

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.All I Had (I Gave)11/1993

Press References:

1994809.03.199411Livegig review
19941130.03.19945Big Bang!
1995820.04.19955Big Bang!
Big Beng!
19971517.04.199755Hard & Heavy Masters
2000227.01.200042Forum kritikumalbum review
2000904.05.200034Forum kritikumalbum review
Rock & Pop
19965 68Livegig review
20002 101Recenze - Novinkyalbum review
20005 100Recenze - Novinkyalbum review