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Calendar for 27.02.2021

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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.We Know Where You Live!26.07.2013Botchit & Scarper

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Lost Genesis11.11.19963 Lanka
2.Let It Go09.11.19983 Lanka
3.Memory Protect / Antwerp Shopping / Peeping Electro Tom28.06.1999KK
4.Manic / The Reckoning / Demons23.04.2001Botchit Breaks
5.Kult / Dancing Diva ("Disco Stomper" remix)18.03.2002Invasion
6.Fool / Road Hog01.04.2002Botchit Breaks
7.Naked Soak EP
(For You Babe! / Lifeseeker (Marchetto Scheurer remix) / Naked
& Ted Bjorling & Marchetto & Scheurer
8.Botchit Breaks 5 Part 2
(4x4x4 / Riddler / Siren / Catcher In The Rye)
& Chris Carter & Uncouth Youth & DJ Dee Kline & Dreb
11.11.2002Botchit Breaks
9.Debris EP
(Debris / Ghost (Andrew B remix, Frame mix))
& John Consemulder
12.05.2003End To End
10.Monkey / Manic (Soto remix)
vs Soto
24.11.2003Botchit Breaks
11.Klirrfaktor / Pussy / Flavour Enhancer26.01.2004Kevlar
12.Headcharge / Stung01.03.2004Downbeat
13.Filter EP
(Filter / HP John vs Lars / Test 1)
22.03.2004End To End
14.Labrat / Lurker05.04.2004Passenger
feat Cantankerous
16.Fuck Off / Piss Off (Backdraft mix)
& Backstage Sluts & Cantankerous
17.Time To React / Basement22.11.2004Downbeat
18.Better L8 Than Never
& Pink Elephant
23.05.2005Drum & Breaks
feat Cantankerous
20.Dub Chemist / Revolution / B2va
& D'State & Darkus & Tension
29.08.2005Bass Rock
21.Revolution / Skin Out
& Darkus & Bassrock
31.10.2005Hardcore Projektz
22.Time Up / What Can You Do?
& Aquasky & Spyda
23.Party Preacher (Part 1 of 2) (You Wanna Party? / Jungle Cry / Gallo's Party Prank)10.07.2006Future Frontier
24.Labrat (Aquasky remix, Mampi Swift remix)12.02.2007Passenger
25.Dance Rocks LP Sampler Part 2
(Don't Stop / Club Foot (Eddy Losers remix) / Thief)
& Kasabian & Atomic Hooligan
09.04.2007Botchit & Scarper
26.Funk Rock / Popcorn16.04.2007Passenger
27.Off The Wall / Nicotine28.05.2007BOS
28.Hey Little Girl19.11.2007Attention
29.Rock The Mic / Pole Dancer
feat The Ragga Twins
30.Revolution (Affinity remix, DKS Is (Sic) remix)27.10.2008Bassrock
31.Pon A Knife Edge / Ring
& Fox