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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Deliverance1/1996 Systematic5
2.Lil' Chopper Toy9/2002 Big Oomp
3.A-Town Secret Weapon29.04.2008Koch

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Let Me Be Your Fantasy10/1992 Production House76
2.Destiny12/1993 69
3.Casanova7/1994 Production House67
4.Let Me Be Your Fantasy11/1994 Systematic1
5.(Everybody's Got To ...) I Need Your Loving5/1995 Systematic3
6.I Need Your Loving8/1995
7.So Pure12/1995 Systematic3
8.Take Me To Heaven22.04.1996Systematic15
9.Let Me Be Your Fantasy (2 step remix)
& Unknown
11.10.1999white label
Let Me Be Your Fantasy
vs Trick Or Treat
Let Me Be Your Fantasy28.08.2000Systematic16
10.Vinyl Loops Vol 4 EP
(Want Love / Wonderer / Let Me Be Your Fantasy)
& Hysteric Ego & Vernon's World
11.06.2001Vinyl Loops
11.Day Dreaming 200225.03.2002
12.It's Going Down
featuring Bonecrusher & Dru
& Ratpack
14.Standing In The Way Of Control / Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Dirty Freek's Dirty Fantasy remix)
& Gossip
28.01.2008Kinkee Traxx
15.I Need Your Lovin' / Do 4 Love (remix)
& 2 Pac
16.Hugo Presents Rave Classics Vol 02 EP
(Back Of 2010 (Hugo & Mr George Stealed mix) / Same Frequency (FFS VIP mix) / You Got Me (original remastered - classic track) / Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Animal Hoover remix))
& Wookie & Brother Of Dub & Liquid Crystal
25.07.2012Recorta Y Pega

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