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Calendar for 17.01.2021

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B Anthony

Albums Discography:

B Anthony (photo)
#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Real Revolutionary1996
2.We Three Kings
& Capleton & Luciano
3.Smoke Free04.08.2003Bogalusa
5.Powers of Creation26.10.2004On the Corner
6.Black Star04.07.2005Greensleeves
7.Live On The Battlefield
14.11.2005Corner Shop
8.Confused Times15.11.2005Penitentiary
9.My Hope05.12.2005Groove Attack
10.Judgement Time02.05.20062B1
11.Gather & Come02.10.2006Penitentary
12.Suffering Man16.10.2006Tads
13.Jah Warrior III
& Luciano
14.Higher Meditation20.02.2007Greensleeves
15.Powers Of Creation07.05.2007Maximum Sound
16.Rasta Legacy, Vol. 1
& Capleton & Luciano
17.The Pow Pow Trilogy
& Turbulence & Jah Mason
04.02.2008Pow Pow
18.True Rastaman13.05.2008Penitentiary
19.Rise Up06.02.2009Greensleeves
20.Freedom Fighter07.06.2012Irievibrations
21.Tribute To Legends13.09.2013Born Fire
22.Reggae Legends
(4CD box set)
23.Tears of Luv09.09.2016Born Fire Music

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The Living Is Hard1993
2.Can't Stop The Hustle / Hustler's Alert
& Jigsy King
02.06.20035th Element
3.Gwaan A School / The Girl Of My Life
& Sugar Roy
23.06.2003One Love
4.Bruk Em Up / Nuh Roll Wid Dem
& Roundhead
5.Weak In The Knees / Every Man To A Woman
& Admiral Tibet
15.09.2003Kic Fo Kic
6.Na Na Na / Mine E' Nuh
& Maddish
15.09.2003Supertronics Muzic
7.Rude Bwoy Thing / Love Jah
& China
06.10.2003Barry U
8.Don't Want To Be Lonely / Rhythm Ting-A-Ling
& Sly & Robbie
13.10.2003Ball A Fire Muzik
9.Rhythm Choice Volume 12: The Ice
(Fear Not / Bad Mind Must Go Down / Work Hard / Ice Grade / That Thing / Rude Gay Pal / That's The Way / Natural Ice Megamix)
& Danny English & Cecile & Italee & Mr Lexx & Mr Vegas & Lord Issa
10.No Time Fa Dem / Unity Medly / Fire Dub
& Burro Banton & Bounty Killer & Elephant Man & King Kong
17.11.2003Massive Sounds
11.Never01.12.2003Danger/Danga Zone
12.Fire Blaze / Haunted
& Balladier
15.12.2003Pure & Clean
13.She Don't12.01.2004Kic Fo Kic
14.Own Man / Erup
& Erup
12.01.2004Diamond Row
15.Beauty Of A Human / African Love
& Prince Livijah
16.Western Union / Rhythm Hot Girl
& Left Side & Cirany
02.02.2004Real Music
17.Fraid A Nobody / Weekend Dub
& Jazwad
18.Safe With Jah / Grass Root
& Meddz
08.03.2004Grass Root
19.Crazy / Tight Jeans Pants
& Spotlight
29.03.2004Height Of Heights
20.Let Down / Mr Greedy Riddim26.04.2004Insight
21.High Roller03.05.2004
22.The System03.05.2004
23.Up Deh / Sim Card24.05.2004Sam Sam
24.Chant / Hold Yu Tonight
& Tornado & Action K
25.Free Up The Oil / Dub Blues14.06.2004Farm Land
26.Make It Some Day / One For The Road (rhythm)28.06.2004
28.Up In The Club28.06.2004Togetherness
29.Where Is The Love
feat Vybz Kartel & Ninja Man
30.Tired Of The Suffering / Reggae Paradise Riddim
& Mafia & Fluxy
19.07.2004CV Connection
31.Lighter (remix) / Soldier
& Wyclef Jean & Bonecrusher
32.Bun Dem11.10.2004DownSound
33.What Goes Around / Testament Rhythms20.12.2004Height Of Heights
34.Watch Over My Soul / Meditation Dub27.12.2004Stingray
35.March Out / Left Right
& Ninja Kid & Blacker
27.12.2004In The Streetz
36.Blood Shed / Lava Ground Riddim07.03.2005Loyal Soldiers
37.Reverence18.04.2005Reggae Fever
38.I've Got It Made / Vanity
& Lukie D
23.05.2005Black Arrow
39.Before Yu Judge A Man / Living Room Studio (Fire House Crew)
& Glen Brown
25.07.2005In The Streetz
40.Let Me Love You / Sweeden Riddim
& Nitty Kutchie
41.Arms House Fi Dun / All Over The World
& School Boy
42.Reggae Ambassador / Hav Fi Mek It
& Earl 16
43.Try Hard / Smoke Off
& Xsytement
44.Dreadlocks Fi Grow (HIM riddim) / Him (version)13.03.2006Reggae Fever
45.How Long / Heavenly (version)27.03.2006Don Corleon
46.Jah Jah Pickney / Wrong Hail15.05.2006Steely & Clevie
47.Meaningful Love / These Days
& Floyd West
22.05.2006Down Sound
48.One God (Good Over Evil Rhythm)29.05.2006Maximum Sound
49.Girl Look Fine (Security Pt II Rhythm)12.06.2006Al Ta Fa An
50.No Hush (Queen Majesty Rhythm)12.06.2006Digital B
51.Not An Easy Road (Expo Train Rhythm)12.06.2006Black Diamonds
52.Player No More (Crystal Woman Rhythm)12.06.2006Root Down
53.Raid The Barn (Raid The Barn Rhythm)12.06.2006Star Trail
54.Stronger12.06.2006Brick Wall
55.Weed Party / Cross Breed (version)12.06.2006Cross Di Watas
56.Don't Bust Your Guns Tonight / Not Because We Hada Fight
& Flash
57.Two To One (Hold On Rhythm)
& Half Pint
12.06.2006Digital B
58.High Grade (Free Up Rhythm) / Virgo Man: Help The People19.06.2006Pure & Clean
59.Don't Worry / Get Up & Strive
& Teflon
19.06.2006Purple Skunk
60.Fed Up / Rhythm
& Johnny Too Bad
26.06.2006Digital B
61.Crab / 28 Karat Rhythm
& Cutty Ranks
26.06.2006Home Run
62.Nuh Trouble Me / Go Get A Girl03.07.2006Blaque Warriahz
63.These Arms (Substance Rhythm)03.07.2006Rollin
64.Bun Bad Mind / Old Woman
& Predator & Singing Bird
65.Don't Touch (D Tape Rhythm)10.07.2006Down Sound
66.Rasta Di Woman Dem After / Drama (riddim)10.07.2006Black Magena
67.Jah Love17.07.2006Star Trail
68.Cry Blood (Lovebird Rhythm) / Fight Against
& Derajah
69.Blazing Fire / Go For Your Goals
& King Of Love Saba
17.07.2006Brimstone & Fire
70.Love (Stress Rhythm)07.08.2006Calibud
71.Someone To Love (Controversy Rhythm)07.08.2006New York Entertainment Movemen
72.Fire Bundat (Rose Apple Rhythm) / If I Said I Love You
& Bugle & Tornado
73.Trigger Happy Cowboy (Playlist Rhythm) / My Girlfriend
& Ras Ghandi
74.Bless Our Soul / Jah It's You / Beat Down Babylon Wall / Mama (Lord Watches Over Our Shoulder)
& Derek Lara & Johnny P & Garnett Silk
21.08.2006Smith & Co Sound & Vision
75.Stop Fight / Leave Out A Babylon
& Al Campbell
28.08.2006Soul Vybz
76.Bun Dem Now (Cashly Rhythm) / See What A Mean
& New Kidz
77.Private Dancer / My Yes My No
& Rayvon
28.08.2006Big Yard Music Group
78.Money Love (Forever Loving Jah Rhythm)11.09.2006Digital B
79.God Above Everything (It's Raining Rhythm) / Park Your Guns
& Norris Man
11.09.2006Brick Wall
80.Wake Up Call (Borderline Rhythm) / Borderline
& Ras McBean & Mafia & Fluxy
11.09.2006Irie Ites
81.I Understand (Tribute To Downbeat Rhythm)18.09.2006Maximum Sound
82.Move Him Up (Tightness Rhythm) / Wifey Tightness
& DJ Face
18.09.2006220 Marcus Garvey Drive Jamaic
83.Not Mr Easy (Ghetto Blues Rhythm) / Keep Trying
& Floyd West
84.Not An Easy Road (Expo Train Rhythm)25.09.2006Black Diamonds
85.Up Deh (Zero Tolerance Rhythm)25.09.2006Annex
86.Badda Than Dem (Gully Slime Rhythm) / We Nuh See Dem
& Hawkeye
25.09.2006Natural Bridge
87.Can't Live That Way (Jah Powers Rhythm)02.10.2006Maximum Sound
88.Money Love (Bed Rock Rhythm)02.10.2006In Time Music
89.No Love Inna Dem Heart (Statement Rhythm)09.10.2006Juke Boxx
90.Set Dem Free
& Sabbattical Ahdah
09.10.2006Kingdom Croix
91.Food For The Brain (Yard Step Rhythm)23.10.2006SSMG
92.Rise The Machine (Ghetto Whisky Rhythm) / Bad Mind
& Bramma
23.10.2006Pure Music
93.Nuh Fraid A Nuh Nobody (World Cup Rhythm) / World Cub (version)06.11.2006Intouch Music
94.Duck (World Cup Rhythm) / Nuh Waan See Dem
& Future Fambo
06.11.2006Intouch Music
95.How Could I (Let Go Rhythm) / Allerletzte Chance
& Nosliw
06.11.2006Root Down
96.Bandilerio (Riding For A Fall Rhythm)20.11.2006Peer Pressure
97.Said I Love You (Essence Rhythm)20.11.2006Iceberg
98.Uprising (Movie Star Rhythm) / Movie Star aka Same Way (riddim)20.11.2006Soul Vybz
99.Still A Say Fire / All About The City
& Humbleton
20.11.2006Hype Zone
100.Your Love (Key Rhythm)04.12.2006No Doubt
101.Stop The Killing (Ren Ren Rhythm) / I Don't Want You Back
& Heather Cummings
04.12.2006Gold Mind
102.Lock It Down (Minor Mood Rhythm)11.12.2006Iceberg
103.HELP (Journey Rhythm)
& Sam Diggy Johnson
11.12.2006Black Magena
104.Badda Tha We (Virus Rhythm)18.12.2006SSMG
105.Couldn't Be Love (Slow Down Rhythm) / Black Woman & Child
& Bang Bang Bang
18.12.2006Big League
106.Too Greedy (Lonliness Rhythm) / Wandering Woman
& Luciano
18.12.2006Fire Ball
107.Natural Mystic25.12.2006Fat Eyes
108.No Boy Caan Dis (Laminated Rhythm) / Pick Up Yourself
& Mr Peppa
01.01.2007GT Promotion
109.Give Thanks (Babatunde aka Punch Line Rhythm)08.01.2007Henfield
110.Wah Dat (18 Gees Rhythm)08.01.2007Loony Bin
111.Weak In The Knees (My Love Is Real Rhythm)08.01.2007PCM
112.Got It Like That (Z March Rhythm) / Do The Crime
& Mr G & Cerassi Tea
22.01.2007Goldie Locks
113.Anything A Anything (Untouchable Rhyhtm) / Caan Hold Me Down
& Munga
114.Never Go Under / Dem Tell Lies
& Ultimate Shines & Morgan Heritage & LMS & Jr Kelly
115.Never Go Down (Quick Draw Rhythm) / Can't Break Me Down
& Looga
116.Raid Di Barn (Holding Firm Rhythm)12.02.2007Star Trail
117.Love Don't Love Me (Freedom Of The Earth Rhythm) / Children's Prayer
& Nicole Hosang
19.02.2007In Touch
118.Condom (Sunshine Rhythm) / Loving You Want
& Prince Fabulous
119.Creation (King Land Rhythm) / Your Love
& Jr Kelly
16.04.2007Thompson Sound
120.Fight Dem A Fight / Whatever You Want / Live In Love / Bad Vibes
& Winston Wheel & Derek Lara
30.04.2007Reggae Goldmine
121.Jah Works (Swing Easy Rhythm)07.05.2007Dirtworx
122.What Would You Do (Tears Rhythm)07.05.2007Arrows
123.What's Going On (Africa Rhythm) / The Ghetto Youth Dem A Go On
& Snatcher Lion
25.06.2007Feed The Children
124.Let Me Smoke (Step Off Rhythm)09.07.2007Iceberg
125.Hold Dung Ting23.07.2007Black Dutch
126.Prescription (Weed Seed Rhythm)06.08.2007Black Shine
127.Party Nuh (Ah Ho Rhythm) / Life Is What You Make It
& Cobra
13.08.2007Lockdown Productions
128.Good & Bad (Satta Massagana Rhythm)
& Clinch All Stars
129.Baby Love / Living Large
& Danielle D & Glen Washington
17.09.2007Irie Pen
130.Good Life (Lonely Rhythm) / Lonely
& Sanjay
131.Mama (Trumpet Rhythm) / Trumpet (riddim)15.10.2007No Doubt
132.Do Dat (Money In My Pocket Rhythm)29.10.2007Stone Cold
133.Fire Fi Opperssor (Davids Heart Rhythm) / David's Heart
& Dalton Browne
29.10.2007The Psalms
134.What Dat / Live Wire
& Christopher
29.10.2007Kickin Productions
135.Girls Like Rasta (Show Tonight Rhythm) / Show Tonight
& Little Twitch & Tanto Metro & Devonte
29.10.2007Free Willy
136.Leroy (Turn Your Back Rhythm) / Turn Your Back
& Sophia Squire
29.10.2007Voice Stream
137.Penny Ketcher (Penny Ketcher Rhythm)
& Beres Hammond
29.10.2007Harmony House
139.Strength To Strength (My Best Girl Rhythm)05.11.2007Stone Cold
140.King Selassie (Live Wire Rhythm) / Keep On Moving
& Danny English & Mr Phang
05.11.2007Fire House Crew
141.Gi Mi Dat (Bingie Trod Rhythm) / Losing Battle
& Chrisinti
05.11.2007South Block
142.Not Inna Wi Crew (Gunman Sound Rhythm)19.11.2007Down Sound
143.Chi Chi Man (Gengae Skank Rhythm) / Gengae Skank
& Dave Cole & Lenky
19.11.2007Crown International
144.Walk & Turn (Quick Riddim) / Dem A Look Fi Mi
& Chuck Fender
145.Wild Fire (Living Colours Riddim) / Never See Mi Done
& Ninja Ford
03.12.2007Fat Eyes
146.Lonely Girl (Jah Soul Riddim) / No More War
& Shandy Man
147.Bad From Long Time (Street Life Riddim)21.01.2008357
148.Potential Dutty Up (Adam & Eve Riddim) / Nah Stop Search
& Jah Vinci
149.Nookie (Revenge Riddim) / Conman
& Versatile
150.Undying Love (Love Me Always Riddim)
& Marcia Griffiths
151.Put It Pon Her (Gear Box Rhythm) / Click Mi Finger
& Frup
11.02.2008Truck Back
152.Yaggy Yo (Riddim)25.02.2008Fat Eyes
153.Jigga Lo (Renegade Riddim) / Close To Me
& Harry Toddler
25.02.2008Fat Eyes
154.Tek Yuh Mouth Offa Mi (Platinum Riddim) / Sentence
& Virgo Man
25.02.2008Pure & Clean
155.Hottie (Da Go Go Riddim) / Excercise An Call Me
& Vegas
25.02.2008Massive B
156.Can't Take Your Place (Water Drops Riddim) / Pick The Bean
& Singer J
10.03.2008Amplex Sounds
157.Love Me
(Telephone Love / Rumors Riddim)
17.03.2008Fire Ball
158.Badman / Inna Him Nose
& Zulu
24.03.2008Whole Network
159.A Better Day (A Betta Riddim) / All Jah Children
& Mighty Diamonds
07.04.2008Ruff Cutt
160.Straight / Hee Haw
& Dr Donx
21.04.2008Down Sound
161.Come Back (Ruff & Tuff Riddim) / I Rise
& Steve Machete
21.04.2008Pow Pow
162.No Way (Shoota Riddim) / Seek Dem Out
& Flexx
05.05.2008Pure Music
163.Wine U (Chiney K Riddim)12.05.2008Big Ship
164.When You're Down / Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
& Major D
09.06.2008Trinity 7
165.Show Me / Tell Dem Gweh
& Vital
09.06.2008DJ Smurf
166.Wuk Dem Hard (Equator Riddim) / All Night Long
& Martina
167.The World (O Nine Riddim)23.06.2008Sounie
168.Can't Stop The Fire (I Love Riddim) / Society So Mess Up
& Ginjah
14.07.2008Root Down
169.Good Sound
& Noah D
14.07.2008Pure Vibez
170.Calm Down (Street Jam Riddim)04.08.2008Black Kolaz
171.Woman Dem A Mine (Night Creature Riddim) / What Goes Around
& Damage
01.09.2008Di Block Entertainment
172.Have Up U Degree (7 45 Riddim) / Head In Life
& Hel Raza
06.10.2008Bread Back
173.Lighter (Bad Talk Riddim) / I Am
& Bounty Killer
27.10.2008Money A Run
174.Hero (Ska Riddim)10.11.200892 FS
175.Violate (Spring Blade Riddim)24.11.2008Truck Back
176.Don't Put It Deh (Duck Tape Riddim)22.12.2008Specialist
177.Can't Touch (World Peace Riddim) / Chant Dem Down
& I Kalonji
178.They Don't (Disturbia Riddim)09.02.2009In Time Music
179.Take Time To Know Her (Merry Go Round Riddim) / Keep Rising
& Jimmy Riley
180.Ride Or Die 4 U (Advocate Rhythm) / Funeral (raw)
& Shema
06.03.2009Big Ship
181.Nuh Fraid (Kalishnikov Riddim)21.03.2009Young Veterans
182.I Naah (Reality Check Riddim)14.04.2009Young Veterans
183.Position (Dashboard Riddim)14.04.2009Truck Back
184.Ma Ma (Index Riddim) / I'm From
& Tyrical
185.Gwan Chant (Riddim)
& Derrick Lara & Determine & Sizzla
13.05.2009Star Trail
186.Worry No More (Mamma Riddim)22.05.2009Tads/Yahbell
187.Better Hafi Come
(False Rasta / Matches Lane Riddim)
& Chezidek
03.06.2009Maximum Sound
188.Sorry (New Chapter Riddim)11.06.2009Big Ship
189.Throw It Pon Dem (Riddim) / Sonnenjunkie
& Iriepathie
190.King Fish29.07.2009Togetherness
191.I Love You01.10.2009Togetherness
192.Good Meditation (Praise Jahovia Riddim) / All We Have
& Fantan Mojah & Zareb
22.10.2009Maximum Sound
193.Haffi Get Rich (RR Riddim)23.10.2009Armzhouse
194.Lava (Like Mountain Riddim)28.01.2010Fire House Crew
195.Statement (Riddim)30.03.2010Big Ship
196.High Grade Man (Hot Show Riddim)30.04.2010Ball A Fire Muzik
197.Rasta Time (Clockwise Riddim)30.04.2010Digital B
198.Hard Drive (Summer Bounce Riddim)28.07.2010Annex
199.Bad Bull (Rain Riddim) / Give It To Ar
& Tarnado & Round Head
21.10.2010Very Huge
200.Hard Round Here (Mystic Riddim)28.10.2010Gogan
201.Tek Buoy Gal (Water Crackers Riddim)02.11.2010Loony Bin
202.Mama's Love / King Emanuel
& Lutan Fyah
12.11.2010Master J
203.Haile (King Of The Universe) (Real Iron Riddim)
& Fire House Crew
20.11.2010Blacker Dread
204.Call Me / Go Deh Mi Friend (Adrenalin Riddim)
& Xsytment
07.02.2011Big Jeans
205.Can't Test We (Throw Mi Corn Riddim)15.02.2011Digital B
206.Stronger (Yah We Deh Riddim)15.02.2011Digital B
207.Youth Man / Stick & Stain
& Determine & Mafia & Fluxy & Wrongmove & Derrick Lara
13.05.2011Star Trail
208.What Would U Do (Riddim)
& Beenie Man & Ghost
20.07.2011Big Life
209.It's Ture EP
(It's True (Dirty Skank Beats remix) (Dirty Skank Beats remix) / Get Real (Dirty Skank Beats remix))
& Capleton
210.Dem Can't Stop We From Talk / Kingston Riot Riddim
meets Dubblestandart
28.10.2011Subatomic Sound
211.Praise The King / Memory Hills (Kokoo Riddim)
& Mathew McAnuff
212.Dem Can't Stop We From Talk
& Subatomic Sound System & Nomadic Wax
04.11.2011Subatomic Sound
213.I Found You (Silent River Riddim)08.12.2011Voice Stream
214.I Understand / Tribute To Downbeat (part 2)19.01.2012Maximum Sound
215.Better Haffi Come / Better Dub (part 2) / Jah's Always On My Mind / Need A Revolution In Dub (Disciples remix)
& Christine Miller & Chezidek
216.Real Hustler (All Nation Riddim)03.05.2012Rasheart
217.Warrior (Cuss Cuss Riddim)
& Roots Radics Band
11.10.2012Massive B
218.One Chalice Load / Milk & Honey
& High Grade
02.01.2013Reggae Fever
219.Give Praises / Live To Make (Moving Riddim)
& Mavado & Jah Vinci
29.08.2013Big Ship
220.Hustling / Herbman Juggling
& Lukie D
221.A True (The Rock Riddim)09.05.2014Massive B
222.Can't Take No More / No Plastic Dolly (The Mightiest / Number One Station Riddim)
& Mr Vegas
09.05.2014Pull Up My Selecta
223.Dem Can't Stop We From Talk EP
(Dem Cant Stop We From Talk (Dubiterian remix) / NYC 2 Africa Riddim (Dubiterian remix))
& Subatomic Sound System & Nomadic Wax
09.10.2014Subatomic Sound
224.Hurt Mi Heart22.01.2015Star Trail
225.Chill Out
& Collie Buddz
4/2020 Ineffable