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Manchester, GB
*  7/1976

Line-Up (2019):


Steve Diggle - voc,g
Chris Remington
Danny Farrant

Former Members:

Howard Devoto (voc, 7/76-3/77); Pete Shelley (voc,g, 7/76-2/81, 1990-cca 4/06)

Garth Smith (bg, 3/77-7.10.77); Barry Adamson (bg, 11/77); Steve Garvey (bg, cca 12/77-2/81, 1990-?); Tony Barber (bg, cca 1993-cca 3/03)

John Maher (ds, 7/76-2/81, cca 1992); Mike Joyce (ds, 1990-cca 1991); Phil Barker (ds, cca 1993-cca 3/03)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Another Music In Different Kitchen
produced by: Martin Rushent
10.03.1978United Artists15
2.Love Bites9/1978 United Artists13
3.A Different Kind Of Tension14.09.1979United Artists26
4.Singles Going Steady11.12.1981United Artists
5.Buzzcocks, Pts. 1-31984 IRS
6.Total Pop4/1987 Weird Systems
7.Many Parts1988 Restless Retro
8.Lest We Forget
10/1988 R.O.I.R.
9.Live At The Roxy Club April '779/1989 Absolutely Free
(2CD/4LP box set)
11/1989 EMI
11.Operators Manual
9/1991 EMI
12.Entertaining Friends (Live At The Hammersmith Odeon, March '79)09.03.1992EMI
13.Trade Test Transmission17.05.1993Essential
14.The Peel Sessions Album6/1994 Strange Fruit
15.Time's Up7/1995 Dojo
16.French11/1995 Dojo
17.All Set29.04.1996IRS
18.Chronology5/1997 EMI
19.BBC Sessions - Archive Series26.10.1998BBC Music
20.Paris Encore Du Pain03.05.1999Almafame
21.I Don't Mind The Buzzcocks1999 EMI
22.Modern / A Different Kind Of Product06.09.1999Go Kart
23.Ever Fall In Love03.12.2002Disky
produced by: Tony Barber
25.Buzzcocks: Inventory - Singles Box Set
(14CD box set)
26.Complete Singles Anthology07.09.2004EMI
27.French et Encore du Pain: The Complete 1995 Paris16.11.2004Recall
28.Small Songs With Big Hearts23.08.2005Dynamic
29.Driving You Insane04.10.2005Recall
30.Flat-Pack Philosophy07.03.2006Cooking Vinyl
31.Hamburg 1981: Auf Wiedersehen19.09.2006Cleopatra
32.Buzzcocks 3026.11.2007Cooking Vinyl
33.Orgasm Addict Live01.04.2008Cleopatra
34.A Different Compilation06.06.2011Cooking Vinyl
35.What Do I Get?07.06.2011Secret
36.Sight & Sound01.10.2013Parlophone
37.The Way17.11.20141234 Go!
38.Access All Areas Live 199031.07.2015Edsel
39.British Live Performance Series01.04.2016Rainman
40.Time's Up10.03.2017

Pete Shelley:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Cinema Music And Wallpaper Sounds1978 New Harmony
2.Free Agents1979 Groovy
3.Sky Yen
(mini LP)
4/1980 Groovy
produced by: Martin Rushent
5.XL-14/1983 Genetic/Island42
6.Heaven And The Sea
produced by: Stephen Hague
6/1986 Mercury
& Howard Devoto
1/2002 Cooking Vinyl
8.Platinum Collection31.01.2006WEA

Steve Diggle:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Here's One I Made Earlier10/1995 Ax-s

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Spiral Scratch
(Breakdown / Times Up / Boredom / Friends Of Mine)
produced by: Martin Hannett
29.01.1977New Hormones
2.Orgasm Addict / Whatever Happened To21.10.1977United Artists
3.What Do I Get / Oh Shit20.01.1978United Artists37
4.I Don't Mind / Autonomy4/1978 United Artists55
5.Love You More / Noise Annoys
produced by: Martin Rushent
7/1978 United Artists27
6.Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't Have / Just Lust08.09.1978United Artists12
7.Promises / Lipstick17.11.1978United Artists20
8.Everybody's Happy Nowadays / Why Can't I Touch It?02.03.1979United Artists28
9.Harmony In My Head / Something's Gone Wrong Again7/1979 United Artists28
10.Spiral Scratch17.08.1979United Artists23
11.You Say You Don't Love Me / Raison D'Etre05.10.1979United Artists
12.I Believe / Something's Gone Wrong Again
(v USA)
10/1979 IRS
13.Why She's A Girl From The Chainstore / Are Everything29.08.1980United Artists61
14.Strange Thing / Airwaves Dream13.10.1980Liberty
15.Running Free / What Do You Know01.12.1980Liberty
16.The Peel Sessions
(Fast Cars / What Do I Get / Moving Away From The Pulsebeat)
1/1988 Strange Fruit
17.The Fab Four EP
(Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't've / Promises / Everybody's Happy Nowadays / Harmony In My Head)
10/1989 EMI83
18.Alive Tonight EP
(Alive Tonight / Successful Street / Serious Crime / Last To Know)
4/1991 Planet Pacific
19.Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't've / What Do I Get / Promises10/1992 Old Gold
21.Do It / Trash Away / All Over You09.08.1993Essential
22.Libertine Angel / Roll It Over / Excerpt From Prison Riot Hostage02.05.1994Essential
23.Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't've / Promises11/1995 Old Gold
24.Spiral Scratch EP1/2000 Mute
25.Sick City Sometimes01.12.2003Damaged Goods
26.Wish I Never Loved You / Don't Matter What You Say / Orion20.02.2006Cooking Vinyl
27.Sell You Everything / Sixteen / Every Day & Every Night21.08.2006Cooking Vinyl
28.Reconciliation / See Through You / Holding Me Down04.12.2006Cooking Vinyl
29.Ever Fallen In Love5/2012 EMI98
30.Spiral Scratch27.01.2017Domino
31.Gotta Get Better2/2020 Cherry Red
32.Destination Zero2/2020 Cherry Red

Pete Shelley:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Homosapian / Keat's Song24.08.1981Genetic/Island
2.I Don't Know What It Is / Witness The Change / In Love With Somebody Else / Maxine11/1981 Genetic/Island
3.Homosapian / Love In Vain4/1982 Genetic/Island
4.Telephone Operator / Many A Time21.02.1983Island66
5.(Millions Of People) No One Like You29.04.1983Genetic94
6.Never Again / One One One
12" + Give It To Me
11/1984 Immaculate
7.Waiting For Love / Designer Lamps3/1986 Mercury
8.On Your Own / Please Forgive Me ... But I Cannot Endure It Any Longer5/1986 Mercury
9.Blue Eyes / Nelson's Riddle8/1986 Mercury
10.I Surrender / I Need A Minute11/1986 Mercury
11.Homosapian. Pete Shelley Vs. Power, Wonder And Love4/1989 Immaculate

Steve Diggle:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Shut Out The Lights / 50 Years Of Comparative Wealth / Here Comes The Fire Brigade2/1981 Liberty
2.Heated And Rising / Over And Out / Terminal / Wednesdays Flowers11/1993 3:30


1. Auf Wiedersehn (Live In Germany)
2. Playback - 9/1992, Picture Music International


1. Love You More (10/2008, starring Pete Shelley)

WWW Links:


20.7.1976 - first gig (support Sex Pistols)

disbanded 2/1981
reunited 1990

Compilation Appearances:

"Breakdown" / "Love Battery" on LP "Roxy, London WC2 (Jan-Apr. '77) Live Album" (6/77, Harvest)
"Here Comes The Nice" on LP "Long Ago And Worlds Apart - A Tribute To The Small Faces" (27.8.96, Nice)
"Ever Fallen In Love" on OST "24 Hour Party People" (8.4.02, London)
"What Do I Get?" on compilation "Acupuncture Rocks" (20.10.03)
"Ever Fallen In Love" on compilation "Teenage Kicks" (4.4.05)
"What Do I Get?" on compilation "John Peel - Right Time, Wrong Speed: 1977-1987" (9.10.06)
"Boredom (live)" on OST "Control" (1.10.07)
"Orgasm Addict" on OST "Choke" (23.9.08)

Tony Barber:

appeared on the SP:

Idha: Sorry Sorry (26.5.97, Creation)

Pete Shelley:

produced by LP:

Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias: Skite (1978, Logo)

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