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Line-Up Albums Singles Various Refers
*  1977+  5/1980

Line-Up (1980):

BUGGLES (photo)

Trevor Horn - bg,voc
Geoff Downes - kb

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Age Of Plastic01.02.1980Island27
2.Adventures In Modern Recording
produced by: Trevor Horn/John Sinclair
2/1982 Carrere

Trevor Horn:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Reimagines The Eighties
feat. Sarm Or
1/2019 BMG11

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Video Killed The Radio Star / Kid Dynamo12.10.1979Island1 40
2.Living In The Plastic Age / Island25.01.1980Island16
3.Clean, Clean / Technopop
12" + Living In The Plastic Age
4.Elstree / Johnny On The Monorail26.09.1980Island55
5.I Am A Camera / Fade Away02.10.1981Carrere
6.Adventures In Modern Recording / Blue Nylon15.01.1982Carrere
8.On TV / Fade Away23.04.1982Carrere


reunited 28.9.2010 (gig)

Trevor Horn:

produced by LP:

ABC: The Lexicon Of Love (7/82, Mercury)
Malcolm McLaren: Duck Rock (27.5.83, Charisma)
Malcolm McLaren: Would Ya Like More Scratchin'? (14.5.84, Charisma)
Grace Jones: Slave To The Rhythm (A Biography) (28.10.85, ZTT)
Paul McCartney: Flowers In The Dirt (6/89)
Seal: Seal (20.5.91, ZTT)
Marc Almond: Tenement Symphony (10/91, WEA)
Max: Silence Running (11.5.92, Red Dot)
Seal: Seal II (23.5.94, ZTT)
Tom Jones: The Lead And How To Swing It (14.11.94, ZTT)
Tina Turner: Wildest Dreams (1.4.96, EMI)
Seal: Seal IV (9.9.03, Warner Bros)
Belle And Sebastian: Dear Catastrophe Waitress (6.10.03, Rough Trade)
Pet Shop Boys: Fundamental (22.5.06, Parlophone)
Captain: This Is Hazelville (14.8.06, EMI)
David Jordan: Set The Mood (29.10.07, ZTT)
Kid Harpoon: Once (28.9.09)
Robbie Williams: Reality Killed The Video Star (9.11.09, Virgin)
Yes: Fly From Here (1.7.11)
Seal: Soul 2 (21.11.11, Reprise)

produced by SP:
Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Relax (24.10.83, ZTT)
Propaganda: Dr. Mabuse (A Paranoid Fantasy) (27.2.84, ZTT)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Two Tribes (28.5.84, ZTT)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Welcome To The Pleasuredome (18.3.85, ZTT)
Seal: Kiss From A Rose (11.7.94, ZTT)
The Frames: Revelate (17.6.96, ZTT)
Bryan Ferry: Dance With Life (30.9.96, WEA)
Tatu: All The Things She Said (16.12.02, Universal)
Kid Harpoon: Stealing Cars (21.7.09, Young Turks)

appeared on the LP:
Marc Almond: Tenement Symphony (10/91, WEA,)

Compilation Appearances:
"Sh Boom" / "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" on OST "Mona Lisa Smile" (25.11.03, Epic)
"Pass The Flame" on Athens 2004 Olympics compilation "Unity" (10.8.04, Capitol, & Yiannis, Tarkan and Katia)


2010 Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)

Press References:

Melody Maker
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1980502.02.198025Albumsalbum review
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