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Calendar for 16.01.2021

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Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Jump Off / Let's Go
& Daville
26.01.2004H2O Productions
2.The Boss Would Like 2 C U / Slippers
& Round Head
29.03.2004Purple Skunk
3.Weh Di Time / All Pro
& Voice Mail & Delly Ranks & Bogle
4.Hot Over Cold / Hair Do
& Timberly
28.06.2004Don Corleon
5.Nah Worry / VIP
& Chico
19.07.2004Red Dragon Music
6.Hot Like Fire / If You Wanna Ride
& Sizzla
28.03.2005Black Chiney
7.Mardi Grass / Everyday
& Delly Ranks & Red Square
04.07.200513th Tribe Productions
8.Swarm Me / Bounce To This
& Busy Signal
05.09.2005Time Travel
9.High / I Gave You
& Red Rat
10.Twenty Fours / Buckle Up (instrumental)15.05.2006Dem Yute Deh Music
11.When We Step In / I've Been Waiting
& Wayne Marshall
22.05.2006Rhythm Republic
12.Dutty Whine / Give It Away
& Shane O & Crazy Chris
26.06.2006Black Chiney
13.Bye Bye (Mui Caliente Rhythm) / Only One
& Cezar
14.Stop (Old Cassette Rhythm)09.10.2006Golden Cartel
15.Idiot (12 Gauge Rhythm) / Easy Yah
& Mr Easy
16.Loud & Clear (Power Cut Rhythm) / Get High
& Elephant Man
25.12.2006Big Ship
17.What If (Gloria Rhythm)17.09.2007Das Vibes
18.Suffering Us (Flute Rhythm) / Can I
& Lutan Fyah
08.10.2007No Doubt
19.Ladies (Judgement Rhythm) / Judgement22.10.2007Don Corleon
20.Wanna Be Your Man (Bubble Up Rhythm)19.11.200740/40 Productions
21.Move (Hello Motto Riddim) / One Piece A Stone
& Razor
22.Legalize It (Bad Tempo Riddim) / Babylon System
& Benjai
16.06.2008Escape 2 Dancehall
23.Cry Cree (Brazilian Wax Riddim)28.07.2008Chimney
24.Put It On You (Natural Disaster Riddim) / She's Got It
& Delly Ranx
25.Wine Gal (Street Dance Rhythm)
& Mison B
06.03.2009Club Cactus
26.Single Lady (European Swing Riddim) / European Swing21.12.2009Techniques
27.Love Again / It's Love Again (Easy Piano)
& Vic